About Bobbi

So I am Bobbi and I am a awkward Aries, INFP, Type 7, Ravenclaw, Whoivian, She/Her. I have Schizoaffective Bipolar Type, Add, Anxiety, PMDD, and Level 2 Autism. Phew now that is out of the way. Lets talk about a few of the things I LOVE (in no particular order); Dungeons and Dragons, Doctor Who, Comics, Bad Movies (Like really bad; Vibes is in my top ten movies), Planners, Planner Accessories, Dice (I am a dice goblin who loves the shiny math click clacks), Binge watching shows (they don’t have to be good either), Horror Movies, Hellboy(comics and movies), Cats(not just my own), Youtube, and Jigglypuff. I have probably bored you now but like a bad infomercial that you can’t turn away from; That’s not all. I am just trying to get this being an adult thing down. I have tattoos, have been known to curse like a sailor, randomly burst out into song, and dance to the music in my own head. After sixteen years of blogging, you would think I would be better at this. Also I don’t have all sixteen years of archives(late teens/early 20’s Bobbi is thankful) but if I did it could drive, how did that happen? I still just ramble and I have come to accept that.My heart and home are filled with love for my Husband C, Son Ian, Son Oliver, and our furry overload Master Bra’tac.

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A Few of My Favorite Videos

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Contact Info: BadWolfBobbi(at)Gmail(dot)com