As I sit here.

I am settled into my post bedtime what do I do now. Laundry in every step of the process, clean dishes that need to be unloaded, beds that need to be made (who cares it is almost bed time). As I listen to the wrr of the washing machine. I wish he was to cuddle with and tell about my day. Instead I write it in a letter and wait for a response about ten days for a response. I wait anxiously for the phone to ring knowing full well that it won’t. It won’t ring for at least another week, if at all before he graduates. The uncertainty of where we will be PCSing to, all this unknown is making me have more panic attacks then I can remember. I need to know how to handle all the stress and anxiety with grace.

I will overcome all this, I have no choice but to be the best wife and mother I can be. Cause he is being the best he can be. I am capable of all this. I just need to believe in myself.