Ollie one year in.

You entered our lives in a room filled with love and loved ones.


One month in we couldn’t remember life with out you. You were our missing puzzle piece.

Joe Cool.

Two months flew bye and your personality started to emerge. The most mellow lovable blued eye boy, you went with the flow.

An Ollie and his FootFoot

Three months in and we were settling in, we had routine and you didn’t like it messed with.

Ollie is not sure about the outdoors.

The fourth month came and with came your first Christmas. You handled the chaos of it all like a champ.

Plotting how to take over the world at almost 4 months.

Your fifth month brought with it a new year and you started sitting up all on your own.

He loves this monkey, he took to him immediately. I wonder of he understands Ian picked it out for him.

With month six you started scooting and teething not that any teeth appeared.

Somebody snuck a ride while bubba napped.

Month 7, your mobility started improving.


Month 8 spring arrived and with that came a fully mobile baby. Still no teeth.

Snail Riding

Month 9 still no teeth, crawling was a skill mastered. With still no sign of walking.


Month 10, you had dinner with a lady friend 😉 You still weren’t walking and not a teeth one.

Babies, O and K.

Month 11 your brother broke his leg and you were so worried about him. It was the first time I noticed how much you cared about him. Still no walking or teeth.

They play together, holy smokes it happens.

12 months have past, one year. Where has this past year gone? Still no teeth, you are standing but still not walking.


Oh my blued boy, you swooped into this world and stole my heart. I hope you continue to be a caring sweet boy for all your years.


Sippy Cup


I don’t remember it being so hard with Ian. Ollie on the other hand isn’t really interested, we have tried everything water, milk, juice (yes we did, judge away 2 oz is not going to kill him).


Now he can and will fake it. He might even take a drink or two. Then he just hauls it around like it a favorite old toy.


We have tried both soft spout and hard. No we haven’t tried the straw kind mainly because I hate cleaning them.

So mama’s any tips to help me get him to drink from a sippy cup?