Memories are made in the Mundane

In poor planning fashion, I somehow failed to realize that the 30th feel on a Monday. Which means I planned for every post except this one, I sit here on a Sunday with so much on my mind and no clue where to start. So Sorry folks, you get an old school stream of consciousness post.

Lots of things are on my mind but making magical memories is there at the fore front. Are you team everything needs to be magical or team memories are made in the mundane? I don’t know if that even makes sense, like I do special things for everyone in my life. I am about making memories, though I believe memories are made in the mundane. Some of my favorite memories in life are not the extravagant experiences in life, they are those little moments in the everyday. Like laughing in the kitchen while preparing dinner as a family, discussing how we discovered chickens are related to dinosaurs, etc. I want everyone in my inner circle to know they are loved, cared about, have a friend that will listen, laugh & cry with them. Discussions about the hard things can happen here, we have open ears and open hearts. My home is the place where you can show up and know that there are open arms, a beverage of your choice, blankets, a hug, and a cat who oddly knows when people needs cuddles. Memories are made in those moments when no one is looking for them; in cups of tea, smiles and idle chit chat. I am not saying Pinterest and it’s excessive ideas are wrong, I get ideas there. Just know that making magic isn’t just excessive gestures but in the mundane.

Summer of ’04

Only a few bars had played and I was already in a different place. I could hear the breaking of pool balls in my head quickly followed with laughter at how awful my break was. How is it that one song can take me back to the summer on 04 and being 19, with no real worries. At the time my heart and mind were recovering from what I now realize is heartbreak. I filled my days with work, friends, and lots of shenanigans. That was the summer I took my first drink, subsequently my first hangover. I remember thinking that at the beginning of summer how exciting it was that all of my girlfriends and I would be in the same town again. Only to realize we weren’t the same girls who left it the fall before. Getting the sighs and dirty looks for rolling in 15 mins late to Sunday school with wet hair, and then the comment of “Bobbi you live right next door, can we try to be on time next Sunday”.

I remember lusting after guy who worked at a local ranch. Finally connecting with him to realize, that I didn’t want to be that kind of girl. Being rescued from an awkward situation by the person who you least expect because it always seemed to happen that way.

Fall rolled around again; jobs changed, classes started, and losing touch with people. Funny to think that at that time what I wanted most wasn’t that far away. I had already met him at that point.


This was much better when I was writing it in my head, in the car on the way to pick up Ollie’s smash cake.

Mud on the Tires.