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Here I go again

So with Facebook and Instagram both going down for many hours yesterday it reminded me that I need to pay more attention to this little ole piece of the world. I used to blog with so much more frequently when … Continue reading

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Fall is here

It is time for the leaves to change. Which means the holidays are right around the corner? What are you doing to prepare? With the help of Ian and Ollie, I got the fall decor out the other day. Ian … Continue reading

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Success and Failure

Well, I didn’t finish the Sarah Mae Unwired Mom Challenge like she has written. I did put down the technology though. Random FootFoot Picture I also ended up with a stay in the mental health hospital, my mind went a … Continue reading

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As I sit here.

I am settled into my post bedtime what do I do now. Laundry in every step of the process, clean dishes that need to be unloaded, beds that need to be made (who cares it is almost bed time). As … Continue reading

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Today was filled with Magic. We played outside in the sunshine; there was riding of bikes, searching for bugs, all types of boy type activities. The day continued on with a letter in the mailbox, I can’t explain the feeling … Continue reading

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On days like today when nothing seems to be going my way, my head one stop pounding and I am at the brink of tears. One brief moment is caught on camera and it reminds me how lucky I am … Continue reading

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New year new adventure.

Well the last year wasn’t the greatest for our family. We made it through, with an even stronger bond. We will need that bond as we go on this new journey. Now onto things I want to try to be … Continue reading

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Simple Life.

I miss the days when all we had to worry about was you and me. Where we more worried about plans for the weekend then how are we going to pay the rent. Our friends all lived on the same … Continue reading

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Puppies and Rainbows

Does anyone have Puppies and Rainbows they can share. At this point I need to hear something good. I don’t want to have possibly(looking more possible then not) move in with my FIL. I do have VBS to look forward … Continue reading

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