Today is

Today is one of those days I want to bottle up and open up on a day where nothing is going right.

Ian has been nothing but enjoyable. C says that when they went on errands, he was so good. Maybe it was the magic of putting up the Christmas tree, Ian has been asking for over a week. Maybe it was cause C was home but everything has gone smoothly. Lets hope we have more day like it.


A Quick Jaunt

Last weekend we loaded up and head to my hometown. I don’t have many pictures as we were busy making memories. We went to a fall festival where I learned Ian loves bouncy castles and doesn’t like snow cones. Then there was a birthday party where Ian threw a fit before we got in the door. Once he got over it, we had some pizza and fun. Then not enough time with Pop and Nonnie. Ian is still talking about Nonnie blowing bubbles in the house. What was suppose to be a quick stop off to see Aunt Cindy turned into an afternoon playing with cousins. Where Ian learned how to swing on a rope swing and got a little dirty. Over all it was a great weekend, I miss my family. I wish we could see them more often.

School is

School is to Ian that thing that fills the time before riding the School Bus. I remember we were so worried about him riding the bus. Now on school mornings he tells me he must hurry so he won’t miss the bus.


Then one day

He looks so little. He can't be starting pre-k.

You are being told that your baby is starting Pre-k. We went in for his fall evaluation for speech therapy and they came out with the news that they thought an integrated program would be best for him this fall.

Already rolling his eyes at mama.

So with just three days notice, we went into a flurry to prepare. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that he is in school. He was so excited and let me leave him with out an issue. Now I on the other hand bawled like a baby when I got home. So now we go on.

Who has two legs and no cast?

This guy!!
Don't you have a ginormous bowl of cereal after an epic nap.

He handled getting it removed very well, better then I ever expect. The only time he really panicked was when they were cutting at the top. He is still weak, he doesn’t quiet have all his confidence back yet. The worse is when he is walking and his knee just gives out and he falls. They said he will be back to normal within a few weeks.

Cleaning a Boy with a Cast

So after about 10 days Ian needed to be cleaned. We had been avoiding this task, knowing it wouldn’t be easy. So we decided to go with the old duck tape and trash bag route. He was not a happy camper, he shouted some crazy things.

NO, I am not TRASH!
Get off me.

Those were while just putting the bag on, the during the shower part was even worse. Poor C took a cast to the unmentionables and Ian cried like it was torture. Any one have any ideas on how to make this process easier.

Fallen Superheros

Batman broke his leg.

Don't you all eat your mash potatoes while rocking an awesome dinosaur cast.

While he was supposed to be taking his afternoon nap, he decided that he would try to take a flying leap with out his utility belt.


After a trip to Er that confirmed it was broken, weekend to pass. Batman now rocks a dinosaur cast as his newest accessory for the next 5 weeks.

Another Check On The List


I can now call my self a Soccer Mom, no the minivan is not next. I just can’t go that far.   Ian has completed his firs season of Ankle biters soccer, I love the name of his age group.  We had lots of ups and downs, some games he didn’t even play. He was there just preferred sitting on the sidelines.


I think we all learned something this spring season. Ian got exposed to kids his own age, even if he waasn’t always happy to be there. We learned that he plays better if I am not there.


His coach said that they will be coaching again in the fall and we can request them if we choose. I think we will, they were great with the kids.


Ian got his first trophy and he loves it. So my sports mom days are here, I know that it will a new adventure from here.