Simple Life.

I miss the days when all we had to worry about was you and me. Where we more worried about plans for the weekend then how are we going to pay the rent. Our friends all lived on the same street for the most part. Now we are scattered across the world. As the days tick closer to you leaving, I wish for simpler times. I see you stress and it makes my heart hurt, I can’t remember the last time I saw you smile with ease. I miss that smile, the sounds of your laugh, the ease at which you used to go through life. We are both so nervous now that I can’t remember the last time we had a moment to work on us. We will make it thorough all these challenges and changes together as family.

So as we yearn for the days long past, we move forward boldly into the unknown. Baby as long as you are there for me, I will be there for you. We will conquer all the challenges and look back one day and laugh at these times and smile that we survived them.


What do our Actions say?

Ian showed me that I am not such a bad mom after all the other day, I already knew that he was like a sponge absorbing everything we say and do.  Watching my 3 year old duplicate my actions, really made me stop and think about the little mundane things I don’t normally think about how I react to while doing them.

cleaning2What I didn’t know is that Ian was listening and decided to take action. While I was dealing with an Ollie emergency, Ian got the cleaner and paper towels and went to town. I turned to find him working away, my first thought was “wow this is why parents have kids”. My next thought was a much more sobering one, “what else is he talking away from my actions and words through out the day?”


What am I teaching him when I lose my cool, whine, etc? I want to be a better role model for my boys. I am extremely glad that he stepped up to help me clean with out asking, I am guessing this is a trait he must have picked up from his Daddy. Who is an amazing husband and father, most of the time ;). What do you actions are you glad to be instilling in your children? What actions are you hoping they don’t pick up?

and yes he got all up in the tables grill while cleaning it, he did an amazing job. I think the best surprise was he put away the cleaner and threw away his paper towels when he was through. Who is the kid, and what pod people replaced him?