Pappaw Comes to Town

Five of Eight of his Grands

I wonder what we would have to do to get all 8 eight of his grands all in one picture and the two greats?

What a nice surprise my Father in Law came to town and surprised us, he called L when he was on his way so it was a true surprise. Along with him being beardless for the first time in C’s lifetime.

Three of Five

It was a nice long weekend to have him in town. If you haven’t caught on two of C’s five siblings live here in the same town as us. I don’t know how we got Fort Carson, but boy were we happy. We spent lots of time together enjoying everyones company.

Singing Five Little Monkeys with Aunt B

Ian can’t stop talking about Aunt B and Uncle B’s house. They had a basement full of toys, that included dinosaurs. Hopefully we will see Papapaw again soon.


Hopefully we will see Papapaw again soon. I know we won’t be going home for the holidays, so maybe soon after that.

I was Drowning and Didn’t even know it.

If you ask me today even I will tell you I love/ed our townhome in Little Elm and if we would have been in the position to buy it when the bank offered it to us, we would have jumped at it. I will be the first to tell you I am not the best house keeper but no mattered what I tried, I couldn’t keep up in that house. I thought something must be wrong with me, I see all these women in person and on the internet and there homes never look like mine.

When we found out where we were moving and decided to live on post, I prayed to placed into a home that would be the right fit for our family. I was so worried about little things that it never occurred to me that the townhome I loved was part of my house disaster downfall. I secretly hoped for the newer townhomes similar to what we were in.

Then we received the call we were being offered a single level row style home (with covered parking something the newer builds didn’t offer), after some discussion with Casey and prayer we decided to accept. Move in day came and felt a wave of relief when we walked in but at the time couldn’t have told you why. A few weeks passed and our belongings arrived, we were unpacked and settled in less then a week. I don’t remember it being that easy the last time we moved (then again I was 18 weeks pregnant and had a 2 year old when we moved last).

As I was laying in bed the other night and I was going through the next days to do list, it dawned on me. The relief I had been feeling was that I wasn’t drowning in a messy house, I was able to clean as the day went on with out leaving the boys on a separate floor where they would get into stuff of following me getting in my way cause they wanted to be with me. They can play or watch tv while I clean or help me (which they have been doing more of) and still see me for the most part. I was drowning in our last home and didn’t even know it.

They Help Too

Disclaimer: At this moment there are lunch dishes in my sink, counters that need wiping, floors to mop, a pile of stuff on the chair in my room, clothes in the dryer, a basket of socks that need to be matched, and the never ending need to dust.

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Trip to Pop and Nonnie’s

The day before we left for Missouri to see C graduate basic we went to my Daddy’s house. We spent the afternoon playing outside, hoping to run off enough energy to be calm the next day in the car. Of course no trip home isn’t complete without a visit with Uncle GusGus.



There is going to be a lot of post over the next few days. Catching up for the last month, I had to gather myself after seeing C. It was tougher then I thought to see him and not get to keep him.



On days like today when nothing seems to be going my way, my head one stop pounding and I am at the brink of tears. One brief moment is caught on camera and it reminds me how lucky I am to be his mama.

Today is

Today is one of those days I want to bottle up and open up on a day where nothing is going right.

Ian has been nothing but enjoyable. C says that when they went on errands, he was so good. Maybe it was the magic of putting up the Christmas tree, Ian has been asking for over a week. Maybe it was cause C was home but everything has gone smoothly. Lets hope we have more day like it.


A Quick Jaunt

Last weekend we loaded up and head to my hometown. I don’t have many pictures as we were busy making memories. We went to a fall festival where I learned Ian loves bouncy castles and doesn’t like snow cones. Then there was a birthday party where Ian threw a fit before we got in the door. Once he got over it, we had some pizza and fun. Then not enough time with Pop and Nonnie. Ian is still talking about Nonnie blowing bubbles in the house. What was suppose to be a quick stop off to see Aunt Cindy turned into an afternoon playing with cousins. Where Ian learned how to swing on a rope swing and got a little dirty. Over all it was a great weekend, I miss my family. I wish we could see them more often.

Then one day

He looks so little. He can't be starting pre-k.

You are being told that your baby is starting Pre-k. We went in for his fall evaluation for speech therapy and they came out with the news that they thought an integrated program would be best for him this fall.

Already rolling his eyes at mama.

So with just three days notice, we went into a flurry to prepare. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that he is in school. He was so excited and let me leave him with out an issue. Now I on the other hand bawled like a baby when I got home. So now we go on.

Things need to get done

I have been slacking, pouting and over all avoiding all the things. So it is time to put on my big girl panties and get it done.

  • Finish Ian’s registration for speech thearpy
  • Shower and get dressed
  • clean master bedroom
  • put away laundry
  • purge clothes
  • clean master bath
  • sweep
  • mop
  • other domain issue working on it.
  • vacuum
  • answer emails
  • pick up living room
  • purge stuff from Ian’s room
  • clean up Ollie’s room
  • bring in trash bins from street
  • clean out car Done
  • cook dinner (no cold cereal)
  • take a few minutes to read
  • use up the ripe bananas

The last is the most important to me with him working two jobs, when he gets a day off from one job we need to cherish the time we have together before we have an even longer period apart. I am going to get things done today.


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