So I was not blessed with the cleaning genes (I don’t know if that is the right words). I was not taught by example growing up, my parents for all that was good about them home keeping was not on their radar. I grew up moved out on my own and managed okay when it was just me, barely keeping my head above water. Then I moved in with Casey and I started drowning. At that time we had 3 roommates and one bathroom. Hey man it was for the last 6 months Casey was in college. Then we got our first place of our own, and I didn’t magical become Martha Stewart. I wanted a picture perfect home. We didn’t have kids it shouldn’t be this hard, why was it so hard. Then we had kids and I was not only drowning but sitting on the bottom not coming up for air at all, and with my own mental health struggles. I couldn’t get ahead.

In June of 2017 don’t remember how I heard about UFYH. Maybe Twitter, Maybe Facebook. I ended up in the group. And after seeing a few post about 20/10’s more about those in a minute and the fact that everyone was welcome no matter their gender/ religious background. I was like I need the book. I had done research into other systems; Fly Lady (aka Zone Cleaning), and a bunch of other systems. All were made for just women, and a lot were religiously based. While if those work for you, that wasn’t what I was looking for. They also didn’t account for people who couldn’t clean for long periods of time. UFYH on the other is against marathon cleaning cause that causes burn out and in the end makes you not want to clean, the UFYH system encourages frequent breaks. It is inclusive of all everyone and does not bring up religion. On their website there are little challenges to help you and more about the system. Though my favorite is just a plain old 20/10, 20 minutes of cleaning followed by a 10 minute break; rinse and repeat. I typically do about 90 minutes total of 20/10’s. So much can get done.

So I don’t hate Zone Cleaning but it just doesn’t work for me. First off I can’t work on a firm schedule like that. Also the fact that Fly Lady is so heavily religious makes me oddly uncomfortable. It is cleaning, like shouldn’t it be available to everyone not just women and Christians. Men and children clean, everyone in my house cleans.

On another note also reading Dana K White’s How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing with Your House’s Dirty Little Secrets, with UFYH was literally the magic combo that has changed my mindset. I will be honest, I still still stumble. My house gets dirty; dishes in the sink, floors that need to be done, laundry that needs to be folded. Though my head is above water and nothing a few 20/10’s can’t fix.


I will admit  I am not the neatest person, I am trying to get better at this. So I decided to Read Unfuck Your Habitat by Rachel Hoffman after seeing an official Facebook group titled this. I just learned by Google that is is also a blog, boy am I behind or what. I just started it last night and I am not very far into it but I am hoping to learn something from it. Not a dig at anyone, but growing up cleaning house was not something that was thought to be a priority in life and boy do I wish it was.  I will admit since we moved in I haven’t been able to maintain a maintenance level of clean. Lots of things will add into this but for the last few weeks I have maintained the first floor. By cleaning when River goes outside till she comes back in. She normally goes out every hour for around 15 minutes. I can normally get the whole first floor swept while she is out and then mopping broken up into two different trips. She tries to eat the mop and broom. No My second floor is still a mess other then the boys bathroom which C and I tackled last weekend. I plan on tackling all the bathrooms today after I go get another toilet brush, our last one bit the dust. How to get my upstairs unfucked? Also I have a few cleaning questions.

Do you have a toliet brush in each bathroom?

How often do you vacuum your carpeted stairs?

How often do you mop your floors?

Seriously Dusting is the worst, How Often?


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No Martha Stewart

I struggle to keep my home up, the daily weight of making my home presentable overwhelms me. And when I am overwhelmed I hide, ignore, etc. Which isn’t a healthy thing to do. I know my children prefer a clean home, I do also. Why is it I struggle to get there?

I will admit my toughest struggle is laundry and the dishes. I know why dishes is such a struggle, the gross me out. Seriously I can change a poop diaper with no issues but as soon as I start the dishes I am gagging. This are rinsed and not even gross dishes. What is wrong with me?

Laundry, always sneaks up on me. I can keep up with the wash. The task of folding is what brings me to a screeching halt. I have trouble even settling enough to fold laundry. If I manage to fold it, getting it to the right place also seems to to be a struggle.

What are your struggles in your home? How do you tackle them. Help a women out, I am at my wits end.

Kim’s post today really hit home if you couldn’t tell.

Things need to get done

I have been slacking, pouting and over all avoiding all the things. So it is time to put on my big girl panties and get it done.

  • Finish Ian’s registration for speech thearpy
  • Shower and get dressed
  • clean master bedroom
  • put away laundry
  • purge clothes
  • clean master bath
  • sweep
  • mop
  • other domain issue working on it.
  • vacuum
  • answer emails
  • pick up living room
  • purge stuff from Ian’s room
  • clean up Ollie’s room
  • bring in trash bins from street
  • clean out car Done
  • cook dinner (no cold cereal)
  • take a few minutes to read
  • use up the ripe bananas

The last is the most important to me with him working two jobs, when he gets a day off from one job we need to cherish the time we have together before we have an even longer period apart. I am going to get things done today.


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