On days like today when nothing seems to be going my way, my head one stop pounding and I am at the brink of tears. One brief moment is caught on camera and it reminds me how lucky I am to be his mama.

School is

School is to Ian that thing that fills the time before riding the School Bus. I remember we were so worried about him riding the bus. Now on school mornings he tells me he must hurry so he won’t miss the bus.


Cleaning a Boy with a Cast

So after about 10 days Ian needed to be cleaned. We had been avoiding this task, knowing it wouldn’t be easy. So we decided to go with the old duck tape and trash bag route. He was not a happy camper, he shouted some crazy things.

NO, I am not TRASH!
Get off me.

Those were while just putting the bag on, the during the shower part was even worse. Poor C took a cast to the unmentionables and Ian cried like it was torture. Any one have any ideas on how to make this process easier.

Another Check On The List


I can now call my self a Soccer Mom, no the minivan is not next. I just can’t go that far.   Ian has completed his firs season of Ankle biters soccer, I love the name of his age group.  We had lots of ups and downs, some games he didn’t even play. He was there just preferred sitting on the sidelines.


I think we all learned something this spring season. Ian got exposed to kids his own age, even if he waasn’t always happy to be there. We learned that he plays better if I am not there.


His coach said that they will be coaching again in the fall and we can request them if we choose. I think we will, they were great with the kids.


Ian got his first trophy and he loves it. So my sports mom days are here, I know that it will a new adventure from here.


What do our Actions say?

Ian showed me that I am not such a bad mom after all the other day, I already knew that he was like a sponge absorbing everything we say and do.  Watching my 3 year old duplicate my actions, really made me stop and think about the little mundane things I don’t normally think about how I react to while doing them.

cleaning2What I didn’t know is that Ian was listening and decided to take action. While I was dealing with an Ollie emergency, Ian got the cleaner and paper towels and went to town. I turned to find him working away, my first thought was “wow this is why parents have kids”. My next thought was a much more sobering one, “what else is he talking away from my actions and words through out the day?”


What am I teaching him when I lose my cool, whine, etc? I want to be a better role model for my boys. I am extremely glad that he stepped up to help me clean with out asking, I am guessing this is a trait he must have picked up from his Daddy. Who is an amazing husband and father, most of the time ;). What do you actions are you glad to be instilling in your children? What actions are you hoping they don’t pick up?

and yes he got all up in the tables grill while cleaning it, he did an amazing job. I think the best surprise was he put away the cleaner and threw away his paper towels when he was through. Who is the kid, and what pod people replaced him?

Nothing Better

GEDC0639The other night Casey was on the floor with Ian they were playing cars, which somehow turned into reading books. I love that Ian loves books, he loves everything about them. The joy he gets from reading books is contagious, you just can’t help but smile at the way he lights up when being read too.


I know that he is a little sponge at this age and that every time we read a book, even if it is the same book like 8 times in one day. He is getting something out of it, he is learning. I love that he will point out the things he has learned as we are reading. He is now even recognizing letters, and about 80 %of the time he is right.

Ollie had to get in on the action.

So what are your toddlers favorite books or favorite Authors? Ian has a few favorites, Little Blue Truck(I swear I read this book at least 5 times a day, The Ravioli Kid (I don’t know where my mom found this but it is insane how much he likes this book), and The Frog and Toad short stories (though only casey can read these he does amazing voices).


The links above do use my amazon affiliate link, but that doesn’t make how many times they have been read or the amount they are loved any less real.