Who has two legs and no cast?

This guy!!
Don't you have a ginormous bowl of cereal after an epic nap.

He handled getting it removed very well, better then I ever expect. The only time he really panicked was when they were cutting at the top. He is still weak, he doesn’t quiet have all his confidence back yet. The worse is when he is walking and his knee just gives out and he falls. They said he will be back to normal within a few weeks.

Cleaning a Boy with a Cast

So after about 10 days Ian needed to be cleaned. We had been avoiding this task, knowing it wouldn’t be easy. So we decided to go with the old duck tape and trash bag route. He was not a happy camper, he shouted some crazy things.

NO, I am not TRASH!
Get off me.

Those were while just putting the bag on, the during the shower part was even worse. Poor C took a cast to the unmentionables and Ian cried like it was torture. Any one have any ideas on how to make this process easier.