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Summer 2019 Mental Health Update

TRIGGER WARNING MENTAL HEALTH POST (DEATH IS TALKED ABOUT) There are many faces to mental health, the world and social media typically see me smiling. Most of the summer this was my true face but the last 6/7 weeks have … Continue reading

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Living With Schizoaffective

A little Video about living with schizoaffective. I plan on doing more of these.

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Inner Demons

The day that I could wake up and not have to deal with the stress  with out wanting to shop. The feeling it gives me I can’t even explain, it is like doing drugs. I don’t mean to go over … Continue reading

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We will call her…

The Bleak Bitch, I have finally found a name for the nastiness that lives in my head. I hope one day to be free of this, Schizoaffective Disorder-Bipolar Type. When I feel up is it because I am happy or … Continue reading

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I am the Face.

Recently someones comments on Facebook really got me thinking. The comment was about Mental Illness and I took it as if people with mental illness would buck up and move on they would be fine. Well I wish I could … Continue reading

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