What is Coming and Where I have Been?

I don’t know if anyone noticed but I dove back into blogging last week. After basically being MIA for the last 3 years maybe longer. It wasn’t that I didn’t love blogging anymore. I do, I mean there was a post here and there. It was that I was floundering, I didn’t know where I fit into the blogging world anymore and what I want my blog to be. Believe it are not there was a 6 month period in there where I thought I would let my domains go and just have my archives. Then I was like that isn’t what I want. I enjoy writing, I enjoy sharing MY life (more on that later) and things that make it easier. I knew that I couldn’t be a Mommy Blog anymore, which is what this blog started out as. Does anyone remember “When did I go from a Kid to a Grown Up?”, my blog’s original title. I started it when Ian was 2 months old. I doubt my boys want a full blog dedicated to them and their lives? When I realized I wasn’t comfortable with that genre anymore that is where I started to flounder. I mean I am not out here to get rich from my writing. What do I want to write about, I blogged for 5 years before this blog, sadly those archives aren’t here and I don’t think I could find them even if I wanted too. Mostly the ramblings of a manic college student (not joking spent most of late teens and early 20’s manic). So none of us are missing anything.

Now what is coming to BadWolfBobbi, now that I am no longer a mommy blog. There might be parent post, like a back to school prep post or stuff like that but nothing super invasive about my boys lives. More post about me and my life; my struggle with my mental health, being awkward, geek, and all that jazz. More lifestyle post; more hacks that I have found to work for me, how I overcame the messy house past, and more mumbo jumbo. And most exciting for me is the on going series about TootToot and Siobhan, that is written by Micheal who plays Siobhan. I contribute but the overall idea and writing is his. We have played these characters for two years, they are best friends. The series starts after they split from their party to return somewhere to handle some business. More will be revealed.

A brief catch up with me; we purchased our first home in 2018 (exciting). I recently started therapy for the first time since leaving Colorado. Lost my mom in August of 2017. We lost FootFoot in May 2017. We went on our first vacation as a couple and family vacations. Celebrated our 12 wedding anniversary; 14 years together. Dude that is almost a quarter of my life, he is amazing to put up with me. We got a cat, his name is Bra’tac; he is our furry overlord. We hope we serve him well. Was hospitalized in April 2017, and the months after that until October 2017 were hell. Since October 2017 and a new medication cocktail; my mental health has been the best overall it has ever been in my life. Please don’t think it has been perfect there are still tough times, but they are shorter and farther apart. I quit Facebook (we already talked about that). With no plans to return, it has been over two weeks and it has been great. I got a new to me car that isn’t a late model and is going to last more then a year or two. With that came our first car payment in 4 years, ouch (haha). I have traveled a bit by myself, there is something about taking adventures if you can. I have began to accept myself a little more. I am a work in progress. I am excited to see what this new path for me on BadWolfBobbi holds, I hope you come along.

Here I go again

So with Facebook and Instagram both going down for many hours yesterday it reminded me that I need to pay more attention to this little ole piece of the world. I used to blog with so much more frequently when Ian was smaller, I had a mommy blog. It is back in the archives on this site. I enjoyed that but it was not the fun enjoyable blogging of my college days. Those are not archived here, I don’t even know if they still exist they were on live journal, xanga, and myspace(those were the days). I don’t think I will blog much about my family as the boys are older and they have voice about what they want on the internet. Our lives are drastically different then they were even 3 years ago at this point. Casey was getting ready to leave the army and we were preparing to move back to Texas. Now we own our own home, have 2 reliable cars (we had two but lets just say car two was iffy for the first bit once we were back here.

Mental health wise I am the best shape I think I have ever been, there is a lot of factors to this. Some I can discuss publicly; like a great medication cocktail, amazing husband and friends, and less stress. Then there is something I can’t discuss public but if you have known me most of the time I have been active on twitter (I bet you can guess what it is).

Maybe I can talk about our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns here? Would that interest anyone? I can delve more into what is going on and who characters are and such. I am only in two active campaigns now; I play in a bi weekly Friday night game and a bi weekly Thursday game. I also play a once a month RPG based in the Dresden Files universe. It is a Fate based game, we have yet to have combat it is heavy on role playing. It has helped me role playing so much.

I still love planners, I can always write about them.

I guess it isn’t for a lack of content that I haven’t been writing but um a lack of trying. Oops, I am going to try and be better.

My amazingly talented friend Skye did this.
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