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My little world has been a bit chaotic the past few weeks. Ian went back to school and we had his IEP meeting. He will no longer be receiving speech services, this is a huge step from the non-verbal three … Continue reading

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Summer of ’04

Only a few bars had played and I was already in a different place. I could hear the breaking of pool balls in my head quickly followed with laughter at how awful my break was. How is it that one … Continue reading

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Radio Silence

Well things have been quiet here, other then beat a dead horse on numerous fronts I have kept my mouth shut, well and there was some technical problems but they have been resolved. So this post is a jumble of … Continue reading

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White Flag

I am waving it, at life right now. We are at the point where we might have to choose between electricity and water. I am job hunting right beside C, but the problem is we are afraid jobs might overlap … Continue reading

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I am emotionally depleted. Casey, the boys, and I have basically spent the past month together 24/7. Which really isn’t that different from when he is working, one would think. Well it is, I love them all but I am … Continue reading

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What a week.

We started our week in the ER with Ollie who had the most nasty cough ever. Not only did he start out sick, he turned 9 months old this week. I can’t believe it, he has now been out as … Continue reading

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Free Write

I feel like I have take about 5 steps back in my getting on the right track this week. We are all recovering from a cold just strong enough to bring us down. So I know that I slept too … Continue reading

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