July 2016 Goals

I started last month with a group of girls doing our monthly goals. If you would like to read last months it is here. What do I want to strive for in July, this week I would keeping everyone alive, I am having a tough week with depression. As I sit here I have no idea what I want to do so here it goes.


July 2016 Goals:

To enjoy life’s outtakes, not every moment is picture perfect. More often then not they are not, so why enjoy them in stead of letting them stress me out.

To not loose myself to the depression.

To try and blog/Vlog at least once a week.

To make all my CHRP meetings.

I started the path to get my certification to be a real estate agent, so finish at least one unit every two days.

To not cancel plans with people because of the anxiety.

To put my phone down and enjoy the life around me.

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A weekend of Surprises

We went home to surprise my Bonus Mom for her birthday. A since we were already in town we decided to spend Fathers day with my Daddy.
Father's Day with Pop
It was a day spent having fun in the sun, Nonnie broke out the slip and slide while Pop watched. Where was C you asked he was at home enjoying some peace and quiet while doing his homework for grad school.



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June Goals

I know it is almost half way through June but genuinelyjenny posted her June goals and I loved the idea. So I decided that I was going to dip my toe in and try.

June Goals:

  • Fold all the laundry and put it all away. (I really struggle with this)
  • Go to the library at least once a week.
  • Try to post at least one blog post and video a week.
  • Embrace the small things and enjoy the days with my boys.

I really like this idea. I am hoping to do this ever month, I can tell you how I did on the previous months goals.

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We were a bit early



We got up this morning and we decided to check out a pool in the next town over that didn’t cost an arm and a leg to go to. It was awesome other being a touch chilly still. The boys loved it, other then not being tall enough to go down the slide. We will be going back more this summer and hopefully with friends.



Don’t worry people Ian doesn’t weigh 50 lbs yet so he can still wear is puddle jumper. We will be working on swimming this summer to hopefully not need it next summer.

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School and Ollie



Ollie started preschool after we moved back to Texas. He loved school but by the Friday of every week he was a mess. He loves school though, he has made some friends and loved his teacher.  I hope he loves Kinder as much.



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Last Day of School 2016



Everyone on their first day at their new school and job.

I would have a last day of school picture, but it is rainy and today was field day(also Ollie got a temporary tattoo on his forehead at field day). I wish I could say that I have big plans for summer; but mostly we will hopefully be reading a lot and going to the library, having playdates with friends, maybe some swimming and going to my hometown to see family we didn’t get to see much the last few years.

What are your summer plans?

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Plumbing Trouble

It started Friday with me hearing the downstairs toilet bubbling back while the dishwasher was running. I didn’t think anything of it, well the next day C was showering and we here the water hitting the floor in the half bath. It stopped quickly, but I decided to call the property management company, and got the run around. After three days of limping along with how much water we use, I finally got the call that a plumber should be here in four hours. I am drowning in laundry, dishes, and I want to shower. I will update with what is causing this. Lets hope that this isn’t a horrid fix.


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So it has been a while

We have successfully move to Texas, now we are in the settling in. Both boys are now in school and that for me was harder then I thought it would. I didn’t like being alone, I got bored quickly. Lucky for me it is almost summer and I am going back to school in the fall. For now I have been volunteering with the PTO.

Today I saw my new therapist and I really like him. If you are in the Colorado Springs area and need psych care, hit me up. I have a great recommendation.


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She really misses him when he's gone.

Today he turns 7 and begins his 8th trip around the sun. I remember the chunky pinky baby, I help 7 years ago so vividly. I hope the next year is nothing but great for him.

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Beuaty Fails.


I really wanted to love these products, but that wasn’t in the cards.

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