In 2016; I want to be more Adulty, Adultish, Adult. At 30 you would think I have a better handle on things then I do. I am always battling mount laundry (which I am getting better at; it no longer lives on the love seat in the office now it is typical stalking me in A SMALL laundry basket around the house). The whole keeping my house company ready, I really do strive for this. I was doing so well and then some stuff and things happened (I don’t really want to get into). Being put together, which means not waiting until the last possible minute to get up out of bed. I am tired of making the do I want to look good or do I want to be on time choice. It is time to look like I care about myself, and maybe when I look put together I will feel put together. Learn how to handle what life gives me with grace and be able to give that grace to others. Talking about grace, I want handle all of the upcoming changes that our family is about to face like an adult. Actually doing the homework for bible study, this is one of my biggest struggles. So I guess the whole point of this post is that I want to be better prepared. What do you want 2016, to do for you?


I totally stole the idea for this from Jill who writes Baby Rabies; Go read are post about being more Adulty.


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Our Morning

I was on twitter this morning lamenting that I didn’t know about what to blog about, maybe even should I kill TexasBobbi. When the lovely Emily of So Damn Domestic and Joyful Abode gave me an idea of what do blog about. She wanted to see our morning routine,  this post has been a wake up call of how I need to be more efficient.


  • 6am: Alarm goes off (Hit Snooze, this is a problem I need to get better at
  • 6:30am Finally get up out of bed and get the boys up.
  • 6:35am Breakfast Served (Frozen waffles with fruit and milk)
  • 6:45am Brush Teeth and Get Ian Dressed.
  • 6:50am Get Shoes, Jacket, and Backpack on. Start waiting for the bus
  • 6:57 Bus Arrives (Ian goes to school)
  • 7am Finally time for coffee after chugging a glass of water. While coffee is brewing go on hunt for a pair of glasses and ipad charger. Turn on Local News.
  • 7:10am sit down to drink slight cold coffee and play on ipad till C gets home from pt.
  • 8:10am C finally gets home from PT. Get a cup of tea (herbal=Decaf) and talk to C while he eats breakfast.
  • 8:45am Put Ollie in the bath.
  • 9:00am Get Ollie out of the bath (I played on my ipad while he was in the bath). Change tv to Kelly and Micheal.
  • 9:05am C leaves for work. Ollie and I watch the Kelly and Micheal until the trivia dancer.
  • 9:15am I normally get in the shower and get dressed for the day. {Today though I wrote a blog post and the rest of this post is going to be typical day}
  • 10am Start Cleaning and turn on The Price is Right (I have the tv on background noise)
  • 11:30am start lunch and wait for C to come home for lunch.

Ollie typical has a snack somewhere in there, and there is typical some time on the ipad/ playing with Ollie. I live on a loose schedule.


My little world has been a bit chaotic the past few weeks. Ian went back to school and we had his IEP meeting. He will no longer be receiving speech services, this is a huge step from the non-verbal three year old that started this all. My Mama, is coming to visit for two weeks the beginning of September and I can’t wait.  Then Chelsea comes for a few days. It will be fun and nice to see everyone.

How do you handle outside stressors on your mental health, there are things going on in my little world that I can’t control and can’t share on the blog. So I will be vague, sorry. How does one set boundaries that makes it where you are still helping those in need but making sure that your needs get met?

The Cursor Blinks.

The cursor has been blinking for three days, waiting for me to type. I don’t know what to say. After 11 years of blogging, am I done? I don’t want to be, I enjoy sharing but I don’t know what to share anymore. My boys stories are not mine to share anymore. With Ian in school and Ollie turning 4 in just a few weeks. I decided after a very nasty troll on an anniversary post a couple of years ago, to not really write about him anymore. What does that leave me to write about? Please give me ideas.


Summer is about half way over, Ian is enjoying it and we are potty training Ollie. So well life is all about the toilet right now. I will admit I had low exceptions about this summer. I thought it was gonna be awful. In reality it has been nice and low key. I don’t know what has brought this about but it is a refreshing change from the spring where I was in such a dark place. I want to stay in this happy mindset for a while. How do I make this happen?