Bad JuJu Go Away

I attended my first Tweet up last night in Flower Mound, which I was crazy enough to drive to from Midtown Dallas to Flower Mound during rush hour. It was worth it, I enjoyed myself so much. It was so nice and relaxing, for a few hours I was able to forgot all the drama that fills our lives. Then I come home to a husband who is in a panic about his job situation.
I understand times are tough for us, but I am tired of dwelling on it and living a constant state of fear. My home has been taken over by so much bad JuJu that it is uncomfortable for me to be here. Yet I have no where to go, and I don’t want to leave. I want the bad JuJu too, but when you aren’t the one creating the bad JuJu how do you get it to not affect you?

I want this Casey back, I am tired of the cranky, moody, women(it seems like), that has over taken him. Before you say that he is stressed as the provider for our home and he feels like he is failing at that role right now. Even though all that is going on what can I do to improve the JuJu in our home? This post went on a tangent I will blog about the Tweet up later.
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Gnat in my eye

Piling up
After the first week of Casey being home jobless, and one huge meltdown later. We implemented a chore chart(for us the grown ups). I had enough of him not caring about the way our home looked, and I could not get it up to par alone. He agreed and for the first couple of weeks everything was going great. He was working with me to purge and get our home to a respectable amount of clean, I don’t need it to be perfect it but I hate the way we still treat our home like we are college kids. Then in the past week he seems to be slipping backwards. I guess I should tell you who has what duties.
Living Room
Pay Bills
Taking trash to Dumpster

He has less since he will go back to work at some point. I just want him to realize I need help. Well in the past couple of days our home seemed to be over taken by gnats. He kept asking me where they were coming from, well I was in the kitchen this evening filling foots water bowl and realized that there was an icky old milk sippy cup sitting in the sink he hadn’t been washing. When I moved it gnats attacked me, I about blew my lid. Instead I just finished watering foot, filled the sink with hot water and started washing the cups he hadn’t been washing. When I was finished. I just walked back into the living and instead avoided the argument that would have happened on calling him out on it. Which may seem childish to some of you, and I know it is but it irked me to no end. His biggest point when making the list together when I took laundry was that I had to wash and put it away in a timely manner(that is my biggest weakness putting it away). Well when he offered to take the kitchen if I took the bathrooms, I was ecstatic I hate doing dishes. Well I need to figure out how to calmly approach him that Ian’s cups are part of the dishes and leaving them sitting in the sink is not completely doing the dishes. Any ideas? On the other hand this chore chart has made doing the laundry more bearable some how.
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What you would really see

Taking a cue from Stephine of “Adventures in Babywearing“, today’s post is going to be what would you see if you were looking in my windows.
Bath time fun
You would see a much neglected sun room that I am not really sure of what to do with. A kitchen that the dishes need to be done and the floors mopped. An space that holds a computer desk, a chair and a bookshelf where the books have been strewn around the area by a toddler terrorist.
Night Night
A living room that is strewn with toys and needs to be vacuum. A couple of bedrooms that need to be tidy. A ton of laundry that needs to be sorted, washed, dried, and the toughest part of all put away. I have pictures that need to be hung, things that need to be sorted and purged. All those things take time to get accomplished, some time with out little hands that “help” would be nice. We may have things that need to be finished, but there isn’t it always something. We have a roof over our heads, food in our tummies, and a home full of love, which are the important things.
Bedtime Cuddles
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*Images are of last nights bedtime routine.


So Monday is the day that TexasHolly of June Cleaver Nirvana, decided that all those ideas that us blogger’s have swirling around in our head that don’t aren’t enough to make full post can have a party.

Well here are the thoughts that have been swirling in my head this week.:


Haha just kidding, at the moment all I can really think about is how I am going to replace the Pyrex bakeware my husband managed to break when putting up dinner. Not only did he shatter a dish, he cut his foot. Men what can you do with them?

Speak of the Men in my life, this job hunting thing is depressing. After numerous resumes submitted, nothing but bad news. It seems no one is hiring. It is so stressful to hear about the rejection emails.

We are taking Family Portraits this week thanks to my awesome Cousin Candi(Candi Coated Photography), these are our first pictures with Ian. Any tips?

Saturday, I spent the night in Boyd. So that I could attend a Tiara Party? Still trying to figure out what it is was other then an excuse to get together sans the men folk, gamble with fake chips and gossip(I think I forgot to mention the theme this year was high rollers).

I am going to start attending this class at the church I attend, on Monday evenings. I am really nervous about it so all I ask is that you please pray for me. I will talk more about it when I am more comfortable with it.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was stuck on how to decorate Ian’s room. Well after staring at the cross stitch Casey’s mom made when she was pregnant with his older brother. I have decided that we are going to go with an animal theme. I have the idea now what?

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Sneak Peak

This weekend was one big mess here is some hints until I can sit down and write a real post.
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