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When the time comes

Other wise known as early labor sucks. I didn’t have any real signs of labor with Ian. I had some intense BH which led this jumpy at the time FTM to L&D more then once. This time after speaking with … Continue reading

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Will it ever end?

I am at the lovely point in pregnancy where I think will it ever end. The exhaustion this time is overwhelming, the heat, and everyday living don’t help. I know that once Ollie is here it will still be tiring … Continue reading

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The Calm Before The Storm

I swear this is a never ending cycle for us. Last Wednesday, Casey came home to inform me had been put on notice that he was being laid off at the end of the month (Mom when you read this … Continue reading

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Not one of the blessed

Pregnant ladies, that has amazing hair, skin, and looks like a Goddess. Instead I look a bit like a troll. The picture above is me with no make up after just completing my nightly routine, it just shows the big … Continue reading

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Almost Finished

Time seems to be flying yet standing still, this weekend I will be 12 weeks pregnant with Baby Spike. Which means First Tri is Almost Finished. I am loving my Ob lets call her Dr. Pants, she is all about … Continue reading

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Baby Spike

We had our first ob appt today and Baby Spike measured exactly as it should. She reminded me that this is a different pregnancy and unlike our loss this one is measuring just like it should. So we should expect … Continue reading

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Blur, that is the next two weeks.

This next two weeks are going to fly by in a flurry if activities and festivities. It all starts with Casey’s company Christmas party in Austin on Saturday. They are kind enough to even pay for lodging for us to … Continue reading

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Danger, Gregory Family, Danger

With this pregnancy, I have no choice but to wean off of my anti-crazy pills. It will be a two week process to get off them. That isn’t the worse part, the worse part is that I am on paxil. … Continue reading

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We are nothing if not consistent

This makes the third New Years Eve in a row that I am: This is taking us by surprise, we weren’t really trying to get pregnant. Even with that I am very thankful for this surprise. I will be praying … Continue reading

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