When the time comes

Other wise known as early labor sucks. I didn’t have any real signs of labor with Ian. I had some intense BH which led this jumpy at the time FTM to L&D more then once. This time after speaking with Dr. Ass (more on him and his practice to come after ollie’s safe arrival), that what I am experiencing this time is Early Labor, and it isn’t always short. Man, I thought I had left period cramps behind When the test was positive back in Dec. Nope their back along with their friend back ache and painful contraction. I can deal with this, if doesn’t come on his own before Sunday. He has no choice he is coming, we start the induction process. Which Dr. Ass thinks might not even need pit with the way my cervix is looking. Please don’t lecture me on how induction is bad, I know it is but unless you know the full story of any given person you have no right to judge. I will eventually share why we went the way are going but this isn’t the post. So I am in the final countdown, I would love to go on my own (fingers crossed). I am going to deep clean my house and love Ian as his last few hours as an only flit away.

Will it ever end?

I am at the lovely point in pregnancy where I think will it ever end. The exhaustion this time is overwhelming, the heat, and everyday living don’t help. I know that once Ollie is here it will still be tiring but, I won’t be so uncomfortable. I don’t know how my Stepmom carried twins in the summer of 1980 (The Record breaking Heatwave summer for non-Texans).

This is all I can think about today as I have tried to go through my daily chores. I feel like a zombie. Which then makes me feel guilty for not being the full engaged Mama to Ian that I should be. Mama’s what tips and tricks do you have?

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The Calm Before The Storm

I swear this is a never ending cycle for us. Last Wednesday, Casey came home to inform me had been put on notice that he was being laid off at the end of the month (Mom when you read this do not call me in a panic about what we are going to do, I don’t know). We have been through this three times before so it shouldn’t surprise me that the man I love becomes a withdrawn grump. This time though, I don’t think I can handle him, a toddler, and being pregnant. I need my husband, I am not afraid to admit it. I think the most stressful part is the “helpful advice” others give, stop think before you speak. My husband has a very expensive piece of paper that makes it pretty much impossible for him to find something else to do. His experience is limited to his field of study, we can’t take the pay cut that entering another field at the bottom of the ladder would bring. Not only that but I wouldn’t want him to have to do that, there is no guarantee that any job is permanent.

Not only that but I need someone to be happy I am pregnant, all I hear is what is going on with the babie’s brain, really that is the name you chose, and what are you going to do now. Well here are the answers we are just going to watch it the blood test said it is nothing to be alarmed about, Yes that is the name I chose since Casey won’t do anything but turn names down (that is right he is withdrawn and sullen about this pregnancy), lastly I DON’T KNOW, STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS.

All I really want to do is pack a bag and run away by myself but that isn’t an option, I love my family and I would regret it if I did it. But I can’t go through this alone and I know what is coming a grumpy husband who thinks sitting at the computer all day “looking for jobs” is enough. Well it isn’t he is still a husband and a father even when unemployed and we need him still. Not only is there that but I have to go on medcaid and with that I have to change ob’s since mine doesn’t take medcaid. To you helpful advice giving people, cobra isn’t an option the cost of it is more then we can afford. With cobra still comes copays and deductible and all those take large sums of money that one is hard spent to come up with unemployed. Not only that I still need to prepare my self for the toughest part of pregnancy the end and then labor. At this moment I want to live in denial land and think it isn’t going to happen. I am not strong enough for all of this. (Dad don’t call me after reading this and lecture me about my feelings, I am a grown woman and allowed to feel overwhelmed.)

Not one of the blessed

Pregnant ladies, that has amazing hair, skin, and looks like a Goddess.

Instead I look a bit like a troll. The picture above is me with no make up after just completing my nightly routine, it just shows the big zits. I have the skin of my 14 year old self again, this makes me want to cry. I can’t do what I did then and get anti-acne medicine from the doctor. So I hit up the store and bought me some clean and clear face wash, man there are so many more options then there was when I was in high school. If that doesn’t do it, I might have to break down and but some of the moisturizer too.

So dear readers, I ask you what can I use as a pregnant mama who needs to do something about this troll like skin. I know that I am pregnant and everything seems to be going right this time, but the way I look this time is so bad compared to what I looked like with Ian. I feel so unpretty this time, I don’t know what to do to change this. So I am putting this out there, I need some help, tips, tricks and advice to help me embrace the changes and feel like the amazing woman that I am.

Picture from earlier tonight, from before mine and Casey date for full idea.

Almost Finished

Time seems to be flying yet standing still, this weekend I will be 12 weeks pregnant with Baby Spike. Which means First Tri is Almost Finished. I am loving my Ob lets call her Dr. Pants, she is all about my peace of mind and me staying sane. Dr. Pants was awesome enough to let me come in at ten weeks and make sure Baby Spike is growing great.
Baby Spike 1.19.11

I was given orders, to relax and start to enjoy this pregnancy. I am trying to follow them but there is still some worry.

Enough about my worrying, Physical I am feeling still run down, no sickness this time but really my appetite is hit or miss. Mentally, I am feeling better, I have had a rough few days but if the sun is shining I seem to feel a lot better.

I am determined to be at least some what successful with breastfeeding this time. So advice, tips, tricks, and what are mama must haves for making it easier.

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Baby Spike

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We had our first ob appt today and Baby Spike measured exactly as it should. She reminded me that this is a different pregnancy and unlike our loss this one is measuring just like it should. So we should expect Baby Spike anytime around 8.14.11. She is also kind enough to let me come back in two weeks for my own peace of mind to check on Baby Spike.

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Blur, that is the next two weeks.

This next two weeks are going to fly by in a flurry if activities and festivities. It all starts with Casey’s company Christmas party in Austin on Saturday. They are kind enough to even pay for lodging for us to come down there, it is like a mini kid free vacation. My Daddy and Janiece have been kind enough to agree to watch Ian while we are gone. Sadly though Saturday though is their second annual Christmas Shindig. We will be missing it but at least one member of our family will be present. Then we will be hitting the road to the in-laws for a couple of days, before returning home for Christmas. Then on new year’s eve, we will be headed to Shreveport for the wedding of two friends. Then somewhere in between all this my family will be having a get together and my moms family too. On top of all this as of yesterday I am medication free as of yesterday, and to top it all off it seems morning all day sickness decides to start tonight. Blech, I never thought I would say this but I am grateful that with Ian, I would get sick and feel better. I am very grateful for more signs that this baby is in there growing away, remind of that with the next symptom that shows up.

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Danger, Gregory Family, Danger

With this pregnancy, I have no choice but to wean off of my anti-crazy pills. It will be a two week process to get off them. That isn’t the worse part, the worse part is that I am on paxil. My reading from the internet says that the withdrawal symptoms will be horrific. I don’t doubt this, as of this summer my doctor tried to wean my off while my husband was laid off. Not hers or my brightest idea, it failed miserably. The symptoms got so bad that my husband said get back on your meds or get out. I have no choice this time the health of my unborn baby is at risk. That being said I am scared, I can guarantee that I will have some interesting post, tweets, and such during this process. If you have an advice, tips, or tricks for the next few months please tell me.

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We are nothing if not consistent

This makes the third New Years Eve in a row that I am:

This is taking us by surprise, we weren’t really trying to get pregnant. Even with that I am very thankful for this surprise. I will be praying for peace, health, and thankfulness for the miracle inside me. Can I ask you my readers to please pray for us as we go through this journey. After everything that has happened to us in the past year, I know I will be nervous most of this journey. I know that we are super early probably only about 4 weeks, some of you may be wondering why I am sharing. I am sharing because first I stink at keep secrets and I know that I will need support. So here we go.

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