Help is available

If you follow me on twitter you know that I recently sought help for some mental health issues. The help ended with a stay in the mental health hospital, I am not going to lie it wasn’t all puppies and rainbows. It was help I needed and help I am glad that I got. There is help out there, I am writing this post to help share some of the resources out there.

I wouldn’t have even known where to start with out the amazing ladies of #PPDCHAT hashtag on twitter, ran/founded by the amazing Lauren she also owns My Postpartum Voice. Thanks to her and the other ladies, I was led to the other resources that helped me.

Resource #1
I don’t know about other states but in the state of Texas, each county has a MHMR. I am pretty sure this is the statewide 24 hour crisis number they ask your location when you call.

The National Suicide Hotline this number is also 24hours a day.

There are many more resources that I don’t know of and don’t list here. If you know of more and would like to add them to the comments please feel free. I am lucky that these resources were there for me and I want to share so that I can help at least one person.

Make it stop.

Damn you PPA/PPD, you are trying to take over my life again. I won’t let you win this time, I lived with you and the dark cloud for too long after Ian. If it would not have been for my amazing husband, Gabe, Abby, Sarah, and Dustin. Ian and I might not be standing here on the other side. This time the beast did not show up nearly as quickly this time. Just a few weeks ago, I was telling Abby how great I was feeling this time. I hadn’t had any of the crazy thoughts overwhelming my mind like last time. Then they start creeping in, it started with the thought of Ollie and I falling down the stairs and one or the other dying. Then Ian started this bird like screech that is mind melting to hear.
Any advice?
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