A year of Ian

Today a year ago at this time I was pushing my way in to parent hood. Man what a difference a year makes. I sometimes miss the wailing new born who I could lay down somewhere and do something with out worrying what he would be getting into.

New Ian
I don’t have that chance any more. Today I can’t turn my back with out either a shadow or with out returning to a mess of trouble(he is already trying to blame the dog).

Who is this He is so full of joy, love and just a little bit of trouble, I would not have him any other way. He is going to make an amazing big brother and friend. I amazed at how much he has changed in just a year, heck how much he changes from day to day.

Does the wow factor ever wear off Mama’s(I hope not)? Becoming a parent is one of the coolest, greatest gifts ever given to me. Now that we have survived the first year, I hope that I don’t screw him up too much in the coming years. To check out the highlights of Ian’s First Year be sure to visit here.

Happy Birthday Ian!


Can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us as we take Ian from a tiny babe to a bouncing unstoppable boy.

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RG Natural Babies

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Talking Back…

I had another post ready to go and post but that went out the door when I watched a vlog on talking back to adults, I thought yay something about how others handle their children talking back. Boy was I wrong it tool a completely different turn, it turned out to be about strangers. I was talking to my dad about this subject not that long ago, we were talking about how he handle this subject with me. I know you are all think you should remember it had to do with you, but I want to hear his philosophy. when we were first having this discussion I remember thinking with him being a police officer that he would be over protective, because he sees so many bad things on a daily bases. Boy was I wrong, he was the opposite. His view is that young children shouldn’t be taught to fear speaking to anyone, that it is the job of the parent to be their protector. I also agree with him that when you teach a child to be friendly and out going when they are younger is easier then trying to pull a child out of their shell when they are older.

That isn’t what upset me though on the video, one of the moms on the video said that Respect had gone out of fashion. I disagree, that is the wrong attitude to have. That is the attitude that is making teachers, caregivers, and so on jobs so difficult today. I was raised to give everyone respect no matter who they are, that respect is not earned it is given. It can be lost, but it can be earned back. People telling there children that people have to earn respect is the wrong attitude to have, but that attitude would be better then what I am seeing out there today. I am including the vlog for you to watch and leave your opinion.

Time is at a constant speed

That is what science says but in my world the last 7 months have flown by. On Jan 20, 2009 I had Ian and now it is August. What happened to that tiny slimy thing that was placed on my chest? How has he turned in to this handsome devil?
While waiting to see the Dr. for his 6 month check up, where he weighed in at an impressive 19lbs 9.3 oz and was 28 inches tall. His head though has measured small since birth they aren’t worried but he is only in the 13 percentile.Unlike some babies his head has always been in proportion to his body. He had head control when he was born, I never head a bobble head. The first few months went by in such a blur. With the everyday stresses of new mother hood, the stress of Casey being laid off when Ian was 6 weeks old and then me returning back to work. That some of your first major milestones got overlooked sadly I can’t remember the day he first smiled, and it took so long to capture it on film. I can’t remember the first time he giggled but my days are now filled with his laughter and it is a beautiful sound. I may not remember when he did those first little things but that doesn’t mean I love him any less. I now spend my days marveling at how with a blink of an eye you are becoming a toddler. In the past month he has discovered the baby in the mirror, become a crawling machine and a cruising monster who can pull him self up with little effort. I think that science lie because time flies.

Party in the tub

Party in the tub
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I love the look he is giving his daddy, I think his daddy may have just said something about going to bed. This is mostly a test to see how posting a picture from flickr works. Since I am up and all with a sick babe.

6 Months

These are Ian’s first studio portraits, I think he did very well for a hungry man. It was time for him to eat when we took these pictures. These first 6 months have flown by I can’t imagine how fast these next 6 will go?

Semi- Crunchy or Frugal?

Is it possible to be semi-crunchy? I would think if it is then that is what I am. I recently with the help of Vanessa, we hung clothes line across my patio. It was quite an adventure trying to cut plastic covered clothesline with kitchen shears. Then trying to figure out how and where to place the clothes line where the patio was still somewhat usable. Once all was said and done and we were sweating like crazy(I forgot to mention this was at four in the afternoon) I have a functioning clothes line which I have used almost everyday since. Since someone so small dirties more clothes then whole sports teams wear.

Now back to the Semi-Crunchy idea, I am switching to cloth diapers (whole post within itself) this week not only because they are better for the environment, they are better for Ian’s skin too (less chemicals), they will save us money in the long run (yay, for saving money), and I won’t have to run to the store for diapers. With starting cloth diapers I am going to start making my own baby wipes with baby wash clothes and a little bit of Burt’s Bees Head to toe wash and water (this is mainly to save money). I am also trying to switch to less chemical filled products for cleaning and other such purposes. Which I have found vinegar, baking soda, and other such things our grandmothers use work best and are normally the cheapest. I am currently reading a book called Good House Magicwhich is all about doing things cheaper and easier. Not only am I trying to find less chemical filled cleaning product but baby care products also. I am a huge fan of the Burt’s Bees line of baby care products called Baby Bee. Their diaper rash cream is amazing and to top it off smells good too. I know that the Burt’s products are a little more money but they smell great and have less chemicals. We also made homemade pizza tonight that cost less then $5 for the both of us to eat with enough ingredients left over for me to make my self pizza for lunch in the next week. Also we are trying to incorporate one meatless meal into the rotation every week. We have cranked the thermostat up to above 75 degrees, this by far has been the toughest for me. So does anybody else have any good tips on how to save money?

Manic Monday

I woke up this morning with a bad case of the Monday’s, just like Garfield used to have. I just felt like I couldn’t get out of bed but alas there was no reason to feel this way. I just wanted to sleep the day away, but that idea quickly got nixed by Ian who demanded to be changed and fed. There was no cute baby noise to wake up to this morning but screaming crying angry baby is what I got and at 5:45 none the less. Casey decided that yesterday he would spend the day with Ian and I could go and have some baby free time, which I jumped on. When I came home at 7 pm I asked how he napped and Casey answered he didn’t. Great I thought tomorrow is going to be fun. And it was all morning he was cranky and fussy, maybe he was having a case of the Monday’s too. The day did begin to get better though when Gabe showed up and took him of my hands long enough for me to get myself cleaned up and some laundry going. Then later Abby came by too. I can’t thank these too enough for how they help me keep what little sanity I have left. When he finally did go down for a nap it was on Gabe’s chest for two hours, which he was ok with cause he napped too. That is when this Manic Monday finally began to improve I was able to get some things done. The best part is when Lou L. texted me back, she is my best friend and 15 weeks pregant and also has an almost 2 year old, so she is a little tough to get a hold of at times ( which is understandable). Then Casey came home and I made dinner which he didn’t like so that kinda hurt it si the first thing I have made he didn’t like. And after dinner while walking foot one of our neighbors yelled at me for walking across her grass, which isn’t hers to begin with we live in a townhome complex where everyone rents, where all foot did was pee. So now that I cleansed myself of this bad day by writing about it and doing some yoga, I am going to go to bed and wake with a better mood tomorrow. All photo’s expect the last are from a bbq a few weeks ago we had at our house and were take by Bethany Hubbard.

My must haves and a few questions

I know every new mother with a blog does a baby product reviews, well I am doing one too but a little different. I am starting it out with a few questions to your veteran moms/dads that have been there done that.

1: How often do/did change your baby’s crib sheet (if it wasn’t a necessary change)?

2: If you were a Formula Feeder, what kind of bottles did you use and when did you start to transition to a sippy cup?

3: What is/was your child’s nap/bedtime routine?

4: How did you and your SO keep things even (ex: changing diapers, bottles, etc…)?

5: If you cloth diaper do you prefer all in ones or prefolds and covers?

Enough with the questions how about a few of the gizmos and gadgets that make my life easier.

  • The Captain’s Chair (AKA: Exersaucer:) It has been a godsend in the afternoons I put the TV on PBS Sprout or just plain old PBS and Mr. Ian goes to town between the toys and the TV.
  • My carriers (Ergo, Ellaroo’s Mei Hip Carrier): When he is in a mood and wants to be held or FootFoot has to go. It is so nice to be able to just wear him to get things done.
  • Travel System(Graco) : In the beginning we used the carriage almost every time we went somewhere and now I use the stroller 3-5 times a week.
  • Pacifiers: This one is self explanatory.
  • Soothies: These are the little blankets that one side is a silk like material and one is fleece. Ian loves these he uses one to go to sleep.
  • Swing (Fisher Price Rainforest Cradle Swing and Graco Pooh Bear): Ian basically lived in his the first 6 weeks and he still naps in them from time to time.
  • Couch: We have a a loveseat in Ian’s room instead of a glider (that is downstairs) it was a lifesaver for middle of the night feeds.

Then there are the things that are nice to have but not necessary, there too many to list them all so I am going to only list a few.

  • Boppy: Even if breastfeeding a regular pillow will do the trick.
  • Bouncer: Ian only liked his for about a month.
  • Diaper Pail: To be honest a lidded trashcan will do the same thing and it is alot cheaper.
  • Pack and Plays: We have only used ours when we got FIL which to be honest Ian could sleep in the bed with us if necessary, when traveling.

Then there are the absolutely useless items, this list could also be long but I have narrowed it down to the ones that annoyed me the most once I firgured out they were useless.

  • Crib Set: They can’t ussed the comforter for a long time, bumpers just make changing the sheet harder.
  • Diaper Bags: I figured out tote bags of varying sizes work better and have more options when it comes to looks.
  • Security blankets: My child hated being swaddled, so they became burp clothes which I had way to many.
  • Shoes: I like baby shoes they are cute but he never really wore them.
  • Scratch Mittens: Baby socks do the same thing and have a dual purpose.

Also I am/ have been working on a Q and A post so my readers can get to know me better so please leave your question in the comments.

First Trip to the E.R.

This afternoon after Ian’s nap we were headed down the stairs to play, when I lost my footing. So as we’re falling Ian slips out of my arms and slides down about four steps crying the whole way. So I get up and run to him pick him up and check and see if he is all right, as far as I can see everything is fine. 15 minutes later he is still screaming at the top of his lungs but I can’t see anything wrong. I then call the peds office who recommended taking him to the E.R. It is at that moment I realized. That I hurt my back and tail bone in the fall and can’t really drive, so I call Abby. She arrives we head to the hospital. Once we arrived there was surprisingly only a few ppl ahead of us. Once we got to the back where he got checked out, I was told he was fine to watch for a few things and we were on our way. So now that he has been to the E.R. hopefully we won’t be going again (ever) for a long time.
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