The Days Are Long

But the YEARS are short. 

I used to hate that phrase, I thought it was so condescending. Recently it dawned on me how true it is. That those moments where I am overwhelmed by the fact that Ollie needs to snuggle before bed (more like boss mama around for an hour) those moments won’t last forever. There will be a time where he doesn’t want to love on mama or even talk to mama. I am already seeing this change happen in Ian, it makes me a little sad though I know I want him to grow into an independent young man.

My biggest problem is with myself, how do I handle those “long moments”, there is a lot at the moment. Who ever said two was terrible didn’t have a three year old 😉 . How do you handle yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed and mothered out?


I admit

Motherhood has not come naturally to me. Five years ago when I had Ian, I had all these ideas about how I should feel and act. Some of which had been “helpful friends and family” telling me how I should feel.

I know some women say that they loved their baby the moment it was placed in their arms. How is it that we are supposed to have immediate relationships with our babies, it isn’t expected in other facet of life. I will admit, I cared for my boys from the moment they were born but this all encompassing love woman speak of took about three months. I imagine raging PPD and PPS didn’t help.

Why do I bring this up? Tonight in church, I had just Ollie and he was being a typical 3 year old. In my head though I kept thinking why won’t he be quiet and sit. Look at the families around me. What am I doing wrong? And then I turn it inward and think why don’t have the patience to handle this calmly and with grace. I just wanted to take him and leave, I didn’t we stayed till the end but it pushed both of us almost to our breaking point.

When will I feel like I am enough?

It’s time… for Potty Training


I am not gonna lie, I don’t mind two in diapers. I would let Ian wait till he was ready. The reason we are going to push it is he is reaching the age where people have started making judgmental comments about him being in diapers.

So this year we are going no where for Thanksgiving and Ian has no school the while week. So as of yesterday and a long conversation with Abby, it was decided that I am going to stop avoiding it and bring on the potty training. You my wonder why I am blogging about so far in advance. Well I am gonna need advice, mama support and a bit of push.

So wish us luck, here we go.

Sippy Cup


I don’t remember it being so hard with Ian. Ollie on the other hand isn’t really interested, we have tried everything water, milk, juice (yes we did, judge away 2 oz is not going to kill him).


Now he can and will fake it. He might even take a drink or two. Then he just hauls it around like it a favorite old toy.


We have tried both soft spout and hard. No we haven’t tried the straw kind mainly because I hate cleaning them.

So mama’s any tips to help me get him to drink from a sippy cup?

Another Check On The List


I can now call my self a Soccer Mom, no the minivan is not next. I just can’t go that far.   Ian has completed his firs season of Ankle biters soccer, I love the name of his age group.  We had lots of ups and downs, some games he didn’t even play. He was there just preferred sitting on the sidelines.


I think we all learned something this spring season. Ian got exposed to kids his own age, even if he waasn’t always happy to be there. We learned that he plays better if I am not there.


His coach said that they will be coaching again in the fall and we can request them if we choose. I think we will, they were great with the kids.


Ian got his first trophy and he loves it. So my sports mom days are here, I know that it will a new adventure from here.


What do our Actions say?

Ian showed me that I am not such a bad mom after all the other day, I already knew that he was like a sponge absorbing everything we say and do.  Watching my 3 year old duplicate my actions, really made me stop and think about the little mundane things I don’t normally think about how I react to while doing them.

cleaning2What I didn’t know is that Ian was listening and decided to take action. While I was dealing with an Ollie emergency, Ian got the cleaner and paper towels and went to town. I turned to find him working away, my first thought was “wow this is why parents have kids”. My next thought was a much more sobering one, “what else is he talking away from my actions and words through out the day?”


What am I teaching him when I lose my cool, whine, etc? I want to be a better role model for my boys. I am extremely glad that he stepped up to help me clean with out asking, I am guessing this is a trait he must have picked up from his Daddy. Who is an amazing husband and father, most of the time ;). What do you actions are you glad to be instilling in your children? What actions are you hoping they don’t pick up?

and yes he got all up in the tables grill while cleaning it, he did an amazing job. I think the best surprise was he put away the cleaner and threw away his paper towels when he was through. Who is the kid, and what pod people replaced him?

In the midnight hour

He yelled,”Mama, Mama, Mama”.

Really it was the two am hour but, I still awoke to the cry of my name. Which in our house is a strange thing to be heard. So I jumped up and went in to cuddle him, he finally fell back asleep after telling me he had a bad dream and was scared. So we cuddled he fell back asleep and when I decided to leave, I tripped over a toy and he woke back up. I gave up and tried to bring him to our bed, but 15 mins in he sits up and announce he wants his bed. So we go he gets back in his bed and I leave. Not 20 mins later he is upset again, I go in and lay down and he whimpers to sleep. After the 3rd time it must have been the charm, he stayed down till he crawled into bed with me this morning telling me he was sorry about his bad dreams.

A boy and his blanket

I told him, I love him and that it didn’t bother mama at all. I am amazed every day how much he is growing and changing.

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Almost Finished

Time seems to be flying yet standing still, this weekend I will be 12 weeks pregnant with Baby Spike. Which means First Tri is Almost Finished. I am loving my Ob lets call her Dr. Pants, she is all about my peace of mind and me staying sane. Dr. Pants was awesome enough to let me come in at ten weeks and make sure Baby Spike is growing great.
Baby Spike 1.19.11

I was given orders, to relax and start to enjoy this pregnancy. I am trying to follow them but there is still some worry.

Enough about my worrying, Physical I am feeling still run down, no sickness this time but really my appetite is hit or miss. Mentally, I am feeling better, I have had a rough few days but if the sun is shining I seem to feel a lot better.

I am determined to be at least some what successful with breastfeeding this time. So advice, tips, tricks, and what are mama must haves for making it easier.

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Back in the saddle again

Since losing Ryan Jane in March, we have been using disposable wipes and diapers. Partially because we had a battle with Strep on Ian’s tush, that was rough but that got cleared up and we got the free and clear to go back to cloth diapers from the doctor. I still wasn’t ready emotionally for all the work that cloth diapering takes, plus the fact that we use cloth wipes, yes I made that transition right around Ian’s birthday. I hadn’t blogged about it yet, I was still getting the hang of it when all this started.
So as of last week we ran out of wipes and we started using cloth wipes again, not in the traditional way. I gathered them all up after I stripped all of my diapers (again), since the start of all this I have stripped them twice previously. Right now we have them gathered in a basket in the bathroom off of Ian’s room and we wet them in the faucet when needed. I have a wipe warmer, for cloth wipes but I haven’t found a solution that I like(Any Ideas). A couple a weeks ago I tried a cloth diaper on him but when I took it off his all diaper was bright red, so I decided to stick with sposies till I could figure out what caused that. So I stripped them again but this time just with old style dawn dish washing detergent and I am go back to the soap I used before all this tush trouble started. I was so upset that the cloth diaper detergent I bought didn’t get his diapers clean enough or just irritated his skin. So the long drawn out point of this post is that we are back in the cloth diaper saddle again. It might not be every diaper of every day (as of right now) but I have to start somewhere. So wish me luck as I dive back in after an extended break.
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I am feeling overwhelmed with life in general right now and don’t feel like that I can make a great post about the joy’s of it all on Mother’s Day. I know that I am grateful for Ian and his health. Life though has a way of making those things you know you should be grateful, seem small. I love being a mother and wife, I hope they love me even when I have days like today where I am an absolute pain in the ass. Instead of letting spending the day with them like I should have after lunch when Ian went down for his nap, I took one too but about twice the length of his. When I woke up the fight of the week happened, because during my nap Ian hid my phone that powers off unless plugged in so I can’t find it. That may have started the fight but it escalated quickly, my poor husband is a great man and I have been a nag recently. We are all overwhelmed going on our 3rd week of being together all the time, it is a lot to get used to. Especially when you know once you get used to it and a new routine down, it will end because Casey being laid off is only temporary. I ask that you my readers keep reminding me of this when I get overwhelmed by all of this, please remind me to enjoy it instead of wallowing in the bad. Being a Mother is try to remember to enjoy it all, cause it all fly’s by too fast. One morning I will wake up and it will have all passed me by.
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