Women whose strength and grace are Fabulous

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I have been blogging since 2004, but about two years ago I started branching out and reading strangers blogs. With that discovery I found so many amazing women, men, and families.  I now have a reader overflowing daily with so much strength and grace.  How does one narrow it down to just a few to tell you about, with that I will tell you about just 5 of the amazing women I read. 

I don’t remember how I found Angel’s blog, but she is one of the first blogs I remember subscribing too. At the time she was a single mom to her ADD Knucklehead. I love reading her story of love bloom with her Glugster and their fairytale wedding. Her blog has evolved over the past year or so and I love it still, life is a constant ebb and flow and she shares hers with us. 

I don’t know why but since the beginning I have been drawn to single mom blogs, I have numerous in my reader. I think maybe it is their strength, I am amazed at everything these fabulous women do on a daily basis. Most of the ones I read, I found through Ms. Single Mama. She is going through a rough patch at the moment but just like the ones in the past she shares with us how she grows and learns from it all. 

When talking about strength you can not forget Military Spouses, these women raise their families, love their spouses and do it all while Uncle Sam runs the show. Lisa of Crazy adventures in parenting is doing it all as  a mom to many, ranging in age from teen to toddler. Her and her family are about to embark on the adventure of changing posts this summer, can’t wait to read about those adventures.  Anne Marie of House Hold 6 Diva, is raising her family in Germany at the moment, she embraces it all and even during the rough moments she seems to be nothing but grace.  Then the youngest of the bunch of Mil. spouse I read is Brie Marie of Brie Marie, she is about to have baby number 2 while her hubby is deployed this summer. And she will do it all because she is full of strength, she is a little more like me and is still working on the grace part and that is why I love her. 

This is just a small selection of the numerous amazing bloggers I follow. I am so lucky for this chance to share about these fabulous ladies. 

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Links I Love 11/19/10

In the past week, I have decided that I want to link to a few post or articles across the internet. Certain things that had be pause and think about the words that they spent the time to craft and post for all the world to see.

Kalee from Une Vie Chic: Quite Concept.
Jamie from Love to Shop Mom, her daughters true feelings to being a big sister.
Haley from Love, Life, Family and then some, The way God made him.
Brittany of Simply BC, He took advantage of me.
Brie of Brie Marie, about this pay freeze.

I hope that you click through and enjoy.

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No Go BlogHer

These Two Lovely Ladies are Hosting this Shindig for all Us Ladies that can’t make it to BlogHer. They have a few questions that want us all to answer to make breaking the ice a little easier.

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging on Livejournal, remember that sight back in 2004. I started this blog as an outlet shortly after having Ian in 2009.

Why did you start blogging?
A group of my college friends all had Livejournal, so I started one too. As said in the question above I started this blog as an outlet, from the stresses of becoming a Grown Up.

What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to BlogHer?
Celebrate with one of my BFF’s Abby as she turns 21. If I was in New York, I would miss her partying like a rockstar.

Last I am to share some of my favorite posts, I narrowed it down to my top 3:
These days make it all worth it
Fan Girl Tears
Time is at a constant speed

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Travel Newbie

I overpacked
In just a few days I will be flying out to Evo in Park City, Utah. I am luck enough to be attending mostly all do to the generosity of others. I have never flown before heck I have barely been outside of the state of Texas. We didn’t take many vacations when I was younger. So I have no clue how to pack for this or what to pack. The general consensus is that I should take nothing but a carry on. This to me seems terrifying, I should be in over packing anonymous. I will take in tips, hints, tricks; you my lovely readers can throw at me.
My next quandary is that my flight sponsor bought my flight with frequent flier miles and I am flying in a day earlier then originally planned and out a day later. At the advice of many people, I more then likely will sleep at the airport on Tuesday night since my flight doesn’t get in till 11:30pm. The main problem is where will I sleep on Sunday night since the reservation for the place I am staying during the conference end Sunday morning. Any ideas, remember I am strapped for cash so spending as little money as possible (hopefully none).
If you have any other advice about blogging conferences, packing, or travel I am all ears. I am a newbie to all 3.

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It is Monday and time for all those unorganized thoughts, that aren’t enough to be blog post by them selves to have a Potluck Party. Potluck is the brain child of TexasHolly of June cleaver Nirvana.
Last week here in the Gregory household, was a mash of overwhelming moments and happy moments. I need to remember that all these moments that we are living are all special even the ones where I want to pull out my hair. So now on to the Potluck.

Job Hunt 2010How is the great job hunt 2010 going? Still nothing is looking promising, more resumes has been submitted. HE had one call last week that sounded promising and then quickly went the route of we don’t have anything right now, but we love your resume please call us back in a month. So please keep praying for us about the great job hunt 2010.

HideWhat did the Toddler thief hide this week? Through out the week Ian is always up to mischief and mayhem but his greatest joy seems to be hiding things from me. Things that have disappeared my phone(still hasn’t been located), Keys(still hasn’t been located), Wallet(found), various pieces of jewelry(some have been located). These are just the things I have noticed.

Trouble Last week Lauren and I had a big adventure out with no babies to see the Deftones. Sadly cause of this our baby bff’s did not get to hang with each other. Also thanks to Lauren my blog has a new improved look, we are still working out the kinks but it is getting there.

What random item did I find in my purse this week when I was out and about, I found an unopened container of puffs when I was out running errands with out my toddle thief in tow. I am not even sure how they got there.

Well I am all out of ideas at the moment.

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I know that Dooce is the gold stanard of Mommy-Blogging but I am at a loss as to why, she once was a great blogger but now we get mostly pictures and a few well written post now and again. She closes comments on most posts, it is no longer about interacting with us. I know that it a business to her but the reason she got to where she is today is because of her readers. Yes I subscribe to her blog but for the life of me can’t remember why, I do find her pictures funny but where is the thought provoking content of the past? Does anybody else feel this way about some of the big name bloggers?

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