When I had no other option.

Ian woke up acting as if he was still tired and after a few hours of meltdowns, no listening, and tears. Someone on twitter recommend taking a walk. So off we went. It was meant to be a short jaunt to the park not a 1/4 mile from our house. After we started I couldn’t think of stop that soon. We went to the park about a mile from our house.




We didn’t plan to go that far, I was wearing flip flops and all we have is a sit and stand stroller but it was nice and we all came back in a better mood.

Help is available

If you follow me on twitter you know that I recently sought help for some mental health issues. The help ended with a stay in the mental health hospital, I am not going to lie it wasn’t all puppies and rainbows. It was help I needed and help I am glad that I got. There is help out there, I am writing this post to help share some of the resources out there.

I wouldn’t have even known where to start with out the amazing ladies of #PPDCHAT hashtag on twitter, ran/founded by the amazing Lauren she also owns My Postpartum Voice. Thanks to her and the other ladies, I was led to the other resources that helped me.

Resource #1
I don’t know about other states but in the state of Texas, each county has a MHMR. I am pretty sure this is the statewide 24 hour crisis number they ask your location when you call.

The National Suicide Hotline this number is also 24hours a day.

There are many more resources that I don’t know of and don’t list here. If you know of more and would like to add them to the comments please feel free. I am lucky that these resources were there for me and I want to share so that I can help at least one person.

With my best dude.

Last week I was at my wits end with Ian, I desperately needed to reconnect with him. I can imagine he needed it to by his actions. Well Saturday mornign rolled around and my mom called. She wanted to take Ian and I to the lego discovery center, well that idea didn’t pan out when we realized that it is best to buy tickets in advance. So instead we went to the first circle of Hell (aka Chuck E Cheese).
Wack a mole.

Where he played everything from whack a mole to skee ball and everything in between. After a bout an hour he realized there was food to be had. Luckily he was okay with going to eat somewhere else, I think all the noise and excitement was getting to be a bit much at that point. After a brief pit stop and with fuller bellies. My Mama had the bright idea to stop at Bass Pro Shop and wonder about. Believe it or not I am pretty sure it was a bigger hit the Chuck E Cheese.

I don’t have a picture of him fishing but they had a fishing display set up for small children, and he figured that out super fast. His reaction to all the boats was pretty priceless, he said “Big Boats, Yay.”
He wasn’t so sure about this fake shark.

I think the best part was when he say all the boats and turned to my Mama saying “I buy a boat, okay Mimi.” Thanks to my Mama, he now keeps telling me about the big snake. They have a rattlesnake display in the store, and boy do I hate snakes. So between hearing about fishes, snakes, and big boats; I don’t think this is a day he will soon to forget.


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When Everyone wakes up on the Wrong side of the bed.

Including the dog makes for a very rough morning, I am so grateful that it is nap time. This morning has been full of tears and meltdowns, sadly not all from the toddler. It is a gorgeous day here, so I decided to diffuse the meltdowns with a trip outside to play with Ian’s new bubble mower (Fisher Price XLT Bubble Mower). Dumbest decision ever that mower is the devil, I followed instructions perfectly still ended up with bubbles all over my office. A crying toddler and mom, me on the phone with Casey saying I wanted the throw the damn thing in the trash. Then after my temper tantrum, I calmed down we took the bubble mower (fisher price xlt bubble mower) outside anyways and even if it doesn’t work it still rolls. Ian and I played outside until he spotted our car and he ran over to asking to go. I asked him where and he said anywhere, with that I thought we could make a quick lunch run. Maybe that is what we needed a little bit of out of the house time. So I ran the mower upstairs, grabbed the keys, loaded all of us (we couldn’t leave FootFoot at home). I think we were in the car maybe a total of 15 minutes that was with sitting in the drive-thru at Cane’s. Once we were home at at the table eating, everyones mood was a bit lighter. He finished up and willing asked to go take a night, who am I to say no. So with him napping, and me enjoying some quiet. Lets hope after nap is better for all of us. and on that damn Fisher Price XLT Mower, I still want to throw it in the dumpster but Casey won’t let me.

I might need one of these if this day doesn’t get better.
Jacket Pictures, Images and Photos

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The Damn Mower was a Christmas gift from my mom, so it wasn’t sent to us for review. Not that what I have to say is good anyways.

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Here I Am.

Laying in a hotel bed beside my husband because his company was kind enough to throw his company a party but to also pay for us lodging for tonight. Instead of getting to enjoy my night alone with my hubs, he is snoozing beside me and I am waiting for my medication to kick in so I don’t spend the night in the bathroom again. Morning all day night sickness has arrived, I am so thankful for the signs that the babe is in there and growing.

Today Casey and I enjoyed our 24 hour excursion to Austin, we wondered around downtown for a bit after checking into our room. We walked down Congress to see the capital. Once through security where the State Trooper was confused by my bag. It was a relief to see that you can wander around the capital building with having to pay a fee or be herded around like a head of cattle. We got to see it at our speed, I mean it wasn’t anything but the halls but some of the art on the walls is amazing.

After our afternoon adventure and a disappointing lunch, we returned to our hotel room to get ready for the party. While getting ready Casey said that we could tell his co workers, I am expecting. This is a big thing guys, he didn’t want to tell anyone till 14 weeks. I don’t know what this means but I will take it.

After getting ready to party we headed to ZTejas for the party. We were in a private room and the first to arrive (if you know me at all I am always late, I hate to be the first one at an event). Where at the open bar, I ordered myself a cranberry and lime. Once everyone was there and and drinks in hand they finally started passing around appetizers. I don’t remember what brought up me being pregnant but it was comment one of Casey’s Austin Office Co-worker (female) made. Then she kept making comments all night and then as we were leaving tried to touch my belly, I don’t know this lady from Eve.

Well all and all, it was an amazing 24 hours to reconnect with my husband. We talked about how we should try to do something like this a little more often.

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The capital seemed to be a meca for romping squirrels.

Clean Home Movement- Kitchen

I posted the other day about my Clean Home Movement. Well I decided to tackle one of the more chaotic rooms first, the kitchen. The room that can go from clean to cluttered in 60 seconds. I think my biggest problem is my cabinets not be used to the best purpose. I am about to show you pictures of my kitchen in all its cluttered glory right after cooking dinner. So remember I am keeping it real and want help advice not attacks please.
Clean Home Movement

My biggest trouble area seems to be my cabinets, there is always chaos no matter what I try to do with it, I can’t find a thing. I am thinking that maybe buying cabinet shelves might help. What other ideas do you think might help either with or with out cabinet shelves?

Clean Home Movement
Spice/Snack Cabinet

Clean Home Movement
Ian’s Snacks, Serving Ware, Fancy Glasses

Clean Home Movement

Clean Home Movement
Beneath counter top storage

As you can see from the above photos, I am lost on how to get this disaster organized. Please give me ideas, I can’t live with this anymore, I hate having to dig to find a Tupperware container, a certain small kitchen appliance I might need, the prefect spice when cooking a meal, and most important the perfect snack when a craving hits.

Clean home movement
Attached to the kitchen is the sunroom that we use as our dining room. It also is home to our back door so I have placed a chair and shelf. The shelf is home to my reusable shopping bags, my purse, and a basket on the bottom shelf for shoes. My Basket for shoes is not really working as well as I would like. The top of the shelf is home to some of my pretties.

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Lightbulb Moment to a Clean Home Movement

Remember back in June when I posted my cleaning schedule I did well unitl Casey went back to work and then I failed (no excuses, I am the only one to blame). Well I am getting my groove back and getting caught up everywhere, man it was so easy to slip back into bad habits. This time I came to a realization that part of the reason that my home seems to be always cluttered is we aren’t utilizing storage space properly and with some talking with my husband he agreed to let me revamp and improve. So with some thinking, I thought I would keep it real on here and post pictures of my problems my ideas for fixing and then ask you for your ideas too. Cause I know that you guys/gals are a wealth of information. Then I will take those ideas and make them happen as long as they don’t cost a fortune. Please keep in mind that we rent so no structural changes can be made. I will be starting out with my kitchen, I will be including pictures of the before and I will be keeping real, no precleaning before the pictures. I am bound and determine to make keeping my home easier by making the most of the storage areas I have. I hope this is making sense to you all, as it is making to me.
All the areas that will be featured are Kitchen/Sunroom, Living Room/Office Nook, Bathrooms, Ian’s room, Hall Closets, Laundry/Guest Room, Casey’s bathroom, Main Bathroom, The Big Closet, My Closet, and The Master bedroom. Yes I need help everywhere, I am a mess. So please be ready with your tips tricks and advice.
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The Little Things

As a with any job, I want to enjoy my workplace. Well my workplace is also my home since my wonderful husband works so hard so I can stay home. I want to be surrounded by things that make life comfortable, easy, and most importantly make me happy. There are certain rooms that I spend more waking hours in then other. Those rooms are filled with little things that when I see them that make me smile.
This sign above my sink, always reminds to look for the good in the moment. Even when I am overwhelmed and there is a sink full of dishes that still need to be cleaned. My little teal bowl with birds reminds my that I friends who love me enough to give me small gifts for no reason.
Happy 2
Music has always been a way of escape from reality when life seems to be overwhelming. Behind it sits a clock that refuse to replace the batteries in, why you ask? Well it is my way of pretending that I might for a moment be in control of the moments that are flying by.
Nothing brings joy to my heart like baby toes, this time it was them slipping into their first pair of flip flops.
This lamp shade make me smile every time, I think it is the color of the flowers and the flowers themselves. Another gift from a friend (okay maybe it was sitting in her garage unloved and I told her I was taking it).
I love to have pictures, of those moments that I want to always remember fill the walls of my home.
happy dresses
Lastly and one I need to work on the most. Is taking time for me, when I take the time to dress for the day and such. The whole say seems to be better, even when overwhelmed I can look down and smile. My seeing my target clearance find dress or a tank top ans skirt from a friends closet. Just those little touches make everyday a little more enjoyable.
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Mommy’s Break

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Thursday was spent in bed mostly, watching Season One of Castle. I did get up and shower to go to Lauren’s family’s Thanksgiving. As soon as I got home from dinner I climb right back into bed, until I was so hungry I needed to hunt for food. While I was out scavenging for food, I decided to wander through CVS. Why you may ask I have no idea, but I did come out with a couple of magazines. I haven’t felt the feeling of what to do in such along time. I love the feeling of no obligations, I was supposed to be finishing unpacking and cleaning like crazy which I will do in a panicked rush now. Since I spent the day watching the Scream Trilogy, I love those movies.

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So now that it is after midnight and my boys will be home in about 12 hours I am going to rush off to clean some. I am so glad that I decided to stay home at let the boys spend Thanksgiving with out me, it has made all the Dark and Twisty, all but disappeared . Lesson learned don’t let those feelings go so far next time, ask for alone time before reaching the point of no return.

Happy Thanksgiving

Image and video hosting by TinyPic2009 has been a good and rough year in our household, but the good has out weighed the bad. We have a healthy and happy son. Casey and I have our health and great marriage.  Casey has a job, and this one seems to have a little bit of job security. We have a roof over heads, food in our pantry, and love for each other. 2009 also brought me new friends, some of which I came to know through blogging. I am very thankful to have met and befriend such wonderful women as Nessa, Lauren, J, Vanessa, Lynette, Jes, and Marjorie, just to name a few. The best gift I have been given this Thanksgiving is that my Boys have gone to Visit my In-Laws for a little over sixty hours. What is it that I plan to do with this time alone you ask, well finally get my home set up, have Thanksgiving dinner with Lauren and her family (I am guessing that she didn’t want me spend the holiday completely alone), sleep, read, and anything else I can think of. So far I have spent my day snuggling with FootFoot in bed watching Castle season 1 on Dvd. Now I must go get ready to go gorge my self on Thanksgiving foods.