5 Years


Here we are five years later, as of Saturday. We got some crappy news that pretty much ruined our weekend. Luckily our marriage is not built on just happy times. We are lucky we have been blessed with two healthy, happy, mischievous boys. We are in a different place then where we 5 years ago, we are no loner blissful newly weds.


We have overcome many challenges in our short marriage If we can over come 6 layoffs. If we can overcome all the struggles that comes with those, we can overcome what is thrown at us. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, but what marriage is?


We are starting down a new road, one I am not quiet ready to share with you all. In time I will and I have no idea how it will change our marriage. I know though that if we can make it through the past 5 years, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.


Date Night Has Changed

From impromptu sushi with friends, nights on Northgate, randomly ending up at the tattoo parlor(truly it did happen), to oh my we are lucky enough to have a sitter (my mom so graciously volunteered). What do we do now? The thought of having alone time together stumps us, since we usually have to leave the house there goes the idea of a nice night in. Well this past Friday we were lucky enough to have a night together thanks to my my mom. So we started the night with a little dinner.

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That part was easy to figure out, it was what to do with our selves after dinner that got us. We did have the time nor the money to see a movie(when did it start costing so much to see a movie). We then threw out the idea of grocery shopping sans kids but we weren’t really sure of what we did and didn’t need. I don’t know how my love of the dollar store came up in the conversation but it did and we were off to the dollar store.

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When we pulled up in the parking lot and saw one of the discount hair cutting places, we both talked of our need for hair cuts. Seeing my chance, I walked in and bravely sat down(the last time I got a hair cut at a place like this, I lost a lot of hair and was given a hair cut I couldn’t handle). Not this time, I was blessed with the luck and got an amazingly trained stylist. Who had the knowledge to train the beast. Casey on the other hand, did not get his cut. He did go back on Sunday with a coupon and got his and Ian’s done.

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So what a change from pre-kids/college days, what do you do to keep your Date Nights fun?


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Bedroom Redo

Since coming home, I have made it a priority to make my home in all aspects home.  So after almost 5 years of marriage, I have finally got to turn that energy towards my master bedroom.

Poor thing has been the most neglected room, for the first three years of our marriage we slept on a hand me down queen mattress on a broken frame. The first step we made was buying a king bed with a an amazing bed frame. That is about as far as we ever got, oh wait and some $9 side tables from ikea.

I finally had enough of the post college, new marriage chic. I wanted to make it look like we cared. The first step was to make this happen on less then a shoe string budget. So far I am managing to pull this off. The biggest project redoing the dresser is whats left, so wish me luck on that one. I started simple, I started with a much needed place to store my necklaces. My towel holder in my bathroom wasn’t cutting it.


I used a free cycle find, a sample can of paint ($2.50 at lowes) and my own two hands. It took me about 2 coats, and 14 hours start to finish. To get the paint about right, it still isn’t perfect it was my first home improvement project.


Picking the color was one of the hardest parts, we knew the main colors were going to be Gray and White with Accents of Navy. So we needed one more accent color and after listening to the ladies of twitter we finally decided on shades of turquoise. The shades part will make sense in the next few bedroom redo posts.


So my question today is would you like a post on how I decorated nearly my whole house with out buying but a handful of things new?


In the coming weeks, an awesome giveaway, introducing a new sponsor, and more bedroom redo plus what ever else pops in my mind.
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An Ordinary Day

Today was no different then any other, i got up changed diapers, filled sippy cups, gave and received cuddles and kisses. Chased a FootFoot after she treed a cat. Dealt with toddler misgivings.

And then Casey came home and he sat down across from me like he does nearly everyday. And at that moment unwashed filled with so much love for him. I was filled with so much thankfulness for him and love.

He is not perfect, he isn’t a romantic(he has his moments), but he is my love. I know that moments like this afternoon when my cup was over flowing with love for him will happen for the rest of my life. I am one lucky wife, he does everything he can to make my dreams come true. It is amazing how an ordinary day can be so amazing.

In as many years.

Pink Slip

Yep, Casey has received 3 of these in as many years. This economy is kicking our ass, when do we get a break. It isn’t as if he works in an unstable field, he is a civil engineer, we are always working on projects related to this.

Seriously when do we get a break, every time I feel as our life is beginning to stabilize. Something happens, when do we get to relax for a moment and enjoy. I was just beginning to heal from the Hell of last month. Casey and I were beginning to start working on recovering our marriage, now we have to pull through this. These things are not easy on anyone, especially when coupled with numerous other road blocks.

Right now we are in a state of shock. We ask that you please keep us in your prayer. In an unrelated note this all happens right as I am giving my life back to God, and decide to no longer fight is plan for me and my family. Interesting timing my heart is softening but my head is filled with so much rage hasn’t he tested me enough. When does he let me start to heal from all struggles of my past, my car wreck at 17 that but me in a wheel chair at 17. Then 6 weeks later taking a friend in a car wreck so very similar to mine. Never once at that time did I question his plan or get angry. The next year when he took another friend to soon I never questioned. When he led me to move away from home and venture away from all I ever new I listened and moved. Then 2 years later when he took my beloved cousin Rusty, I started to question I turned my back to him(I never renounced my faith but I didn’t listen to his plan for me). During that time he gave me a beautiful health baby boy. Now as I am opening my heart back up to him he tests me, why?

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So Much, Yet So Little

I sat down in front of my computer to write a gushy post about the Mom 2.0 Summit, but life got in the way. Casey informed me that he needed Ian’s birth certificate by Friday, for our health insurance. He then got upset when I told him that I wasn’t going to the government office to get it, the last time Ian and I adventured into a government office it was horrible. We waited for over an hour in the cramped SSA office, where he couldn’t have a snack or his cup, the security office would get on to us every time we tried. I said he could take a long lunch and go get it, he then told me that I needed to start doing more around here, that taking care of Ian is not enough. I will state that this was not a full out argument more of a tiff, but still it hurts me that he thinks so little of me caring for our child. He then went to bed and I proceed to have an anxiety attack. I understand that he feels that he works and brings home the bacon, but why should I have to brave the slippery slope of a government office with a toddler because he works all day. I know he needs to vent his frustrations but seriously his anxiety prone hormonal pregnant wife needs him to be a little more aware of his off the cuff remarks. When I tell him this he says I know how he is, I can deal with it. So please ladies give me advice on how to not let my hormones and anxiety take over, when Casey is being Casey.

Snowy Steps

Sidenote: Casey is an amazing Father and Husband, he has off moments just like everyone, I needed to vent and this is my place to do it. I was serious about the advice part, so please help a girl out (Don’t try to down play my anxiety as me overreacting it is real. That means you Daddy.)

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