It’s time… for Potty Training


I am not gonna lie, I don’t mind two in diapers. I would let Ian wait till he was ready. The reason we are going to push it is he is reaching the age where people have started making judgmental comments about him being in diapers.

So this year we are going no where for Thanksgiving and Ian has no school the while week. So as of yesterday and a long conversation with Abby, it was decided that I am going to stop avoiding it and bring on the potty training. You my wonder why I am blogging about so far in advance. Well I am gonna need advice, mama support and a bit of push.

So wish us luck, here we go.

With my best dude.

Last week I was at my wits end with Ian, I desperately needed to reconnect with him. I can imagine he needed it to by his actions. Well Saturday mornign rolled around and my mom called. She wanted to take Ian and I to the lego discovery center, well that idea didn’t pan out when we realized that it is best to buy tickets in advance. So instead we went to the first circle of Hell (aka Chuck E Cheese).
Wack a mole.

Where he played everything from whack a mole to skee ball and everything in between. After a bout an hour he realized there was food to be had. Luckily he was okay with going to eat somewhere else, I think all the noise and excitement was getting to be a bit much at that point. After a brief pit stop and with fuller bellies. My Mama had the bright idea to stop at Bass Pro Shop and wonder about. Believe it or not I am pretty sure it was a bigger hit the Chuck E Cheese.

I don’t have a picture of him fishing but they had a fishing display set up for small children, and he figured that out super fast. His reaction to all the boats was pretty priceless, he said “Big Boats, Yay.”
He wasn’t so sure about this fake shark.

I think the best part was when he say all the boats and turned to my Mama saying “I buy a boat, okay Mimi.” Thanks to my Mama, he now keeps telling me about the big snake. They have a rattlesnake display in the store, and boy do I hate snakes. So between hearing about fishes, snakes, and big boats; I don’t think this is a day he will soon to forget.


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Live Blog 12.2.10 Part Three

Trashed popcorn after three bites, turns out not what I wanted.

Told I can go back to see her now.

Said every annoy thing my mom has ever said to me when I have been waking up from surgery. Mom is not amused. Mom is in a lot of pain, says it is worse then other shoulder.

Recovery Nurses one is awesome, other is scattered and needs to pull it together.

Mom is dressed, has done her business, now waiting to be released. Hope it happens soon. I miss Ian.

Signing, discharge papers. Going to get the car.

Stop at Dairy Queen to get some caffeine.

Finally get above mentioned caffeine. The Dairy Queen in Rhome, Texas needs a major overhaul.

Pick up my little man, oh how I missed him.

Stop and feed angry toddler, who is demanding dinner.

Get on the road to get my mom to her house.

Stop at sonic to procure my mom so ice for her ice man.

Finally arrive at my moms house, to find Ian passed out cold.

get my mom in and unloaded and all set up. Her roommate gets home, fill her in on all post op instructions.

Head towards my own home only a 40 minute commute stand between me and my bed.

Sitting in traffic on DNTW service road since they have the whole toll road closed.

An hour and half after I leave my moms, I finally arrive home.

Ian is in bed and That is where I am headed.

This day has been extremely long and tiring. Thank you so much for putting up with these ramblingly posts they helped me feel like I was in control of something when so much was going that I couldn’t.

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Live Blog 12.2.10 Part Two

OR nurse came in to put her bed rail up so that once the medicate her she want fall off the bed.

Nurse made mom put on her snazzy hat.

The heard of OR nurses here to take her back to the OR. They are all Horn Frog fans, can we trust them?

Fianally find waiting area, check in with the desk.

Decide it is time to forage for food.

Food found decided against Cafe, went down to the cafeteria. Nourishment procured.

Surgery Started, screen saying pt. doing well. I wouldn’t think they would say otherwise.

Volunteer offered me free popcorn, I accepted I am nervous eater.

Volunteer comes over and tells me doctor wants to see me. Takes me to a conference room, where I start to panic and have anxiety attack.

Doc comes in tells me she is in recovery everything went well. I told him next time telling em in waiting area, prefer a info talked about in public to almost heart attack.

Screen updated from recovery, she is doing well. Still Sleeping.

Screen Updated- Pt. Starting to wake up.

Part 3 to come.

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Live Blog 12.2.10 Part One

5 am
Woke up before my alarm, got out of bed before it could go off and wake Casey. Went into to living room to wake my mom, to find her already awake. Then heatedly discussed who would get to shower first, cause most likely second would run out of hot water. I won since, I would have to get Ian up fed and dressed.

Showered and dressed, get very angry toddler out of bed. He was not at all pleased about getting out of bed. Finally get him to eat a little cereal and a banana.

6:15am Frantically running around gathering last minute things.

Pulling out of the drive way, that is right we left on time!!! This never happens.

Sitting in traffic, mom demanding a machine gun be installed into her car. Telling me why she could never live in Dallas.

After nearly getting sick in the car, mom stops at sonic to let me eat. I was trying not to eat out of respect for her.

Arrive at Kenzie’s drop off Ian, mostly painfree drop off.

Turning around to leave carseat, forgot to leave it incase we couldn’t get back by the time she needed him picked up.

Arrive at hospital hour early, decide to nap in car.

Get poked by mom (really hard) she said I was snoring, I don’t know if I believe her. I know I was drooling (that is right I will admit it).

Go in an get her admitted, showed back to her pre-op room.

Nurses come into to do pre-op, the duo helping her were a riot.

When her surgery was supposed to be starting, the dude who puts her under(gave up on trying to spell it) comes in and does his pre-op.

Break out laptop and start watching Dog the Bounty hunter on netflix.

Impromtu Photos shoot for OOTD, I was really bored.

Doctor comes in finally, does his pre-op. Says it should be shortly clean her OR.

Nurse comes in and ask, if student can observe her case. Mom says yes.

One of the awesome prep nurses from earlier comes in and ask if everything is okay. Then ask if doctor has cam in, then makes a joke about ability to always run late of doctors.

More to come, in a different post since this one is so long.

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