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What do our Actions say?

Ian showed me that I am not such a bad mom after all the other day, I already knew that he was like a sponge absorbing everything we say and do.  Watching my 3 year old duplicate my actions, really made me … Continue reading

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With my best dude.

Last week I was at my wits end with Ian, I desperately needed to reconnect with him. I can imagine he needed it to by his actions. Well Saturday mornign rolled around and my mom called. She wanted to take … Continue reading

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Year 3

I can’t believe that you turn 3 today. You my first born bring me so much joy and push me to my limits all in the save five minutes. Happy Birthday Ian. If you are reading this anywhere but Kid … Continue reading

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From now on.

No matter their age, I will always hug my boys tight.  Tell them I love them as we say good bye.  Let them live their lives to the fullest. Be a mother who cares.  Try to be more patient.  Love … Continue reading

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Ollie’s Arrival

I am going to preface this by saying that I didn’t always agree with or sometimes even like my OB, Ollie is here safe and healthy. This post will more then likely be long, picture heavy, a bit rambly and … Continue reading

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Birth Story to follow, waiting on some pictures and a chance to sit down. With two boys those are few and far between. Don’t miss any of my adventures of being a Grown up If you want more Bobbi, check … Continue reading

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Where has the time gone?

Here we are half way through July, and I have barely posted this summer. I don’t know why but this unplanned blog break has been nice. Lots has happened in the last 6 weeks are so. Casey has started back … Continue reading

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Wow, it has been over a month.

And what a month it has been, interesting an eventful to say the least. Mother’s day found me in the hospital for a kidney infection(I was there from late Saturday night until Tuesday afternoon). My mom was kind enough to … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Don’t miss any of Bobbi Babbles crazy antics. Don’t forget to ask yourself “When did I go from a Kid to a Grown Up?”

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The Last Week In Pictures

I am too emotionally spent to write a well thought out post over here today after writing this . So I will leave you with pictures from the last week, some edited some not. Don’t miss any of Bobbi Babbles … Continue reading

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