My Blessing

He came into this world on his on time, with a bit of a push. Why should expect his personality to be any different. As we dive into all these diagnoses and the treatment plans. I often find myself praying asking what did I do wrong? Then I shake myself and remember that God made him and saw him before we ever did, that God has a plan for him, and he is made perfect for that plan. This isn’t an easy path we are headed down.

When I am overwhelmed, I remember all his amazing qualities. He is a kind, faithful, loving boy. Who has so many feelings that they overwhelm him. He loves fiercely. He fights just as fiercely with his brother, but as soon as the fight starts it is over. He is kind. He loves blankets and glow worms.

No matter what this path holds for us, we will concur it.

#100daysofhappiness Day 23  A moment with out screaming or fighting from the masses.

You’ve Been Boo’ed


We went out on an adventure tonight booing our neighbors and friends. We made a change to the pinterest idea and handed them their boo bags. I don’t want to teach Ian to ring the doorbell and run. He had so much fun doing it, hopefully next year we can include Ollie.


I hope to make this a tradition for years to come. It made Ian happy and showed him it is fun do things for others.



On days like today when nothing seems to be going my way, my head one stop pounding and I am at the brink of tears. One brief moment is caught on camera and it reminds me how lucky I am to be his mama.

Today is

Today is one of those days I want to bottle up and open up on a day where nothing is going right.

Ian has been nothing but enjoyable. C says that when they went on errands, he was so good. Maybe it was the magic of putting up the Christmas tree, Ian has been asking for over a week. Maybe it was cause C was home but everything has gone smoothly. Lets hope we have more day like it.


It’s time… for Potty Training


I am not gonna lie, I don’t mind two in diapers. I would let Ian wait till he was ready. The reason we are going to push it is he is reaching the age where people have started making judgmental comments about him being in diapers.

So this year we are going no where for Thanksgiving and Ian has no school the while week. So as of yesterday and a long conversation with Abby, it was decided that I am going to stop avoiding it and bring on the potty training. You my wonder why I am blogging about so far in advance. Well I am gonna need advice, mama support and a bit of push.

So wish us luck, here we go.

School is

School is to Ian that thing that fills the time before riding the School Bus. I remember we were so worried about him riding the bus. Now on school mornings he tells me he must hurry so he won’t miss the bus.


Then one day

He looks so little. He can't be starting pre-k.

You are being told that your baby is starting Pre-k. We went in for his fall evaluation for speech therapy and they came out with the news that they thought an integrated program would be best for him this fall.

Already rolling his eyes at mama.

So with just three days notice, we went into a flurry to prepare. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that he is in school. He was so excited and let me leave him with out an issue. Now I on the other hand bawled like a baby when I got home. So now we go on.

Who has two legs and no cast?

This guy!!
Don't you have a ginormous bowl of cereal after an epic nap.

He handled getting it removed very well, better then I ever expect. The only time he really panicked was when they were cutting at the top. He is still weak, he doesn’t quiet have all his confidence back yet. The worse is when he is walking and his knee just gives out and he falls. They said he will be back to normal within a few weeks.


They play together, holy smokes it happens.

I hope that as they grow older that they stay as close as they are now. I know that it won’t always be easy for them, that they will fight. I know eventually fist will fly, but I hope in the end they will always have each others backs. I want to teach them that they are the best friends they will ever have.