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I struggle to keep my home up, the daily weight of making my home presentable overwhelms me. And when I am overwhelmed I hide, ignore, etc. Which isn’t a healthy thing to do. I know my children prefer a clean home, I do also. Why is it I struggle to get there?

I will admit my toughest struggle is laundry and the dishes. I know why dishes is such a struggle, the gross me out. Seriously I can change a poop diaper with no issues but as soon as I start the dishes I am gagging. This are rinsed and not even gross dishes. What is wrong with me?

Laundry, always sneaks up on me. I can keep up with the wash. The task of folding is what brings me to a screeching halt. I have trouble even settling enough to fold laundry. If I manage to fold it, getting it to the right place also seems to to be a struggle.

What are your struggles in your home? How do you tackle them. Help a women out, I am at my wits end.

Kim’s post today really hit home if you couldn’t tell.

I was Drowning and Didn’t even know it.

If you ask me today even I will tell you I love/ed our townhome in Little Elm and if we would have been in the position to buy it when the bank offered it to us, we would have jumped at it. I will be the first to tell you I am not the best house keeper but no mattered what I tried, I couldn’t keep up in that house. I thought something must be wrong with me, I see all these women in person and on the internet and there homes never look like mine.

When we found out where we were moving and decided to live on post, I prayed to placed into a home that would be the right fit for our family. I was so worried about little things that it never occurred to me that the townhome I loved was part of my house disaster downfall. I secretly hoped for the newer townhomes similar to what we were in.

Then we received the call we were being offered a single level row style home (with covered parking something the newer builds didn’t offer), after some discussion with Casey and prayer we decided to accept. Move in day came and felt a wave of relief when we walked in but at the time couldn’t have told you why. A few weeks passed and our belongings arrived, we were unpacked and settled in less then a week. I don’t remember it being that easy the last time we moved (then again I was 18 weeks pregnant and had a 2 year old when we moved last).

As I was laying in bed the other night and I was going through the next days to do list, it dawned on me. The relief I had been feeling was that I wasn’t drowning in a messy house, I was able to clean as the day went on with out leaving the boys on a separate floor where they would get into stuff of following me getting in my way cause they wanted to be with me. They can play or watch tv while I clean or help me (which they have been doing more of) and still see me for the most part. I was drowning in our last home and didn’t even know it.

They Help Too

Disclaimer: At this moment there are lunch dishes in my sink, counters that need wiping, floors to mop, a pile of stuff on the chair in my room, clothes in the dryer, a basket of socks that need to be matched, and the never ending need to dust.

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It is all up


The tree has been up for about 2 weeks , that being said the rest went up today. Ian was so excited that the lights went up outside. We drove down and through Frisco square tonight and his pure joy is so nice. I need to remember to look through his eyes more often. His joy is so untainted.


I have been feeling great, maybe it is my meds finally being right? Lets hope, I want to live in the moment not lost in my mind.


I wrote this post about half an hour after taking melatonin while on my phone so if it makes no sense, I will blame that

Idea Board

We are at a stand still on the master bedroom redo, more accurately we are lazy. It is time to sand and paint our dresser. We are stuck on what color to paint it, do we paint it a fun color or do we paint it to match our bed. It is a hand me down from Casey’s Parents. We also need to find knobs that we like, we do agree no brass. So instead of an update, I am going to share the inspirations I found on Pinterest.

Duvet Cover

The Duvet I feel in love with. There is a whole post behind how I tracked this down and found an identical one at less expensive retailer.

Those are the options I love most for above our bed? Which do you like best?The navy came from a canvas lampshade that has a navy border I got on clearance from Target last summer. The Robins Egg Blue from listening to the ladies on Twitter.

So how would you pain the dresser? We have a canvas print coming for a wall and a few other little tie togethers and then the big revel.

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Master Bedroom Pt. 2

So I told you last week about the first step in making our master bedroom an oasis and not just a catch all. It was just a small simple step but it gave me the drive I needed to start on the second part. I am the queen of starting and not finishing something, so I was amazed at my desire to get my room all put together.

This time it was a shelf with hooks to hang scarves from and to place all those nick nacks people give you. I was lucky enough my Mama had one in her storage unit that she said that I could have and paint.


So after some sanding, figuring out out the right brush, figuring out how to hang the posts. Wow the painting part was easy when I realized it didn’t have brackets to hang it with and I was going to have to go buy and then figure out how to put them on. Which I totally forgot to take a picture of my work there, to prove that I rocked the road block. I got those brackets installed and my awesome shelf up and all those nick nacks that had been down in my living room up on the shelf. If I do say so myself I love how it turned out.


What is a recent roadblock you have over came that you are proud of? Any recent road block.


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Bedroom Redo

Since coming home, I have made it a priority to make my home in all aspects home.  So after almost 5 years of marriage, I have finally got to turn that energy towards my master bedroom.

Poor thing has been the most neglected room, for the first three years of our marriage we slept on a hand me down queen mattress on a broken frame. The first step we made was buying a king bed with a an amazing bed frame. That is about as far as we ever got, oh wait and some $9 side tables from ikea.

I finally had enough of the post college, new marriage chic. I wanted to make it look like we cared. The first step was to make this happen on less then a shoe string budget. So far I am managing to pull this off. The biggest project redoing the dresser is whats left, so wish me luck on that one. I started simple, I started with a much needed place to store my necklaces. My towel holder in my bathroom wasn’t cutting it.


I used a free cycle find, a sample can of paint ($2.50 at lowes) and my own two hands. It took me about 2 coats, and 14 hours start to finish. To get the paint about right, it still isn’t perfect it was my first home improvement project.


Picking the color was one of the hardest parts, we knew the main colors were going to be Gray and White with Accents of Navy. So we needed one more accent color and after listening to the ladies of twitter we finally decided on shades of turquoise. The shades part will make sense in the next few bedroom redo posts.


So my question today is would you like a post on how I decorated nearly my whole house with out buying but a handful of things new?


In the coming weeks, an awesome giveaway, introducing a new sponsor, and more bedroom redo plus what ever else pops in my mind.
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TV Lies

Add to the list of things that can only happen to us for $1000 Alex, is managing to lock ourselves out of our bedroom at 10:00pm. Yes we have a keyed lock on our bedroom door it has been there for about 10 days. We had yet to separate the little keys that came with it, even Casey had mentioned doing so earlier yesterday.  After a nap yesterday, I went out and locked the door with out even thinking to look for the keys.  Which brings us to bedtime, to cranky people one of which was on medications and a lot of shared words.

So I will take you back 10 days or so, I had just got home from the hospital and Ian went into my bag. Covering himself from head to toe in a brand new tube of tooth paste and me declaring that a lock will be installed asap.  So come the weekend we trekked  down to our local home improvement store and for around $9 bought ourselves a little keyed door knob. After the install things had been going well until last night.

Where I managed to lock us out, and make a normally very calm Casey quiet upset with me. Words might have been exchanged, there might have been some foot stomping, and someone might have said they want to run away(me). I went to the dispenser of knowledge (twitter) and shouted out for some help while Casey actually tried to fix the situation.  About 45 minutes into it a loving tweep and a good friend started actually giving very similar advice. After the card trick failed and Casey was ready to break down the door. He realized he had been turning the lock the wrong when when trying to pick it.  Just a few minutes later Huzzah we were in, the keys were separated, Casey was claimed the hero and with that we feel into bed and passed out. Hoping that will never happen again.

The best learned advice is, people and tv lie were not able to pick a lock with a credit card.


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A new one for me

     Today was a day of new adventures for me.  In all my years, I have never mowed the lawn before. I was quiet accident prone as a young girl and my parents weren’t fond of the idea that I might wreck the riding lawn mower we had.

    Let me tell you, boy am I glad that I never had to mow my childhood homes large lawn.  It wasn’t that it was a difficult thing to do. I say that but I almost fell once and I couldn’t get the mower to start. Yes, Casey started it for me. He was outside building Ian a soccer goal.

    Now I don’t want to mow every time but I at least know I can do it if it needs to happen. I have to say it was quiet the productive evening with mowing, weeding, putting out weed killer and fertilizer.

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That Dang FootFoot

She is a sweet dog, great with the boys. She seems to be a recovering pacifier & bottle eater. She has even managed to leave Sophie the Giraffe alone. The last of which surprises the heck out of me.

You see that mess above is her one bad habit, she is a food flinger. I have never had a dog do this before, I have had numerous dogs before her. It has driven me crazy for almost 6 years. I had to sweep my kitchen ever morning to gather up flung dog food. I don’t know how much dog food I have thrown away.

As luck would have it Target’s Dollar Spot of all places had my answer. A raised lip boot tray. We have tried the flat placemat style mat for her bowls it did nothing. The boot tray seems to contain the mess, if only she would stop flinging her food.

So if you have any food flinging animals in your house the boot tray is a cheap easy fix. They still had them last time I checked my local dollar spot and now in fun spring colors.

When life gives you Lemons.

In this case you cry like a baby. As you all know this past year hasn’t been the kindest to us in the financial sense. Well today we got another lemon.

So today we were notified by the new owner of our property that we have 72 hours to decide whether or not at the end of our lease term we are renewing or moving, which is 60 days from the end of our lease term. If we decide to stay we have to come up with another $625 to add to the security deposit we paid when we moved in last year, when the property was bank owned. With everything that has happened to us in the past year the cost of moving again isn’t even a possibility, but this $625 plus our rent going up every month by $75 is really scary. We just don’t know how to make it all happen so please pray that we can come to some kind of peace with everything that has to happen in the next 72 hours.

SO as I just we have three days to figure out what we are gonna do. Hopefully putting this out there and giving it to the universe and god will help us find an answer.
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