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No Martha Stewart

I struggle to keep my home up, the daily weight of making my home presentable overwhelms me. And when I am overwhelmed I hide, ignore, etc. Which isn’t a healthy thing to do. I know my children prefer a clean … Continue reading

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I was Drowning and Didn’t even know it.

If you ask me today even I will tell you I love/ed our townhome in Little Elm and if we would have been in the position to buy it when the bank offered it to us, we would have jumped … Continue reading

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It is all up

The tree has been up for about 2 weeks , that being said the rest went up today. Ian was so excited that the lights went up outside. We drove down and through Frisco square tonight and his pure joy … Continue reading

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Idea Board

We are at a stand still on the master bedroom redo, more accurately we are lazy. It is time to sand and paint our dresser. We are stuck on what color to paint it, do we paint it a fun … Continue reading

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Master Bedroom Pt. 2

So I told you last week about the first step in making our master bedroom an oasis and not just a catch all. It was just a small simple step but it gave me the drive I needed to start … Continue reading

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Bedroom Redo

Since coming home, I have made it a priority to make my home in all aspects home.  So after almost 5 years of marriage, I have finally got to turn that energy towards my master bedroom. Poor thing has been the most … Continue reading

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TV Lies

Add to the list of things that can only happen to us for $1000 Alex, is managing to lock ourselves out of our bedroom at 10:00pm. Yes we have a keyed lock on our bedroom door it has been there for about … Continue reading

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A new one for me

     Today was a day of new adventures for me.  In all my years, I have never mowed the lawn before. I was quiet accident prone as a young girl and my parents weren’t fond of the idea that I … Continue reading

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That Dang FootFoot

She is a sweet dog, great with the boys. She seems to be a recovering pacifier & bottle eater. She has even managed to leave Sophie the Giraffe alone. The last of which surprises the heck out of me. You … Continue reading

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When life gives you Lemons.

In this case you cry like a baby. As you all know this past year hasn’t been the kindest to us in the financial sense. Well today we got another lemon. So today we were notified by the new owner … Continue reading

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