Holiday Comforts

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What are those little comforts that mean the holidays are here to you? To me those little things tend to be simple things.
Lots and lots of Christmas lights, everywhere from the tree to outside.The Tree is up.Outside lights up, check.
Hot Coffee and Hot Cocoa, being that I only drink these when the weather is cooler and here in Texas that doesn’t happen till the Holidays are here.
Daily Mug.
Now that I have kids of my own the annual trips to visit Santa are back, and the joy those bring.

Then there are the more spiritual comforts that the holidays bring to me. Like spending lots of time with friends and family. I feel like we need to make the time for friends and family all year not just a six week time period. Then sitting down and wrapping the gifts that I have poured my thoughts and love into picking for my loved ones. Watching their face as they unwrap my gift for them, I was taught at a young age it is better to give then receive. I still feel that way, it is tough this year. I am unable to give to all that I want to, I hope that they understand. Donating my time in years past has brought me comfort knowing that those in need are getting the help that they deserve. Can’t forget the smells of the season, my home smelling of the goods I am baking. I think my all time favorite is the magic that this season brings to young children, and that magic brings out the magic in nearly everyone. Along the lines of the magic, getting to be Santa is new to me but bring me so much joy and joy is a comfort to my soul. These are just a few of the comforts the holidays bring to me, what are a yours?

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Blur, that is the next two weeks.

This next two weeks are going to fly by in a flurry if activities and festivities. It all starts with Casey’s company Christmas party in Austin on Saturday. They are kind enough to even pay for lodging for us to come down there, it is like a mini kid free vacation. My Daddy and Janiece have been kind enough to agree to watch Ian while we are gone. Sadly though Saturday though is their second annual Christmas Shindig. We will be missing it but at least one member of our family will be present. Then we will be hitting the road to the in-laws for a couple of days, before returning home for Christmas. Then on new year’s eve, we will be headed to Shreveport for the wedding of two friends. Then somewhere in between all this my family will be having a get together and my moms family too. On top of all this as of yesterday I am medication free as of yesterday, and to top it all off it seems morning all day sickness decides to start tonight. Blech, I never thought I would say this but I am grateful that with Ian, I would get sick and feel better. I am very grateful for more signs that this baby is in there growing away, remind of that with the next symptom that shows up.

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I am still exhausted from 5 days at my in laws. So the words will have to come on another day.

The Prep

The Baking

Thanksgiving Activities

Friday Afternoon

Black Friday

Black Friday

Home at Last

home at last

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Hard Candy Christmas

Christmas Ideas.
1. Bare Tree Apparel
2. uffda designs
3. Back 40 Life
4. The Charm Lady

Christmas is rapidly approaching and it is time to think about what I should be purchasing for others and ideas for others to purchase for me. Receiving has never been high on my list. The joy of watching one open something that you took the time and care to pick out from them and are giving them because you care about them, nothing can replace that feeling of anxiety/pride/happiness. The time it takes to shop for others looking for just the perfect item that they will love. I have already started mostly in my mind shopping for the ones I love. In the past few months I have decided that supporting small business and buying handmade is what I would love to give and receive. This is a few things that I have ran across that I would love to give and/or receive. Minus a couple of things and those two things are being mentioned fully for my benefit.
This Vinyl Decal, I love it and how true it is.

Christmas Ideas 2
5. Alorra Handmade
6. Back 40 Life
7. Tiffany’s (This one is an idea just for me, I have a $50 GC for there I need to use.)
8. The Pleated Poppy

Christmas idea 3
9. The Pleated Poppy (I have a few of Lindsey’s items and I love them all, I would love to have her signature Poppy’s for jacket lapels.)
10. Lucky Blue Bird Art
11. Allora Handmade

Then there are a couple more stores that I can’t wait to explore more Noah’s Ark Creations and Pickled Parlor.

Nothing in this post is sponsored and I do own items from Pleated Poppy, Noah’s Ark Creations and BareTree Apparel but all items I owned were purchased with my own money.

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