Favorite Scary Movies

It is Spooky Season and I love a good Scary Movie. I have loved horror movies since I was young, thanks to my Dad. It is something we would watch together. I am going to mention a few of my favorites.

Family Friendly Scary Movies (Links are affiliate)

Monster Squad

Hocus Pocus

The Goonies (Is this a Scary Movie)

Now My Favorite Scary Movies


Urban Legend

Halloween (1978)

Halloween (2018)

Silence of the Lambs

What are your favorite Scary/Horror Movies?

Non Food Ideas for Boo Baskets

It is that time a year again where some neighborhoods starting Booing each other with little treats on their neighbors porch and then the neighbor booed then boo’s two other people. And it goes on forever until Halloween is over. There is also boozing, for adults (that is not this post). I feel like there is so much candy and stuff consumed in the holiday months that having some ideas that aren’t food related would be awesome. I know that getting some stuff that would be useful for the up coming Halloween night or to entertain my boys would be Awesome.

I have rambled enough. You want to hear non bank breaking ideas for boo baskets.

Non Food Ideas for Boo Baskets

Glow Sticks (can be used for trick or treating, grab them at the green dollar store for just $1 and fill up the basket)

Play Doh (Note it is not latex free, so my SIL tells me)

A box of crayons (hit up the green dollar store yet again)

Color Book (Green Dollar Store)

A foam carve able pumpkin (green dollar store yet again)

A cute themed framed (bullseye’s playground has these for $3, aka Target Dollar Spot)

A cute sign (bullseye’s playground)

If you are wanting to keep your budget low, Green Dollar Store (Aka Dollar Tree) is the way to go. Still though Target has some cute stuff for under and around $5 a piece. Good Luck and get booing.

You’ve Been Boo’ed


We went out on an adventure tonight booing our neighbors and friends. We made a change to the pinterest idea and handed them their boo bags. I don’t want to teach Ian to ring the doorbell and run. He had so much fun doing it, hopefully next year we can include Ollie.


I hope to make this a tradition for years to come. It made Ian happy and showed him it is fun do things for others.

Happy Halloweem

Halloween 2011The weekends leading up to Halloween and Halloween where busy here. The festivities kicked off with a our friends annual Halloween party. Then there was a showing of one of my favorite movies at Mockingbird Station hosted by the Angelika. Where there was a costume contest, sadly not many people showed up in costumes but the winner was very creative. The judges were from the Dallas Children’s Theater and they were dressed as characters from The Wiz.The Winner

Costume contest winner The Judges

The WizThe best part of the movie event was Mockingbird Station had hired The Circus Freaks to perform before the movie. The stilt walker Tree could hula hoop and still look graceful on her stilts. The Circus FreaksOur Halloween Festivities drew to a close with Trick or Treating in Abby’s parents neighborhood, Ollie was a monster who stayed with Gigi (that is what Ian decided to call Abby’s mom when he was around a year old) and John helping pass out candy. Ian the Farmer rode in his wagon and went trick or treating. Farmer IanAll in all it was a great time for us.

I was not asked to blog about any of these events, I just enjoyed them and wanted to share.

Fall is in the air

Which means Halloween isn’t far behind. I love fall, the cooler weather, friday night lights, etc. Most of all I love me some halloween, I was the quirk kid whose costumes never really made sense to anyone but her. I usually made them from things I had around the house. No this post isn’t about the boys and my costumes which for the record, I need to get going on and will me awesome. It is about painting pumpkins with Ian. It didn’t go how I imagined, he was very wary of sticking his fingers in the paint I had out. He wanted to squeeze the paint directly on his pumpkin and then put his fingers in it. I think he got more paint on him then his pumpkin. All in all though it was a fun adventure. Pumpkins
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Halloween 2010

What does Jamie off of Mythbusters have in common with a peacock? Well on Halloween they were mother and son. We headed over to Abby’s house and got dressed and ready to hit up her subdivision right around sunset. While waiting for sunset, Ian helped GiGi and Uncle John (Abby’s Parents) finish putting the final touches on their decorations.
Halloween 2
We ventured through out the neighborhood, and Ian enjoyed himself. It was a long night for me but all in all it was perfect.

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