Tired of the Same

Since I was 16 and started my jr. year in high school, I have been rocking the same style glasses. In some form are another they have been skinny framed, rectangular shaped, in either black, brown, or grey colored frames. I am ready for some change, I ditched contacts back in 2007 opting instead to rock glasses all the time. I felt no need to continue to stick my finger in my eye daily to only be able to wear contacts for 6 hours at most before my eyes hurt so bad that I couldn’t stand it. So siince I still have the brown pair Casey bought be shortly after Ian was born and my grey ones that were replacements for the pair FootFoot ate. I want to so something fun and funky. I have been looking at the online discount glasses shops and I have narrowed it down to two I am really digging.


If you have any better ideas feel free to link them up in the comments and cast your vote for which you prefer.

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