Rolled Canvas Giveaway

I have a lucky surprise for you today readers, by partnering with UPrinting. I have the chance to give away a 16×20 ROLLED Canvas.


Prize Information
16″ x 20″ Rolled Canvas Print for one winner
with 2-inch border or no border
1 Business Days Turnaround time
Free US shipping only

This giveaway will run from Apr 15, 2012 till Apr 22, 2012. To enter all I ask is that you leave a comment with what you would print on your canvas. Sadly there are a few restrictions:

1. This giveaway is open to US residents only, 18 years old and above.
2. No prize substitutions allowed.
3. Winners are allowed to win once over a six-month period.
4. Only email addresses used for the giveaway will be eligible to claim
the prize.

Extra Entries(each counts as one, please leave a comment for each):
. Like UPrinting on Facebook
. Follow UPrinting on Twitter
. Add UPrinting to your Google Plus Circle


“You should assume that the owner of this blog will receive free print
products in exchange for the post. Any and all reviews posted are based
solely on my own experience and may be atypical. Please practice due
diligence in making any related purchase decisions.”

It’s that time again-Giveaway(closed)

Winners were chosen using, Congrats. 

When you start thinking about those all important Holiday Cards. Are a you a new formal family portrait kind of card giver, or you more like me who knows getting that perfect holiday themed photo would never happen. So you love the Christmas Photo Cards that have places for numerous pictures, so you can use some of your favorites from through out the year. Then there is the more traditional greeting card style card.

Shutterfly has thousands of options, I just spent over an hour going through them all. How is it picking that perfect card to send out to all your friends and family so hard? I mean I don’t remember my mom stressing over Holiday cards. After narrowing down my options, I then had to decide what pictures to use. Overall I have to say the whole process was pretty simple. The only thing I wish Shutterfly had was an import from other sites option. Otherwise though I give the whole process a 8 out of 10. The site is easy to navigate, lots of design choices, and easy ordering process.

Want to win 25 Holiday Cards? I have 3 sets of 25 holiday cards to give to you my awesome readers(Open to US residents only). All you have to do is tell me what kind of Holiday Cards to you usual send? Giveaway will run from 10/23/11-11/1/2011, I will use to choose the winners. Please make sure there is away to contact you in your comment.

Disclosure: I blog with integrity, so I was provided photo cards in exchange for the post for shutterfly. All opinions are mine and I would never recommend something that I haven’t tried and loved. Are you a blogger? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here:

Always on my mind- Giveaway (D/FW Metroplex)

Monday, Monday, Monday is the dreaded(?) Valentines day. Are you a flowers kind of person or a candy? Well I love flowers, always have. Well if you are looking for a Dallas Florist, you are in luck I am going to be giving away a $30 giftcard to The Flower Shop Coppell. You can order in person or over the phone at:
600 E. Sandy Lake Rd, Suite 110
Coppell, TX 75019
Contact Information:
Phone: 972-393-0146

or through the website the flower cart.

Now the rules:
Just leave a comment here before 6pm(cst), TODAY. 

Disclousure: I was compensated for this giveaway.  Any opinions stated above are mine. 

Card Direct- Live Giveaway(closed)

It is that time of year again, where one has to think about which type of Holiday Cards they will e sending out to all their friends and loved one this season. What will you choose a traditional Christmas Cards with a the sentiments of the season on the inside or the more modern Photo Cards.
Card Direct has all those options and more. Here at the Gregory House I think we will be going with the Photo Christmas Cards.

Now for the giveaway, Card Direct has be kind enough to offer a $50 gift code for anything on their site. All you have to do is leave a comment with what kind of Holiday Card if any that you will be sending out this year. This is a live giveaway, so comment 12 wins.

Winner ProudMommyof2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Don’t miss any of my adventures of being a Grown up If you want more Bobbi, check out my babbles

I was compensated for this post. All opinions are mine and are no way influenced.

Fan Girl Tears

Last night I walked into the ballroom where the opening keynote and party for Evo Conference was happening. I started to work the room, introducing my self to women and catching up with old friends/ When I turned around at my table I saw one woman at the table behind me to introduce myself. As she went to say her name and I realized in was Heather of The Sphors Are Multiplying, I was star struck (at that moment I lost my words). So I stumbled and wasn’t my super fabulous self, it was like high school all over again.
Fan Girl Tears
See no lie, I was a hot mess.

Then the keynote began, and I was amazed by all of them. I cried many tears. That is another post. I just wanted to give you a sneak peek.

Surprise, I am giving away a the necklace that was on the table for conference attendees. Even if you couldn’t make it doesn’t mean you should get a little bit of the swag. Contest will run til from 6/25/10 til 6/27/10 sometime in the afternoon. Open to anyone, only rule just comment. Good Luck.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Don’t miss any of my adventures of being a Grown up?

Giveaway not in anyway affiliated with EVO it is being hosted and mailed by me

Kroger Cart Buster Giveaway (closed)

Winner chosen by was comment number 3, I did not count my reply to a comment as part of the comments. So the lucky recipient is Kalee Marie.

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Working with MyBlogSpark, I recently heard of Kroger’s cart buster savings event. I eagerly awaited my sales ad to come this week so I could plan accordingly on what to stock up on(I am in no way a coupon queen or even meal planning mama) but I still love savings.
When I opened my mailbox today there was the ad, I opened it up and saw Tide Laundry Detergent at a great price I knew that I would be stoking up on that. The other great deals are El Paso dinner making product 10 for $10, Betty Crocker cake mixes 10 for $10 and many more (all deals good for Dallas Area Stores through March 14). Now for the best part I get to give you my readers a $25 Kroger Family of stores giftcard(open to all us residents).

Mandtory Entry
Leave me a comment on the one pantry item you stock up on when you see it on sale?
Contest runs from March 11, 2010-March 18,2010.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Don’t miss any of my adventures of being a Grown up?
Disclosure: MyBlogSpark, the family of Kroger stores and General Mills provided me with a $25 gc to write about the Cart Buster Event and are providing the giftcard to the winner.

Nifty Nappy Review/Giveaway(Closed)

Nifty Nappy Giveaway Winner

So the winner is Kalee Marie.

After I started staying at home with Ian, we started looking for ways to save money. One of the first things that came to mind was we should start cloth diapering, it took a couple of months but we got started and loved it. I started out with nothing but prefolds and covers, but after a few months and falling in love with cloth diapers I started exploring my options. Right before the holidays I stumbled upon a giveaway for Nifty Nappy, I fell in love with her prints and story behind why she started cloth. Well shortly after I contacted her and asked to do a review of her super cute diapers and surprisingly she agreed. She then suggested that I try one of her wool covers(I am not going to lie I was scared to try wool).

It all arrived and tore into it like a kid at Christmas, Ian was sent a Nifty Nappy in Oooga Booga in red and green(two of my favorite colors) and SuperDuper soaker in navy blue and grey. We have been using the Nifty Nappy and SuperDuper soaker for a couple of months now and only have had one leak and that was a night that Ian slept for 15 hours. They are a slim fitted diaper so when wearing his Nifty Nappy, he doesn’t have the large cloth diaper tush(which I love) but when wearing certain pants comes in handy. I am totally in love with Nifty Nappy diapers, now that it is warmer I can’t wait to see Ian run around in his little wool shorts.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Want to win a $35 gift certificate to the Nifty Nappy Store?
Mandatory Entry Visit Nifty Nappy and tell me which fabric you like the best.
Extra Entries
Follow Nifty Nappy’s Blog.
Follow Nifty Nappy and KidtoGrownUp on twitter.
Tweet about this contest (can do this daily) come back and leave me the link to the status.
Add Nifty Nappy’s Blog Button to your site.
Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers blog
<a border=”0″ href=””><img border=”0″ width=”150″ alt=”Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers blog” src=”; height=”150″ /></a>

Contest Runs from March 8, 2010 to March 22, 2010. I will use from comments to choose the winner.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Don’t miss any of my adventures of being a Grown up?

Disclosure: I was sent a Nifty Nappy and Soaker in exchange for this review. My Opions are my own.

Seventh Generation- Review/Giveaway

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When it comes to cleaning products, I was the girl who loved for things to smell good and clean. Then I had Ian and realized that those fumes where probably not the best thing to have in the air in my house. That the chemicals in the products I love might not be safe for my little man. So the hunt began to find things that cleaned as well as the products I loved, yet weren’t full of possibly harmful chemicals.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was lucky enough to get to try Seventh Generation Free and Clear starter pack. I loved the idea that the products are free of any dyes or artificial fragrances. The question is how did they  stand up to the test, lets break it down for you:

Laundry Soap: It worked well clothes came clean. I even used it on a few loads of my cloth diapers and it got them really clean. I would only give it 4 stars because clothes seem to come out with more  static clean with it then othe soaps.

All Purpose Cleaner: Love Love Love it, it smells like oranges and gets the job done very well with minimal effort always a good thing around here.

Dishwasher Pacs: I was unimpressed by theses over all. even after pretty much washing my dish before putting them in the dishwasher my dish came out spotty and unclean (we have a new dishwasher too, so I know that isn’t the problem).

Liquid Dish Soap: Overall this product did it job with just a little more elbow grease at getting the tough stuff off.

Glass Cleaner: I think this works better then what I was using previously.

I would also like to add that I was genuinely surprised  when it came that all the products were full sized, I figured be a starter kit they would be smaller.

Now you can win a Free and Clear Starter Kit of your own, go to Seventh Generation and tell me a Free and Clear product I didn’t mention or another product that catches your eye (Mandatory Entry). This giveaway will run from 12/25/09-1/4/10 closing around 5 pm cst. best of luck.

Extra Entries:

RG Natural Babies

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
RG Natural Babies
is offering two of my readers the chance to save some extra money on their already awesome Black Friday Deals. RG Natural Babies is also offering to all shoppers that spend over $100 to enter them in a drawing for 2 pocket diapers and a wet bag (that are in stock) and for all purchases over $100 that are made between Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be entered in a drawing for a custom diaper bag (you will have to pay shipping on the bag). So here are the codes (remember they are only good on Black Friday and only for the first person to use the code:

$5 off an order over $25: BobbiBF5 
 $10 off an order over $55:  BobbiBF10
Happy Shopping!

Rockin Baby Slings Review/Giveaway

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I was given the chance to review a Rockin’ Baby Sling, as a mother who has been babywearing for just a short while I was so excited, I didn’t have a ring sling. Everything I had read said ring slings are a must have in your babywearing stash. The day it arrived I tore in to the box; I couldn’t wait to try it out. The packaging was attractive, the only thing that I wish could be different it that the sling would come already threaded. That is the only thing that I would change. I mean there is a learning curve to all new slings, carriers, etc. It took me about three days to finally get comfortable getting it on an adjusted, though once I figured it out I loved it. The ease of it is amazing, as I had only ever used a pouch sling before. There are so many things I love about the Rockin’ Baby Sling.
• The Pattern and Colors, which are exclusive to Rockin’ Baby Slings
• It is reversible and has a pocket (on both sides of the tail)
• That they are made in America (Los Angeles to be specific), Rockin Baby slings does this so that they can see all the products before they ship them out
• They also donate 2% of all online sales to charities
• They Double Seam each Sling or Pouch with 40lb pound strength thread
• Your Sling or Pouch comes pre-washed in natural salt water to help soften the fabric and set in the color.

The awesome ladies of Rockin Baby Slings have been awesome enough to give me the chance to offer one of my Rockin Readers a Rockin Baby Ring Sling. How do you enter to win you ask, well the Mandatory entry is to go to Rockin’ Baby Sling and tell me something about the company or slings I didn’t mention above.

Extra Entries:
• Follow Rockin Baby Slings on Twitter
• Follow Me on Twitter
• Tweet about the giveaway mention both Rockin Baby Slings and Bobbi Janay (only do this once)
• Become a fan of Rockin Baby Slings on Facebook
• Become a fan of When did I go from a kid to a grown up? on Facebook.
• Follow or Subscribe When did I go from a kid to a grown up?
Remember after you do any of the above to come back and comment telling me what it is that you did. Good Luck.  This contest will run from Sunday Oct. 11, 2009 til Sunday Oct. 18, 2009.

*I was sent a sling for this review.