Something has been missing

I went to a women’s group on Thursday night and it was so refreshing. We were just ourselves. Hopefully I can make some local friends from this group. I don’t think any are army wives, which might be a blessing. There seems to be so much drama in Army Wife circles. I don’t wanna drama; I want friendship. I can’t wait to see what next wee brings.

When things just work out

I knew that Ollie’s room wasn’t going to get the same treatment Ian’s did. Not because we any less excited, but the budget was much tighter. To my surprise though it worked out even better then I could have imagined. Mostly because of the generosity of others and using what we already had. To be honest I think I like it even better then Ian’s nursery. How did all work out you wonder, well I am about do a show and tell.

The color theme kinda fell into our lap that what we have and what we were given was all in the same blue and yellow family. That wasn’t planned but boy I like it.

All pictures where taken with my iPhone.

My Mother in Law, made this cross stitch when pregnant with Casey older brother. It hung in Shane, Casey, and Lauren’s nursery’s is what she told me when she gave it to me for Ian’s nursery.

This monkey lamp (that is so low wattage we use it as a night light), was given to me by a friend before she moved. I had a bigger
Monkey lamp for years that my mom “accidentally” broke when helping Casey and I move a few years ago (she always hated me monkey lamp). So I was so excited when this lamp worked perfectly for Ollie’s room, it would have to stay hidden safely in the closet anymore.

The sheet was a gift from family at my shower, the moment I opened it I fell in love with the colors. Which match the bed skirt I already had from Ian’s nursery.

Ollie’s letters where a gift at my shower from a great friend. The colors magically are also yellow and blue.

Another amazing friend gifted us her sons old crib. Which our colors work perfectly with. The blanket is an Aden and Anais dream blanket(?), that I was given at Mom 2.0 in 2010.

Please ignore the toddler in the crib, he thinks he has a new room. Poor guy he has a big surprise coming.

I am very thankful to my mom for our changing table/dresser. We were out thrifting and found this for $20, she snatched it up. Now I know I need to get new pulls and knobs but his clothes have a home an for that I am thankful.

Lastly instead of a rocker, we have a futon that a friend gave us years ago. With Ian we had our love seat in his room and Casey loved it. So when we moved this time we placed the futon in ollie’s room. It is nice to be able to lay with him and snuggle before bed. The yellow mattress cover was also already on there.

The quilt was made by my Mama’s aunt for me when I was little, it is the care bears with the alphabet.

So all my worries that Ollie wouldn’t have a room filled with love. Boy was I wrong, it seems all the love of our friends and family’s past and present gestures have given him the perfect room.

The Weekend that Wasn’t

Friday was Casey’s birthday, and we had a small gathering of friends over for a dinner of Tacos. It was a night of love and laughter. I was am extremely proud of the turn out, our friends all came out. The ones that I remembered to invite, I forgot like 5 people. I was so happy to do this for Casey since we haven’t done much for his birthday since Ian has been born. Ian partied so hard that he passed out.

Yesterday I awoke to a headache so bad that I wanted to spend the day in bed, which Ian and Casey were not fond of. Finally after a long day my loving husband got me a ziploc baggy of ice, some Tylenol and a touch of caffeine. I was feeling some relief, add in some sleep and I awoke headache free.

I hope the headache was just a fluke, I really hope it isn’t a early sign of a looming illness. This weekend has flown by in a blur, I am ready for a weekend again.

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Time Flies when you’re Sleep Deprived

Otherwise known as the completed second year of parenting. I really can’t complain about being sleep deprived with Ian, he is a good boy and mostly is a good sleeper. I am still amazed that this tiny baby boy.

Has turned into this full of life, attitude, and love little boy. Who I swear every time I blink has grown a little closer into being a man.

On the morning of his Second birthday, we woke knowing it was going to be a jam pack day followed closely by a jam packed weekend, full of Birthday Shenanigans. It all started with a sushi lunch with his Aunt Kari and Uncle Ryan. Followed by his Two Year well child check up. Where he is 26.5 lbs, 36 inches tall, and if don’t watch out his head is going to fall off the charts. Poor guy has a small head. Lucky for him he is all done with shots until he is four, we did the standard vac. schedule. From there he had his first hair cut, poor guy he just doesn’t have much hair.
First Hair cut

After all was said and done on his actual birthday it was time to prep for the party. Were Ian was so happy to have all the people he cares about most in the same room, this year he didn’t get overwhelmed by the people. Instead he was a ball of energy loving everyone all the time.
Ian 2 party

When it was all said and done, it was a great few days. I can’t believe he is two.

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Halloween 2010

What does Jamie off of Mythbusters have in common with a peacock? Well on Halloween they were mother and son. We headed over to Abby’s house and got dressed and ready to hit up her subdivision right around sunset. While waiting for sunset, Ian helped GiGi and Uncle John (Abby’s Parents) finish putting the final touches on their decorations.
Halloween 2
We ventured through out the neighborhood, and Ian enjoyed himself. It was a long night for me but all in all it was perfect.

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