That Dang FootFoot

She is a sweet dog, great with the boys. She seems to be a recovering pacifier & bottle eater. She has even managed to leave Sophie the Giraffe alone. The last of which surprises the heck out of me.

You see that mess above is her one bad habit, she is a food flinger. I have never had a dog do this before, I have had numerous dogs before her. It has driven me crazy for almost 6 years. I had to sweep my kitchen ever morning to gather up flung dog food. I don’t know how much dog food I have thrown away.

As luck would have it Target’s Dollar Spot of all places had my answer. A raised lip boot tray. We have tried the flat placemat style mat for her bowls it did nothing. The boot tray seems to contain the mess, if only she would stop flinging her food.

So if you have any food flinging animals in your house the boot tray is a cheap easy fix. They still had them last time I checked my local dollar spot and now in fun spring colors.

When the Idea Backfires

I had the brilliant idea that I would shower with Ian before bed, when he was done have Casey switch him out for Foot. The switch went fine but the toddler melt down of being made to get out the shower before mama was finished almost made poor Foot (already stressed out by getting a bath) almost brake down. She wanted to make her baby better, she kept whimpering and pawing at him through the shower door, then she would look at me like I was the meanest person ever. When finished with her I then realized I had to clean myself, so a light bulb went off (I will whole heartily admit that this is not my finest moment as a parent). I let foot out to be dried by Casey and the toddler back in so that I could at least wash myself with out the screaming. We are all clean now, there is laundry to be done and dinner to make but WE ARE ALL CLEAN!

This Picture has nothing to do with the post
Getting her pout on.

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First Day

He is there, it was not an easy good bye for him or I. He was not excited by the prospect of playing with other children. I on the other hand am very excited about the 5 hours glorious hours of being at home with out anyone else but me and FootFoot(who rode with us to drop him off, she did not take it well when I walked out of the building with out her brother).

So after a few minutes of wondering what I was going to do, I swung by McDonald’s got myself so breakfast and headed home. The plan is to take a nap and to clean. I am so excited about the nap with out worrying when the toddler will wake up, cleaning the bathrooms with out helping hands, and vacuuming with out a freak out. So wish me luck as adventure out to the tasks.

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I fell asleep last night at 7, so I woke up at 1 unable to go back to sleep. What does one do when they wake up in the middle of the night? I could clean but I am afraid that I might wake up my boys. I could go pack for our up coming move, same possible out come. So here I am sitting here with FootFoot, watching bad TV reruns. I don’t know why FootFoot is sitting here with me she is very angry that I am not in still in bed. She is not one that likes having her sleep disturbed. She doesn’t get out of bed before 8 am unless there is a good reason. Most mornings after getting up to change Ian and feed him his first bottle and I come back to find her taking up most of the bed like she is queen. All in all though she is a great dog. Last Wednesday when Ian and I went out with Gabe for his birthday when we got home FootFoot was so excited to that we were home. You would have thought we had been gone a week the way she was Ian. She is so the best dog, she lets her brother crawl all over her and she just sighs and lets him have fun.Who would have thought that 3 years ago when I brought her home, after be told numerous times not to. That she would turn into such an awesome pooch.

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