Flashback Friday

We will call it the young, dumb and in love edition.
Flashback Friday 4.30.10

December 2006, Casey graduates and gets his first post college job. We had a month to find a place to rent and we had FootFoot to think about. So we were determined to rent a place with a yard. Well not knowing about Realtor.com, I used Google and came across a Realtor finally that houses in our budget and could take us to numerous ones on the one day we could go look. Once we made our decision, dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s. We were set to move in 3 weeks, so let the packing commence. There was two things I was totally excited about, the kitchen and the master bath (that had a closet the size of a small bedroom).

Flashback Friday 4.30.10Flashback Friday 4.30.10
Sadly though we didn’t budget for the higher expense that come with renting a home and at the end of the first year we had to move. One thing for certain I hate apartment living.I miss having an open kitchen and garden tub. Now we know what expenses come with renting a home and can;t wait to try our hand at it again this fall or maybe sooner depending on where Casey gets his next job.
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FlashBack Friday

Flashback Friday Apr 2, 2010
I don’t know if you all know that my 25 birthday is on this coming Sunday(yes Easter). So I am going to flashback to my 21st birthday, birthday is the theme of the week. In the above shot I am taking a shot with JonJon as we share the same birthday, on our actual birthday we had a few drinks to celebrate. That weekend is when the real celebration of me turning 21 happened and that was a night for me to forget/remember.
FlashBack Friday Apr 2, 2010
In the above pictures I am dancing against my BFF from growing up LOU and she is not very happy with me as I had been doing that all night. The next photo I made come over after his shift in the coffee house attached to Sbisa (he didn’t get off till 12 am), and he is anti touching so of course I ran and jumped in his arms. Lastly Baby ended up in the corner, they did that to me to keep me from getting kicked out of the bar for being DRUNK. I may not remember the details clearly but I do remember being surrounded by those who I love and love me. Hopefully my 25 will be the same.

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FlashBack Friday

Gone are the days where Friday night meant setting around with friends enjoying your drink of choice, where you quiet content to sit there with these friends and do nothing. Well nothing until a certain friend decides at 10pm they want to get their tongue pierced, then one of your roommates who I might mention is a dirty hippie(I say that lovingly) decides he wants a prince albert(which he chickened out and didn’t get once we got to the tattoo studio), and in the chaos I decide to get something pierced too. I am going to let you guess what I got pierced.
FlashBack Friday 3/26/10 I am going to say some drinking had been happening when the decision to go was made but everyone still had their wits about them. Not saying after leaving that more drinking didn’t happen, there might have been a trip to the local store (that would embarrass your grandma if she knew you went in their).
Flashback Friday 3/26/10

The funny part about that whole night was when we say the guy who got his tongue pierced had taken it out. He said it hurt, well duh dude. I am happy to say I am still rocking my piercing from that night, so Casey’s money was not wasted. Man I miss the days of late night hanging with friends that all lived in the same town. Before the days of real jobs,schedules that have to be checked before plans can be made and a late night that is midnight now a days.Flashback Friday 3/26/10
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When I first started doing Flashback Friday a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it regularly, but in the past few days I feel in love with the idea behind it. Through a blog post a week, I can give you a glimpse of the actions, living, and choices that make me the Bobbi Janay that you see today. I hope you enjoy the Flashbacks as much as I do.

Take me back Tuesday

In my high school the juniors held prom for the seniors, so as class fundraiser we had a donkey basketball game. I was one of the juniors chosen to play. The game was juniors and staff vs. sophomores and seniors. I remember that my best friend Lou was also chosen to play (sadly I do not have a picture on my computer of her outfit). I do remember that she wore her dum-dums t shirt (that the summer before she saved wrappers to get). If you think my out fit is crazy the funny thing is mine wasn’t the most over the top there. You know I don’t remember who won or lost but I do remember that I had a lot of fun, my mother embrassed the crap out of me before the game, the guy I was dating at the time was there, and my dad embrassed me and Lou after the game (but I can’t rememer how, do you Lou?).

Wordless Wednesday

A blast from the past. I was 19 when this picture was taken, I was about to enter the arena for the horsemanship portion of the Butterfield Stage Days Rodeo Queen competition. I didn’t win but when I entered I didn’t enter to win. First run-up gets a $300 gift certificate to the local western store and at the time I needed new clothes bad. I lost 60 lbs during my freshman year of college. Which I got and spent all in the matter of 45 minutes. So I hope everyone enjoy there Wednesday.

Reflections of a Small Town Kid…

I started this post over three weeks ago and have had many versions. My main issue was what to reflect upon my childhood or my young adulthood. Both time periods have helped shape me in to the woman I am today. So after many drafts I decided that my young adulthood won out, it is the time in my life where,I left home, made some mistakes but through all that found me.

I had a major car accident in the fall of my senior year, that resulted in a long hospital stay and a stint in a wheelchair (another post for another day about how this country is not wheel chair friendly). So my parents convinced me I should live at home while attending school my freshman year. Well with that decision my journey began. Within that first year at home many things happened. I had my first run in with a bad boy, found my first real love, had my first real job, and my first major heartbreak. With all of those incidents I realized that B-town was not the town were I wanted to be. So as my sophomore year of college dawned, I decided I was moving away from home by the next May, come hell or high water. During the nine months it took me to move, I found the wolf in sheep’s clothing, met my future husband (who at the time I thought was a gigantic moron), lost childhood friends, and learned any challenge presented can be over come with a little faith, time and effort.

Once reaching my new home, it dawned on me that things would never be the same. In the frist few months I was down there, I felt the most alone I have ever felt (never move to a college town at the beginning of summer if all your friends are going home). So after a couple of lonely months, I ended up at the same Karaoke night as Casey. At the time I didn’t know that choosing Karaoke over playing pool, would be a decision that helped to shape my life the way it is today. Over the next year and half my life in the B/CS is where I found my wings.

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