Another Check On The List


I can now call my self a Soccer Mom, no the minivan is not next. I just can’t go that far.   Ian has completed his firs season of Ankle biters soccer, I love the name of his age group.  We had lots of ups and downs, some games he didn’t even play. He was there just preferred sitting on the sidelines.


I think we all learned something this spring season. Ian got exposed to kids his own age, even if he waasn’t always happy to be there. We learned that he plays better if I am not there.


His coach said that they will be coaching again in the fall and we can request them if we choose. I think we will, they were great with the kids.


Ian got his first trophy and he loves it. So my sports mom days are here, I know that it will a new adventure from here.


Crazy with a Dash of I Rock

A few months ago, I mentioned I wanted to complete a half marathon this year, well that may have to wait a bit. Maybe early in 2012, maybe I can make it my goal to happen for my 27 birthday. Even though, I won’t be finishing a half marathon this year doesn’t mean I have to give up on my goal complete with some prodding on twitter I decided that I will me doing a 5k in March. I will be 14 weeks, and with Casey supporting me I totally can do this. He told me don’t be afraid to walk some if you have too, the goal is to finish. So on March 12, I will be doing my first 5K.

Now, I know this may not sound like a big deal, but to me it is. My Sister W, completed a half marathon while pregnant. She has been running her whole life and I have not. So I will do it and I will finish even if I have to walk some.

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For Me and Only Me

So I have decided that I am not unhappy with my weight, hell I am not unhappy with the way I eat. I am unhappy with the stillness that has overtaken my physical life. Before I married I lived a very physical life, in almost every way. In high school I rode horses and was in marching band, in college I worked retail, waited tables, car hopped plus the stresses of classes. Once we got married, my life began to slow down which isn’t bad but I miss physically doing something with my body. I know that I could play sports but I am not into that anymore. I have always want to run, walk, jog as a hobby; it seems to be such a centering sport. Like you can run your cares, dreams, and worries away (I don’t know if that makes sense but it does to me). About a month ago I broke down and bought a pair of running shoes, but then there they sat in my closet. Then I was scrolling through the app store on itunes and say the Nike Plus app (it was on;y a $1.99), and I thought what the hell and downloaded it. I am not going to lie it sat on my phone for over a week before I ever did anything with. Then a couple of nights ago after we put Ian to bed, I decided what the hell laced on my shoes and took off to the gym in our complex. Then this morning I broke out the jogging stroller, which had two low tires. So instead of letting that slow me down, I jogged down to the 7-11 and filled the tires, then jogged home. It wasn’t a long jog but it is a start.
Now to the point, I have a few goals that I want to place on myself. None of theses goals are large in the big picture but to me they seem important.

  • To log enough miles in the next year to have to need buy a new pair of shoes. 
  • When I reach 100 miles, reward myself with a good pair of running shorts and a running sports bra tank by 2/11.
  • To complete a 5k by 5/31/11.
  • This is the big one, the one that made my husband laugh at me. I want to enter and complete a half marathon by 10/31/11. 

I ask that you please support me as I go out on this goal. I also will be doing monthly updates on total miles completed, how I am feeling, and a new short term goal.  I am doing this for me no one else, and no one else prodded me into this. So by that I only have myself to get angry and if I fail, which isn’t an option.

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