You’ve Been Boo’ed


We went out on an adventure tonight booing our neighbors and friends. We made a change to the pinterest idea and handed them their boo bags. I don’t want to teach Ian to ring the doorbell and run. He had so much fun doing it, hopefully next year we can include Ollie.


I hope to make this a tradition for years to come. It made Ian happy and showed him it is fun do things for others.

Fall is in the air

Which means Halloween isn’t far behind. I love fall, the cooler weather, friday night lights, etc. Most of all I love me some halloween, I was the quirk kid whose costumes never really made sense to anyone but her. I usually made them from things I had around the house. No this post isn’t about the boys and my costumes which for the record, I need to get going on and will me awesome. It is about painting pumpkins with Ian. It didn’t go how I imagined, he was very wary of sticking his fingers in the paint I had out. He wanted to squeeze the paint directly on his pumpkin and then put his fingers in it. I think he got more paint on him then his pumpkin. All in all though it was a fun adventure. Pumpkins
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