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Add to the list of things that can only happen to us for $1000 Alex, is managing to lock ourselves out of our bedroom at 10:00pm. Yes we have a keyed lock on our bedroom door it has been there for about 10 days. We had yet to separate the little keys that came with it, even Casey had mentioned doing so earlier yesterday.  After a nap yesterday, I went out and locked the door with out even thinking to look for the keys.  Which brings us to bedtime, to cranky people one of which was on medications and a lot of shared words.

So I will take you back 10 days or so, I had just got home from the hospital and Ian went into my bag. Covering himself from head to toe in a brand new tube of tooth paste and me declaring that a lock will be installed asap.  So come the weekend we trekked  down to our local home improvement store and for around $9 bought ourselves a little keyed door knob. After the install things had been going well until last night.

Where I managed to lock us out, and make a normally very calm Casey quiet upset with me. Words might have been exchanged, there might have been some foot stomping, and someone might have said they want to run away(me). I went to the dispenser of knowledge (twitter) and shouted out for some help while Casey actually tried to fix the situation.  About 45 minutes into it a loving tweep and a good friend started actually giving very similar advice. After the card trick failed and Casey was ready to break down the door. He realized he had been turning the lock the wrong when when trying to pick it.  Just a few minutes later Huzzah we were in, the keys were separated, Casey was claimed the hero and with that we feel into bed and passed out. Hoping that will never happen again.

The best learned advice is, people and tv lie were not able to pick a lock with a credit card.


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No, No, No

2 days this past week Ian has woke and the first word out of his mouth is NO. The first day was horrible, he was in a no mood all day. Today is the second day this has happened. I don’t want a repeat of the first day. I know that the poor guy isn’t feeling his best and at two he can’t communicate everything the best yet. That is no excuse for me to fall down the bad mood tunnel with him.

More I want to figure out how to improve his mood when he wakes up with the toddler blues. I don’t expect it to be easy, heck it might not even be possible. He is one stubborn little dude. What does one Mama due when the word heard most through out the day is No, NO, NO. I feel as if he is singing the course to Rehab to me.

What do you veteran mama’s do when your child has a chase of the no, no, noes?

No, No, NO

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Who Knew

That our rental home search would almost land me in a straight jacket. Finding homes we liked has not been a problem, our problem seems to be as soon as we like before we know there is two to three more apps on the place. The first time this happened the owners realtor was honest and straight forward (it was enlightening) he didn’t want to take our app fee and run our app because he had a feeling that the owner would choose the family with out a pet. I understood and was very grateful he didn’t take our $80 for no reason. He was kind enough to mail back our voided check for peace of mind for us. If I could remember his name, I would recommend working with him. His honesty was refreshing.

With the second place we found, was a newer build, it was a bit further north but I really wanted it. Well with our realtors help we put in an app last Saturday, in reality the landlords realtor could have and should have had everything processed by end of day Monday. She didn’t and my realtor was just as frustrated with her as we were(heck she might have been more). Then they contact us to make us sign some crazy rules and regulations (like monthly property inspection by the owner, just to name one). Then she calls at 5 on Monday to tell our realtor there is another app so it will be the middle of next week before there is a decision. We didn’t have time for that or her attitude and the multitude of other bells that were going off in Mine, Casey, and our realtors head. We walked away mid-deal and lost our app fee but to wash our hands of Greter Lopez was worth it (don’t work with her).

After that decision was made on Monday, I was at my breaking point were we going to end up in another apartment. Which I so did not want but with no prospects and me reaching my breaking point. I barely slept on Monday night. I woke up on a renewed mission to look at apartments when our amazing realtor was in some training and then in the afternoon we were on a mission. My eyes had seen so many places in the past 10 days that I need some fresh eyes, so Kari came along. I found a couple of apartments that will suffice if nothing else could be found before our move out day. Then our realtor called to say that the first place we were supposed to look at wouldn’t be ready by the time we needed, so we would meet at the next place on our list.

We get there after what feels like a trek but in reality would cut the miles between Casey’s office and home in half from our current place. We get there as our realtor is pulling away, she stops to say the key isn’t on the doorknob she has to go to another place to get she will be back. Stay and she will be back, she comes back says there wasn’t a key at the location specified but she called the other realtor. He says go to this other place, which doesn’t exist. Well we were aware that there were three more units for rent in this area, so we drove to another and toured. Once inside the second, the first was in make ready stage guessing tenants had just vacated(I am not dogging anyone just saying it was ready). So we decide to tour the next door and I swear the moment the door opened on the first unit we saw, I knew we were going to be applying. Touring the second and seeing it, I called Casey and said I am putting in the app and the deposit this time. I was on my way, to get his checkbook so I could go the bank and get money orders. Yes I put in an app for a rental home sight unseen for Casey, he says he trust me.

So I ask that you please pray that we hear good news. The realtor for the owner said it all looks good so far, that she has a few thing left to check. I understand that, the weather today our current apartment complex and past ones offices didn’t open. If this one doesn’t work out you can come visit me in the loony bin, cause I will go crazy. The reality is no matter what we have to be out of here by the 28th and I haven’t packed a box since last Tuesday because of not knowing anything. We should know something by Friday at the latest, tomorrow afternoon if we are lucky. So again I ask for good thoughts. Also any tips you have for packing, tips for moving with a toddler, or any other advice I have open ears.

Unlike our previous town home, all the bedrooms are on the same floor and the living room is bug enough to meet our needs.

Here’s Bobbi

All work and no play makes Bobbi a dull girl. All work and no play makes Bobbi a dull girl.
All work and no play makes Bobbi a dull girl. All work and no play makes Bobbi a dull girl.

I need out, this ice is driving me crazy. If we aren’t careful this pregnant crazy lady might start wielding an ax. After last week, this is crazy. Ian and I want to be outside playing with the evil bubble mower. Instead here we are in our drafty apartment trying to stay warm.

Poor Ian stayed in his footie jammies and we added a hoodie for warmth. Casey left his pj pants on under his jeans. Ian and I spent most of the day alternating between playing and cuddling under a spare comforter.

I need to get out of here, and so does Ian for his sanity as much as my own. So lets hope the roads thaw and we can do something, anything, as long as it isn’t here.
Snowy Steps