I actually made something of that

Crazy addictive site called pinterest.

     So I actually used a recipe that I pinned on Pinterst. First off that seems like a small miracle. The original link to the recipe is here.  It was simple to make since it was essential prep and walk away, it is a slow cooker recipe.

    Well the prep was easy, I even dealt with fresh garlic for the first time for this recipe.  After a tantalizing wait, it was ready to come out.
    Results, the chicken was super moist and just fell apart. That was great surprise. Taste it was moist and tasty a little bland even after all the seasoning.

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Not all sunshine and roses

For the past few weeks Casey has been extremely short with borderline rude. I couldn’t figure out what it was that I was doing wrong. Tuesday night, he came home cranky from the moment he walked in the door. I finally talked with him about what was bothering him, talking with this man is like pulling teeth. He is just tired form going back to work, stressed about me staying home (at the same time he is happy), and over all just wore out. Well last night and the night before he went to bed early and today he is much better spirits. I am going blind here from the lack of adult actives, anybody out there have any advice to get your sex life back after having a baby?

Thursday I suffered my first major cooking injure. Left me start by saying that I have never been a big homemade try new things kinda cook, but since I am staying home now things are changing. I was peeling potatoes with my peeler and I cut a huge chunk out of the tip of my left pointer finger. It is still healing but my homemade mashed potatoes, green beans, and made from scratch chicken tenders turned out amazing. On this weeks menu chicken speg., some weird chk dish (will blog abou tit after I cook it and I can’t remember the rest.

Well our nice three day weekend is drawing to a close. I am both sad and happy to see Casey go back to work tomorrow. Mostly glad though to not have by TV be taken up by a man and his wii, he got the he new punch out game that came out last week and he’s already beat it.