Never Alone

Since I was 17 my biggest fear was ending up alone, no not in the sense of with out a man. This is the fear of being with out the ones I love, my friends and family (which in my mind are one in the same). My family is some of my best friends and my friends might as well be family.

As the years have passed and I lost some of the ones I love, I have had to face this fear. In those moments I realized that the greatest gift anyone ever is given is those you love. As these moments happen I am saddened by the loss, because a piece of me is going with them. Not only are they taking a piece of me with them, but I losing someone who enriches my life.

The love, laughs, triumphs, and trials we shared helped shape me into the women I am today. I am grateful for every moment spent with them, some I lost because of my own mistakes, some for reasons I will never know, and some have left this earth. Each one has left a mark on my heart and as I have gotten older no matter what happens, I will never be alone. For that I am grateful because for all those I love and have ever loved make my life great.

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The above post is my entry for the Mabel’s Labels BlogHer ’10 Contest.

What is Bliss?

The lovely Kimberly of Mom In The City is hosting a contest to win a pass to Blissdom ’10. The theme of Blissdom this year is follow your bliss. Well at first I was stumped what is Bliss? Is it the first bite of chocolate on a bad day, that first snuggly hug in the morning from your child or a long deserved pedicure. As you can see there are so many different types of Bliss.

How do you follow all of the things I mentioned above plus the unknown amount I didn’t. You can’t, Bliss finds you.  Like the feeling that comes when your friends rally around you in your greatest times of need or when they rally around you to celebrate your most joyous occasions. Bliss is the little surprises that life throws at you just when you need it most.

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

So whether I win a pass to Blissdom ’10 or not is not the point of this post. The point is to cherish all those little moments of Bliss that life throws at you, cause you never know when it might happen next. 

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If you would like to contact me about possible helping me attend Blissdom ’10 please email me.

A Blogger’s Worth

This is a hot topic within the blogging community, many people have many different points of view. The view that I have always had about blogging is that you should blog for you first and everyone else second. If someone doesn’t care for what you have to say they don’t to read it. I have been blogging for five years total just a year on “When did I go from a kid to a grown up?”, but never once have I strayed from my motto of blogging for me. I blog about life (uncensored), I do an occasionally review, I figure I have stepped on a few toes but in the end I was true to me. Which is my goal in life to always be true to myself.

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

Attending Blissdom ’10 would help me stay true to these goals on many levels. The first would be letting me finally meeting a large number of my Blogging Sisters (Blissdom ’10 would be my first blog conference). Learning new techniques to incorporate within my blog.  To lift up my blogging sisters and their future blog goals and to help them in the ways that I am able to achieve them.  A blog is only successful when the author is true to themselves and by being true their self they are then true to their readers. 

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If you would like to help me attend Blissdom ’10 please feel free to contact me.

Gap Outlet Semi Annual Baby Sale

Gap Outlet – Semi-Annual Baby Saleif (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(‘a58d894d-6fe1-4f77-a5c0-fe0b5a9f417e’);TwitterMoms Exclusive: Gap Outlet Semi-Annual Baby Sale Savings!

I love Gap in general they are the only place that I can find jeans to fit me correctly. The baby clothes are made to last so when Ian out grows what we have I out them up to use with the next baby. I can’t wait to hit up the sales soon to get Ian some winter clothes and me a new pair of jeans. Some how even my pre baby jeans are to big, So happy Shopping yall.

*This is me trying to win a $20 store credit through twitter moms

Bissell LIttle Green

Bissell is having a giveway through, and I could desperatley use it. With FootFoot and Ian running around on the carpet all day new stains appear in the blink of an eye. So wish me luck, cause otherwise my carpets will stay dirty cause I can’t convinece Casey how badly we need one.

Whats in your water

I didn’t realize until recently reading an article that had run in the New York Times about how many things are in our drinking water. The chemicals we use to make our yards greener and weed free are often in the water you or your family consume.How much is to much?

Quoting the article that ran on Aug 22:
Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency say Americans are not exposed to unsafe levels of atrazine. They say that current regulations are adequate to protect human health, and that the doses of atrazine coming through people’s taps are safe — even when concentrations jump.

But some scientists and health advocates disagree. They argue that the recent studies offer enough concerns that the government should begin re-examining its regulations. They also say that local water systems — which have primary responsibility for the safety of drinking water — should be forced to monitor atrazine more frequently, in order to detect short-term increases and warn people when they occur. 

Do you drink your water straight from the tap, bottled, or filtered? We used to use a pur pitcher until Ian was born and then we couldn’t keep it filled and went back to drinking tap water, but after reading this article I am reconsidering that idea.

When I came across this distubing information on she blogs it was accompnied with the information about Zuvo water purators and how they process the water in a five step system. The system is pricey but it might be worht the money if i wasn’t constatly having to fill a pitcher or having somethign attached to my faucet that makes washing dishes impossible.

This post was written so that I could get my husband a zuvo water canteen.

Ian need shoes

Momma Such at Raising My 4 Sons is having a giveaway for some awesome shoes, which Ian is desperate need of. His little feet have outgrown all of his shoes and with winter fast approaching shoes will become a necessary evil when leaving the house.

Raising My 4 Sons

RaisingMy4Sons: See Kai Run Review and FREE giveaway!!!

Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend.

Well Since I won’t be attending BlogHer ’09 this weekend. I have decide to make the best of it by reminding my self why I love being at home this weekend. While doing this I will be entering Cozi‘s contest for mom’s who didn’t get to go to Shy Town for the festivity’s. With no further ado,

My Top Ten Reasons for being happy to be at home this weekend:

  1. My FIL is coming to visit and I get to see him with his grandson that adores him.
  2. Getting to sleep in as long as little Ian allows beside my loving husband.
  3. I will have a clean house since my FIL is visiting.
  4. Getting to sleep in bed with my fur baby every night, FootFoot is the best foot warmer ever.
  5. Getting all my list switched over to my Cozi page.
  6. My own bathroom ( public bathrooms freak me out including hotel bathrooms)
  7. Getting to cook instead of eating out so that I can make healthier foods.
  8. Not having to pack (does anybody else find this as stressful as I do?).
  9. The 30 Day challenge isn’t over til Saturday.
  10. Maybe finally getting all the laundry finished (who am I kidding).

To all of my readers out there please help me out and comment that is how they are picking winners.