Would it offend The Bloggess

A while back I had a friend make me a header that I so wish I could have used. In my mind though it was to close to The Bloggess’s header. It used this photo edited differently. I have been rocking rollers since my freshman year in high school. I have been know to wear them in public more then once actually. Heck I been known to wear them to class when I need them to sit for a length of time. I doubt that friend has that header anymore but do you think it would offend The Bloggess if I used this picture?

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Where or Where did my words go?

The words are not coming to tell you about all that I learned and the wonderful women I met during my time in Utah, while attending the Evo Conference at The Canyons. My mind is full of things I want to write about, women who when they spoke filled me with emotions (and when they took a moment to speak to me and to listen to what I was saying, one of these women Stephine called me out on not telling my stories and using my son as a shield, she said it in a much more eloquent manner but I understood the meaning). Which I am very guilty of doing, I have been hiding behind him. The women I have met through social media especially Jamie and Lolly know that isn’t how I want to be and in person not how I am. So how do I find my words to tell my stories the ones that I am living in this moment and the ones that helped make me the women I am today?

Where Have My Words Gone

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Looking for Wordless Wednesday

Happy Thanksgiving

Image and video hosting by TinyPic2009 has been a good and rough year in our household, but the good has out weighed the bad. We have a healthy and happy son. Casey and I have our health and great marriage.  Casey has a job, and this one seems to have a little bit of job security. We have a roof over heads, food in our pantry, and love for each other. 2009 also brought me new friends, some of which I came to know through blogging. I am very thankful to have met and befriend such wonderful women as Nessa, Lauren, J, Vanessa, Lynette, Jes, and Marjorie, just to name a few. The best gift I have been given this Thanksgiving is that my Boys have gone to Visit my In-Laws for a little over sixty hours. What is it that I plan to do with this time alone you ask, well finally get my home set up, have Thanksgiving dinner with Lauren and her family (I am guessing that she didn’t want me spend the holiday completely alone), sleep, read, and anything else I can think of. So far I have spent my day snuggling with FootFoot in bed watching Castle season 1 on Dvd. Now I must go get ready to go gorge my self on Thanksgiving foods.


Recently I feel as if I haven’t been as honest on here as I should, with the up coming move and other activities in our life, I have feel as if I have just been posting fluff on here. Lots have been going on in our house the last few weeks. I have come to the realization that I tired of not being able to be myself, Saturday I had the awesome chance to have coffee with Lauren who writes at Mommy is Rock and Roll. I enjoyed myself so much, it was nice to meet a blogger in this area that is closer to my age and has a similar outlook on life and people as me. I hope that we can continue to grow our friendship. I was happy to hear that Vanessa of Creating Nirvana made it to Empowerment City, she has chosen to keep her new location from the interwebs and I will support her. I hope that she finds happiness and peace in her new home. I can’t wait for blogher so that we can catch up.

I am at the point in my life where I have a group of friends that love me for me, I don’t know how I ever got so lucky? They are amazing people and all of them and they support me even when I am full of irrational thoughts and fears. And this week all the insecurities of my past have been beating down there door trying resurface this week. After an awesome Twitter convo with the awesome Kim of The Modish Mamma. She helped me remember that it is all in the past for a reason. I am happy and nobody can take my dork in tin foil (knight in shining armor) away from me.

J if you have your baby on Thursday or Sunday your baby will share a birthday with one of my parents. I hope that you aren’t to uncomfortable. It will all be worth. 

State Fair

I had never been to the Texas State Fair before as a Ft. Worth girl growing up I never had any desire to go, I had the Ft. Worth Stock Show to fill my large fair needs. I was not wrong, the State Fair was not impressive, it wasn’t the fact that everything is overpriced that is expected. It was the fact the layout of the state fairs exhibits are laid out in an unorganized manner, and spread out in a manner that makes no sense. Enough about the state fair, how about my husbands melt down this weekend and finally deciding that he should help me pack and clean. I love my man but he isn’t very in to cleaning except for the dishes, I am not griping about the dishes help. I do wish that he would more with the other cleaning, when he decides he wants to help though there is no telling him no. So now my living room looks blank and empty almost everything has been removed from the walls, all the movies have been packed away and boxes are stacked in the corner. Sunday we made over 8 trips to the dumpster and multiply listings and pick ups on freecycle. I wish I could say that we got more packed then we did but sadly it seems we barely made a dent why is it when you start packing your belongings seems to multiply in front of you. What else happened this weekend? Ahh yes I met the awesome Lauren of Mommy is RocknRoll, she is quirky awesome and funny. I hope that we can get together again soon. I hopefully will have some pictures to post soon, but I am not gonna lie it has been kind of nice this past week not living behind a camera.