To the Bobbi is to cheap to pay for hosting anymore and is trying her hand at wordpress.com, I think I have hit all the major platforms over the years. As of last fall I have been blogging for most of ten years. That is insane to me, I can’t go back but I remember my first post was in a computer class at TCC.  How long have you been blogging?

I did it!

I managed to import my old two blogs here, all by myself. That isn’t all that has been going on. We have had playdates, with friends, preparing for basketball season (Ian’s first season), preparing for Christmas, and spending time with C before he leaves for basic.

Things have feel like they are improving for me, I think my med cocktail seems to be just right. Lets hope that it stays that way. I am terrified of the changes, my biggest fear is going manic while C is gone. I can notice the depression symptoms as they come on but I have trouble noticing when I am in a manic period. I am lucky that I have a great doctor that knows what is going on.


So overall things are finally looking up. I know that we still have some tough times but we will overcome them as a family.

Would it offend The Bloggess

A while back I had a friend make me a header that I so wish I could have used. In my mind though it was to close to The Bloggess’s header. It used this photo edited differently. I have been rocking rollers since my freshman year in high school. I have been know to wear them in public more then once actually. Heck I been known to wear them to class when I need them to sit for a length of time. I doubt that friend has that header anymore but do you think it would offend The Bloggess if I used this picture?

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Words I never thought I would write.

I don’t know what to do with this hear blog? I like it, the title, and so on but I got it redsigned about a year ago and I don’t know how to change it something I can mess with. I am also feeling kind of trapped with the title, which I love but I feel like I can’t write just to ramble like I used too. I know it is my blog, I can do what I want. I think I am at a point where I don’t know what to do. Hence the quiet that has been going on. I have been writing more on Bobbi Babbles. Who knows. On an unrelated note, we are staying here in the townhome. The owner is willing to work with us on paying the deposit out, now we have to figure out our budget but we can make this work. I have to stop stressing and give it over to the lord.
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Links I Love 11/19/10

In the past week, I have decided that I want to link to a few post or articles across the internet. Certain things that had be pause and think about the words that they spent the time to craft and post for all the world to see.

Kalee from Une Vie Chic: Quite Concept.
Jamie from Love to Shop Mom, her daughters true feelings to being a big sister.
Haley from Love, Life, Family and then some, The way God made him.
Brittany of Simply BC, He took advantage of me.
Brie of Brie Marie, about this pay freeze.

I hope that you click through and enjoy.

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Snark, Love, and Pseudo Celebrities

Do to the misfortune of one sweet stranger, I was able to attend the Mom 2.0 Summit with Lauren. I went to Houston not knowing what to expect, a little scared, and a lot of butterflies( did I mention this was my first large blogging event).

With everything coming together at the last minute, we drove down to Houston with our 2 little monsters.

Who behaved surprising well in the car and at the conference. Ian and Avery tended to steal the show wherever they went.

Enough about the monsters, what did I learn and who did I meet is what you really want to know. I learned so much that it will be hard to write it all down. So instead I will give you some highlights. Now remember every person will have walked away with different lessons from Mom 2.0. I took away some great lessons, Clearing the clutter in every way will help me in all aspects of life, that being the type of mom I feel is best for my family doesn’t make me a bad mother, and when I over process what I am putting out there it is obvious; let it come from my heart it will be more powerful. Those are just the highlights of what I learned.

Catherine, Me, Tanis
Now who I met that was just as overwhelming to me, I met some ladies that I have been stalking online for quite a while now. At the Mad Men Party Thursday Night, I had a moment when I first saw Rebecca Woolf, I was scared to go up and introduce myself. Not 5 minutes before I had that moment, I totally asked Tanis Miller to take a picture of Lauren and I without realizing who I was asking till I made a compete idiot of myself by going your The Redneck Mommy! That wasn’t the last time I made an idiot of myself this last weekend. Then there was the time I accosted  Heather at the front desk while she was looking for a place to go to dinner, but she was so sweet and posed with em for a picture. I met so many great women that I can’t list them all. Be sure to check out my pictures for just a handful of the lovely ladies I met, I got overwhelmed and didn’t take enough pictures.

Now someday I will meet the great Jennui who made this all possible.  I know that I met lots of lovely ladies, made contacts with a few great companies and had a weekend full of Snark, lots of Love and sightings of women who are celebrities to me.

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