I did it!

I managed to import my old two blogs here, all by myself. That isn’t all that has been going on. We have had playdates, with friends, preparing for basketball season (Ian’s first season), preparing for Christmas, and spending time with C before he leaves for basic.

Things have feel like they are improving for me, I think my med cocktail seems to be just right. Lets hope that it stays that way. I am terrified of the changes, my biggest fear is going manic while C is gone. I can notice the depression symptoms as they come on but I have trouble noticing when I am in a manic period. I am lucky that I have a great doctor that knows what is going on.


So overall things are finally looking up. I know that we still have some tough times but we will overcome them as a family.

More to come

12.10 082

I am exhausted, I will blog more tomorrow. I hope, that the words will be there in the morning.

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Links I Love 11/19/10

In the past week, I have decided that I want to link to a few post or articles across the internet. Certain things that had be pause and think about the words that they spent the time to craft and post for all the world to see.

Kalee from Une Vie Chic: Quite Concept.
Jamie from Love to Shop Mom, her daughters true feelings to being a big sister.
Haley from Love, Life, Family and then some, The way God made him.
Brittany of Simply BC, He took advantage of me.
Brie of Brie Marie, about this pay freeze.

I hope that you click through and enjoy.

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Six Years Later

6 Years
I finally went back and looked at my old livejournal and realized that I wrote my very first blog post ever in september of 2004.

Wow I laugh at it now, I didn’t have anything to say. I was just killing time in computer class. All my other friend had livejournals, so I started one too. It was before we had myspace, facebook, and twitter.

As I have been reading through archives if all my old blogs scattered through the tubes, I sometimes miss the carefree days of the yesteryear. I wouldn’t trade what I have now, I my gripe and complain about being overwhelmed, stressed, and more. In reality I love where I am at, I love my husband, son, and family. I am tankful for being introduced to something I love and hate some much. It has introduced me to great friends and new experiences. Here is to another year.

What has blogging brought to you?

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Hodge Podge, Mish Mash, …

Whatever you may call it this post will be a collections of thought on numerous different topics that have been on my mind as of recent.

First Halloween, with Ian only being 21 months old and such. I am not so sure if we are going to be doing anything out of the ordinary. I have been invited to attend the Fall Festival at the church I grew up attending, which is tomorrow. Or I have the option of letting Ian trick or treat with numerous cousins on Sunday in my home town. If I do choose to do something, I at least have a costume idea, he will go as Jamie from Mythbuster.

On yesterday’s post for my up coming Scentsy party. I would never want to become a review or giveaway blogger, not that I have anything against them it just doesn’t bring me the joy that diary style blogging does. I don’t mind doing the occasional sponsored content but it won’t become the major of focus of this blog. I guess with that realization, that my dreams of ever getting sponsorship help of going to blogher just went out the door.

I haven’t run in a week, and I miss it. It is all my fault, I could go after Ian is in bed and use the equipment in the gym here at our complex. The other nigth I was at wal-Mart after checking on a friends cat while she was out of town and I found an arm band for my iphone which I can’t wait to test. Tomorrow I have to remember to take my jogging stroller to the bike shop to get new inter tubes for the tires so Ian and I can jog in the morning. I love hitting the pavement, breathing in the crisp fall air and pushing Ian as we explore out neighborhood.

Things here at home seemed to have calmed down which is a nice change from the stresses of this summer. Maybe that is why I feel better then I have felt in months, I still have rough days but I am doing worlds better.

Ian is growing so much, he understands so much. He doesn’t use as many words as others would like, but I hear him use new words all the time. He chooses to act like he can’t talk around most people including Casey, but if it is me or Abby he talks up a storm. I cna’t believe that in just a few months he will be 2, this makes me want to cry.

I hope that all is good with you dear readers. Thanks for reading all this, and as you reward I will show you some pictures from mine and Ian’s impromtu photo shoot.

Hipstamatic Photo Strip

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Also don’t forget Scentsy makes great gifts for the up coming holidays. (I am trying to earn a free warmer, sorry about the constant reminders)

Stepford Moms

I have debated whether are not I wanted to write about this are not, after much thought (I mean I have been battling this idea for over a week) I have decided to post about. After the recent actions of fellow bloggers, women, and mothers; I have decided it is time.

When has it become okay to attack others in their time of loss? When did we stoop to the level of Westboro Baptist church and attack people during the worst moments of their lives? I thought the we were a world being our selves and have the right to choose is a right. I didn’t realize that there is a growing number of Stepford Wives/Moms, where if you don’t do as they say (not as they do, God knows they are far from perfect) they bomb you with threats, lies, and criticism.

I will be the first to admit I am far from perfect, hell most of the time I don’t even try to be perfect. There isn’t in fun in being perfect. Making mistakes may hurt at the time but I learn from them and hell sometimes it is fun too.

Some of my mistakes have been related to parenting, to my marriage, to beauty, to friendships; you get the point. We aren’t perfect so don’t attack people if don’t like the choice they are making, suck it up it doesn’t effect you are your life. I don’t want to live in Stepford so stop trying to brainwash people.

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Ask Me Anything

I am taking a page out of Angel’s book and allowing you to ask me anything. I will post the answers in different posts.

Bonus points to whoever an figure out what I am doing in this recently rediscovered wedding picture. I sure as heck don’t know.

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Okay People

Remember that “When did I go from a kid to a grown up?”, is a Work in Progress. The wonderful, thoughtful, and snarky Lauren of Mommy is Rock and Roll. Is doing all this for free, and on her time so please be patient as we work out the kinks. To all of those having trouble commenting, please click on the post title and then scroll down there is a comment form. Also any comments on the new look or suggestion please leave them.
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Please Help Me Get There

Thank you for considering my sponsorship opportunity!

As a devoted blogger and adventurous women. I love discovering, reviewing and sharing family and women oriented products with my readers. Conferences, such as those I’m seeking sponsorship for, not only offer me the opportunity to connect with other bloggers in the social media arena, but it also gives YOU the opportunity to have a dedicated brand representative eager to educate others and extend your reach.
Currently Seeking Sponsorship:

EVO 2010

I am seeking no more than 3 sponsors to fully fund this venture. My official sponsors would provide:

* Round-trip airfare from Dallas, Texas to Salt Lake City
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I will cover all other accrued costs including food and clothing.

What is EVO?

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EVO ‘10 is being held from Thursday June 24th through Saturday June 26th in beautiful Park City, Utah.

For a $250 sponsorship I would provide:

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For a $500 sponsorship I would provide the above as well as:

* “Sponsored by” designation in header
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Of course any additional opportunities or ideas are welcome. I’m open to almost anything. Almost.

And if your company would like to be my SOLE sponsor the total conference cost would be $750. You would not only receive everything listed but all of my promotional attention focused on your brand.

How to make it happen
Please feel free to contact me via email at bobbijanay@kidtogrownup.com
Thank you again for your consideration! I look forward to showcasing your company!

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Blogging, Brands, and Questions

Since the end of December I have been in a funk, blogging wise. I have been falling back on pictures and little anecdotes. When I have so much I want to say, so much on my mind. I have been afraid of putting it out there, some of these topics will be of topics that are of a sensitive nature. What I find so funny is I have never been shy about talking about anything, so why am I so scared of blogging these things all of sudden.

The answer is and isn’t simple. I was confused about which way I wanted to take my blog. I am so tired of the word Brand, if I hear one more person ask me how I am going to grow my brand. I have been blogging since 2004 and in the past year I have heard my blog called a brand more then ever. I am confused by this when did my blog become a brand? When did it stop being an outlet for me and become a business? Yes I do an occasional review and giveaway, but does that make my blog a brand? Some days I dream of growing my blog and doing more with, most days though I love it the way it is. I can write about whatever I want when I want (that is why I started blogging in the first place, way back in 2004 on livejournal). So why would I want to change what I love.

Yes I have attended a blog conference and  plan on attending more. I attend these to learn but that isn’t the main reason I go. I go to meet just a small percentage of some of the fabulous people whose blogs I read and to meet new blogs to read. Yes these conferences do tend to focus on growing your blog (which I wouldn’t mind doing but, I don’t want to sacrifice me to do that.)

Blogging has brought and taught me so much over the years. I have met my best friend through blogging. Even though we have been in each others life  just a short time we have already been through a lot. She has seen me at my absolute worst  and yet still calls me her friend, she must be crazy. If it wasn’t for beign honest and me on my blog I would have her so, why should I change who I am to build my brand? When being me brought me amazing friends.

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