I am feeling Loved

The lovely Anonomity of All you knew was love gave me the Stylish Blogger Award. I met her through a great message board that helped me so much after losing my sweet Ryan Jane.

Now on to the Rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers. (I am going to try my hardest)
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

The hard part of this award, the seven things:

  1. I went almost 2 years with out a car recently, it was a very interesting time.  I know being a one car family is better for the environment but not better for my sanity.
  2. I own all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. 
  3. I prefer the reboot of Hawaii 5-0 to the original, I know blasphemy.
  4. I am obsessed with photo booths.
  5. I sometimes wish life was more like TV, that a tough problem could be easily solved and wrapped up in an hour.
  6. I collect Metal Lunch Boxes, my favorite is my Goonies Lunch Box. 
  7. My checks for my checking account are the pink ladies from Grease. 

Now to share the love.

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Give Thanks

Today was one of those that was filled with love, laughter, and learning. Not to mention tears, diapers, and mixed emotions.

It was a day no different then most everyday. Instead of letting myself get drug down by the monotony, I embraced it. I got up and got myself dressed and even put on make up. This isn’t always a normal, I want this to change. I want to live everyday to the fullest.

When I started to plan dinner an realized we were running low on a few of our staples. One of the main ones being meat, instead of panicking and calling Casey to pick something up. I embraced it and said a prayer thank God that we had a house with food in it.

I then went through the cookbooks I had to find recipes for what I did have. I found a pancake recipe that jumped out to me and then I was checking out some blogs that I read and came across this post by Kalee. And decided that I wanted to make a quiche. Never have done it before so googling led me to The Pioneer Woman’s blog. I took her idea and changed to fit what I had.

So guess what I am trying to say in all this rambling is I am thankful for my healthy family, a roof over our heads, and food to nourish our bodies. I am thankful for a husband that accepts me and my flaws and loves me even when I am a HUGE pain in his rear. I need to remember to take the time to give thanks for all of the little things that make my life great. I especially need to remember this when I started to get sad and down.

Ask Me Anything

I am taking a page out of Angel’s book and allowing you to ask me anything. I will post the answers in different posts.

Bonus points to whoever an figure out what I am doing in this recently rediscovered wedding picture. I sure as heck don’t know.

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Thanks to lovely Angel, I was awarded this awesome award that states you have to share 10 things about your self and share it with 10 ladies that you think are lovely.

My Ten Lovely Ladies:
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10 Things:
1: I cry while watching Grey’s Anatomy and Bones during nearly episode.
2: I own a pair of Heart Covered Converse Hi-Tops.
3: I still have my Spurs in my closet, I haven’t owned my own horse in 4 years.
4: I am obessed with photobooths
5: I drool in my sleep and I am not ashamed.
6: I would rather have photos of the ones I love hung up around my house instead of art.
7: I still watch Scooby Doo when I see it on.
8: I will live outside of Texas at least once in my life, but I will return.
9: I snort when I laugh.
10: I skipped school the day I lost my virginity.

Giving some love

I recently received my first blog award from Throne of Thornes, thanks. I am so excited to be able to now give the love back to of the lovely’s that I read.

The only rule of this award is that those that receive mus share the love.

with out further ado I give the love to: