Ollie’s Arrival

I am going to preface this by saying that I didn’t always agree with or sometimes even like my OB, Ollie is here safe and healthy. This post will more then likely be long, picture heavy, a bit rambly and emotional for me. I make no promises that it will make any sense. birth6I went on sunday night to start it all, Casey took me while Ian hung out with his Papaw. We got to the hospital and were put into what I thought was going to be my room, while the nurses were looking over my birth wishes. They came in and said that they were going to move me to the corner room to be sure that there was going to be enough room for everyone I wanted present, this is were I have to say all but one nurse at my hospital were amazing. They moved me instead of telling me that my family couldn’t be with me, I was put in a corner room that was huge. I told them they didn’t have to and they said no they didn’t but they wanted me to have a great birth. So after I got settled in, got everything signed, sealed, and almost delivered. Casey went home, I love him but a hospital room isn’t a comfy place to sleep. So I was left alone with my thoughts, were I wondered how the next day was going to go. One sleeping pill later and I was relaxed enough to be able to get some rest before the big show. Edit1The nurses came in at 6:30 and asked me if I wanted to shower before we started the pit. I jumped on the chance, knowing full well that it would be relaxing. Until I got in and even on the hottest setting the water was cold. Why is the water on the Labor and Delivery floor always so cold?Edit2Around 8 the nurse came in and started my PIT, I knew from my labor with Ian that this wasn’t going to be fun. This time though I wanted to go longer or maybe the whole time with our pain medication. Not 10 minutes later my OB came in and wanted to break my water. I told him no, that I was only 2cm and had just started the PIT it wasn’t necessary. I was hoping they would break on it’s own. After he left, I asked if I could get on my birthball. As soon as I sat down on it, I realized how much more comfortable it was then that damn bed. At this point my 2 of my Aunt’s, Mama, Daddy, and Casey all arrived. My Wishes was to be surrounded by family at all times. At 9:30 my OB came in and again asked to break my waters and to check me, I knew that to get him off my back I need to give to get. So I let him check me and I was at a 3, at this point with Ian my water had already broken. So I let him break my water, holy hell it was a horrible experience. The pain of it and how violated I felt. I got back on the birthball, which helped the pressure on my hips. At this point my Cousin Kimberly called at said she didn’t know if she was gonna make it. I broke down at that point all I wanted was my Laura Jean, I can imagine my husband was feeling really loved at the moment. My Aunt Doll (her mom) was on the phone with her as I was crying and she was saying she was gonna try to make it. The next phone call was my Cousin Brandi telling me I hadn’t invited her mom, but she was on her way. For the record I had invite my Aunt Cindy, she had told me no. She was also telling me she was waiting on my Cousin Candi and they would be on their way. While waiting for them get there, my Aunt Bonnie proceeded to get my mind off having a baby by asking me about my make up, hair, and whatever popped into her mind. All this time I was pretty much being left alone by amazing nurse. Heck she wasn’t even coming to adjust the PIT very often at all. After about 4 hours on the ball, I was beginning to hurt and they were having trouble keeping on the Ollie on the monitor. GEDC0094 I decided to switch between standing/leaning on the bed and the rocking chair. At this point my amazing nurse had to go into surgery and she was replaced with the bitch of a nurse. Her first interaction with me was to come in and try to adjust my PIT level with even saying a word to me. I stopped her asked her what she was doing, she told me. When I asked her if she had read my birth wishes she said yes, I said did the part about not doing anything with out telling me slip your mind. She said no but what she was doing was procedure, I said not to me. She stomped out, she was very pissed. At that point my cousins arrived, all of them including Kimberly with our other Cousin Tasha. I was so happy, that they were all there. edit 3I was beginning to feel exhausted from the pain, it was going on one pm. So when the bitch nurse came in to adjust my pit, I asked what had to happen to some iv pain meds? I knew the answer before I asked, I knew it was gonna be get checked and get in bed and stay in bed. I knew that I need to take the edge off, I know my limits and I was reaching them. So I got checked and was only at 4, as I got medicated I felt some relief. I became loopy and was making my family crack up. At that point I asked where Dr. FeelGood was, they told me he was going into surgery and he would be at least an hour. So my family went to grab something to eat, all except my Aunt Doll and Kimberly Laura they stayed with me. birth5My nurse came in and asked me if I still wanted an epi, if so Dr Feelgood is available but I needed to be checked. At this point it was around 1:30 and when checked I was still a 4. I said yes to the drugs, hope that I could at least get some rest. He came in and placed it and something wasn’t right, I could still feel everything on my left side. He came adjust the med level and I felt relief for about 90 minutes where I got a nap in and it was amazing. edit5I woke up from that nap, to feeling everything my epi wasn’t working and I wanted it fixed. Well they came in and checked me told me I was only at a 6. At that point Dr not so feel good, came in and said everything was in place and should be working. At this point, I just wanted to be through so I agreed to hospital procedure for pit. Which is uping it every 15 mins, it was horrid. I was crying out in pain, I felt like my right hip was going to break. Ollie’s head was hitting it so hard. edit8Turns out all the pain I was feeling must have been transition, I went from a 6 to ready to push in about an hour and 15 minutes. I was very vocal during this time, so vocal that my pain made my normal calm and level headed Aunt cry. During all this the nurse was trying to tell me that I wasn’t contracting enough to be in that much pain, well at that point the amazing nurse from the morning comes in and realizes that the thing placed on my belly wasn’t working. So they placed an internal probe for contractions only, nothing was placed on Ollie. editagainI knew when it was time to start pushing, they came in and Ollie wasn’t taking it so well. It also turned out that he had pooped since they had broke my water. I knew from listening to my Aunts that Ollie really wasn’t doing well, so I pushed until I couldn’t anymore. I pushed for around 15-20 minutes and Ollie was born at 5:27pm. birth7After he was born my family who had all been present, as I had wanted attention shifted to Ollie. All except my Aunt Doll who stayed with me as I hemorrhaged and the nurse kept working on me. They finally got in under control and I was able to hold Ollie. .birth8While I was waiting to hold Ollie, after they finally got the bleeding slowed. My Cousin Kimberly made sure that she wiped my tears. birth3My family all loved on our newest member and chatted, while we waited for big brother Ian to arrive with his Aunt Abby. I was so exhausted, over come with joy and so hungry. GEDC0137After everyone had left and I had gotten a chance to get up. Casey went and got me some panda express and that was the best meal ever. There was something going on the postpartum floor so it was taking along time for us to transfer. I was okay with this since I got to spent lots of time with my new baby. birth2I am posting this with out going back through and rereading as I am crying again. So please forgive any mistakes.
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Birth Announcement

Birth Story to follow, waiting on some pictures and a chance to sit down. With two boys those are few and far between.

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When the time comes

Other wise known as early labor sucks. I didn’t have any real signs of labor with Ian. I had some intense BH which led this jumpy at the time FTM to L&D more then once. This time after speaking with Dr. Ass (more on him and his practice to come after ollie’s safe arrival), that what I am experiencing this time is Early Labor, and it isn’t always short. Man, I thought I had left period cramps behind When the test was positive back in Dec. Nope their back along with their friend back ache and painful contraction. I can deal with this, if doesn’t come on his own before Sunday. He has no choice he is coming, we start the induction process. Which Dr. Ass thinks might not even need pit with the way my cervix is looking. Please don’t lecture me on how induction is bad, I know it is but unless you know the full story of any given person you have no right to judge. I will eventually share why we went the way are going but this isn’t the post. So I am in the final countdown, I would love to go on my own (fingers crossed). I am going to deep clean my house and love Ian as his last few hours as an only flit away.

When things just work out

I knew that Ollie’s room wasn’t going to get the same treatment Ian’s did. Not because we any less excited, but the budget was much tighter. To my surprise though it worked out even better then I could have imagined. Mostly because of the generosity of others and using what we already had. To be honest I think I like it even better then Ian’s nursery. How did all work out you wonder, well I am about do a show and tell.

The color theme kinda fell into our lap that what we have and what we were given was all in the same blue and yellow family. That wasn’t planned but boy I like it.

All pictures where taken with my iPhone.

My Mother in Law, made this cross stitch when pregnant with Casey older brother. It hung in Shane, Casey, and Lauren’s nursery’s is what she told me when she gave it to me for Ian’s nursery.

This monkey lamp (that is so low wattage we use it as a night light), was given to me by a friend before she moved. I had a bigger
Monkey lamp for years that my mom “accidentally” broke when helping Casey and I move a few years ago (she always hated me monkey lamp). So I was so excited when this lamp worked perfectly for Ollie’s room, it would have to stay hidden safely in the closet anymore.

The sheet was a gift from family at my shower, the moment I opened it I fell in love with the colors. Which match the bed skirt I already had from Ian’s nursery.

Ollie’s letters where a gift at my shower from a great friend. The colors magically are also yellow and blue.

Another amazing friend gifted us her sons old crib. Which our colors work perfectly with. The blanket is an Aden and Anais dream blanket(?), that I was given at Mom 2.0 in 2010.

Please ignore the toddler in the crib, he thinks he has a new room. Poor guy he has a big surprise coming.

I am very thankful to my mom for our changing table/dresser. We were out thrifting and found this for $20, she snatched it up. Now I know I need to get new pulls and knobs but his clothes have a home an for that I am thankful.

Lastly instead of a rocker, we have a futon that a friend gave us years ago. With Ian we had our love seat in his room and Casey loved it. So when we moved this time we placed the futon in ollie’s room. It is nice to be able to lay with him and snuggle before bed. The yellow mattress cover was also already on there.

The quilt was made by my Mama’s aunt for me when I was little, it is the care bears with the alphabet.

So all my worries that Ollie wouldn’t have a room filled with love. Boy was I wrong, it seems all the love of our friends and family’s past and present gestures have given him the perfect room.

Will it ever end?

I am at the lovely point in pregnancy where I think will it ever end. The exhaustion this time is overwhelming, the heat, and everyday living don’t help. I know that once Ollie is here it will still be tiring but, I won’t be so uncomfortable. I don’t know how my Stepmom carried twins in the summer of 1980 (The Record breaking Heatwave summer for non-Texans).

This is all I can think about today as I have tried to go through my daily chores. I feel like a zombie. Which then makes me feel guilty for not being the full engaged Mama to Ian that I should be. Mama’s what tips and tricks do you have?

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Where has the time gone?

Here we are half way through July, and I have barely posted this summer. I don’t know why but this unplanned blog break has been nice.
A little play before bed.

Lots has happened in the last 6 weeks are so. Casey has started back to work with a new firm, so lets keep our fingers and toes crossed that the economy turns around and he can stay there for more then 11 months. Ian and I handle the transition to back to just ourselves better then I expected. Which is a good thing since this time, I was kinda sad to see him go back. It was nice to spend the time together that we had as a family (I know that is not the tune I was singing last year).

We are in the home stretch of my pregnancy with Ollie, I finally started working on the nursery these past few days. Thanks to me saving almost all of Ian’s clothes and baby gear we look to be in pretty good shape. There are a few little things we still need, but that list was made even shorter by my loving group friends last weekend. Now, I just need to buckle down and get it all finished.

I haven’t ran out of words tonight, but I have ran out of cohesive thoughts. So look for another random post in just a few days.

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Wow, it has been over a month.

And what a month it has been, interesting an eventful to say the least. Mother’s day found me in the hospital for a kidney infection(I was there from late Saturday night until Tuesday afternoon).
He visited me and kicked me out of bed.
My mom was kind enough to bring Ian to see me, Casey was at home resting from spending the night before with me in Labor and Deliver. Ian loved the hospital bed, he wanted to bring it home.

Casey has had some interviews, but we haven’t heard anything back yet. So please keep us in your thoughts. I have to give him credit though, he is trying so hard.

Our fourth anniversary was May the 19 and as I think back on our years together. They have been filled with lots of love and I am so thankful for that love. Cause we have had our share of trials and with out it we wouldn’t still be here together.
He is an amazing Friend, Husband, and Father. I may complain about him, but overall I love him so much and can’t imagine life with out him.

The rest of the month is going by in a blur, I met my new ob. He is nice more about that after my next appt. Today though was a big day here Ian went to the lake for the first time, we now live less then a mile from the lake. So I for see lots of lake trips this summer.

I will leave you with that at the moment cause I am out of ideas and words.

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My Boys (and I don’t mean Casey)

That is right this womb mate is a BOY!!! And he is already like his brother trying to scare his mama. The ultrasound revealed a cyst on his brain that wouldn’t normally be any concern if it wasn’t the size it is. In other words it good be nothing to anything, so now we wait for some blood work results to come back on Friday.

And to keep what little sanity I have to begin with, by staying of google. I know what I could find is probably so skewed. My sanity though is being chipped away slowly by the big boy.

The last week are so Ian has had some bad seasonal allergy symptoms, he has been sounding miserable. After listening to him for a week and trying various other things with no improvement. I made a an appointment with his DR. to discuss prescription allergy medicine. We are now a bit poorer and 2 allergy medicines richer for the dude. We were proud of him last night he took both with no fight at all.

So now we wait on both boys, to see what is happening.

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Not one of the blessed

Pregnant ladies, that has amazing hair, skin, and looks like a Goddess.

Instead I look a bit like a troll. The picture above is me with no make up after just completing my nightly routine, it just shows the big zits. I have the skin of my 14 year old self again, this makes me want to cry. I can’t do what I did then and get anti-acne medicine from the doctor. So I hit up the store and bought me some clean and clear face wash, man there are so many more options then there was when I was in high school. If that doesn’t do it, I might have to break down and but some of the moisturizer too.

So dear readers, I ask you what can I use as a pregnant mama who needs to do something about this troll like skin. I know that I am pregnant and everything seems to be going right this time, but the way I look this time is so bad compared to what I looked like with Ian. I feel so unpretty this time, I don’t know what to do to change this. So I am putting this out there, I need some help, tips, tricks and advice to help me embrace the changes and feel like the amazing woman that I am.

Picture from earlier tonight, from before mine and Casey date for full idea.

Almost Finished

Time seems to be flying yet standing still, this weekend I will be 12 weeks pregnant with Baby Spike. Which means First Tri is Almost Finished. I am loving my Ob lets call her Dr. Pants, she is all about my peace of mind and me staying sane. Dr. Pants was awesome enough to let me come in at ten weeks and make sure Baby Spike is growing great.
Baby Spike 1.19.11

I was given orders, to relax and start to enjoy this pregnancy. I am trying to follow them but there is still some worry.

Enough about my worrying, Physical I am feeling still run down, no sickness this time but really my appetite is hit or miss. Mentally, I am feeling better, I have had a rough few days but if the sun is shining I seem to feel a lot better.

I am determined to be at least some what successful with breastfeeding this time. So advice, tips, tricks, and what are mama must haves for making it easier.

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