2016 in review

It was a rough year overall, there was lots of changes and transitions for our little family. Not all were bad though, C time in the army ended and we returned to Texas. He started a job that seems to be stable, yay! If you have been around a while you know when the economy took a crap that C’s field was a bust. (Enough about that). Things there seem to be looking up except we miss Tricare. This summer I hit a super depressed period where I was barely functioning. It took a med change to help get me out of it. And I am not ashamed of it. I need medication to function, yes function. I have a mental illness and I am not ashamed of it. The boys are both in school and seem to be enjoying it. Ian is repeating first grade and we see so much growth and maturity in him.  Ollie is flourishing in school, he was ready when he started last spring. I am glad that we waited till after we moved for him to start school. There will be more to come but I am struggling with what to share and what not to share.

Finding Joy


Image Via:http://www.hypable.com/best-doctor-who-quotes/

Today I needed a swift kick in the butt, and this quote was just it. I woke up in a mood, along with the rest of my house. We were barely on time for out physicals. Who in their right mind accepts a 7:20 doctors appointment? That is right this girl and I take 2 kids in tow for their physicals too. After running and gunning till after lunch I finally got to sit down and relax a minute. It took me a minute to find joy in this day, but in reality it was right in front of me. So what small things didn’t you see until you took a moment to reflect on the day?

Our Morning

I was on twitter this morning lamenting that I didn’t know about what to blog about, maybe even should I kill TexasBobbi. When the lovely Emily of So Damn Domestic and Joyful Abode gave me an idea of what do blog about. She wanted to see our morning routine,  this post has been a wake up call of how I need to be more efficient.


  • 6am: Alarm goes off (Hit Snooze, this is a problem I need to get better at
  • 6:30am Finally get up out of bed and get the boys up.
  • 6:35am Breakfast Served (Frozen waffles with fruit and milk)
  • 6:45am Brush Teeth and Get Ian Dressed.
  • 6:50am Get Shoes, Jacket, and Backpack on. Start waiting for the bus
  • 6:57 Bus Arrives (Ian goes to school)
  • 7am Finally time for coffee after chugging a glass of water. While coffee is brewing go on hunt for a pair of glasses and ipad charger. Turn on Local News.
  • 7:10am sit down to drink slight cold coffee and play on ipad till C gets home from pt.
  • 8:10am C finally gets home from PT. Get a cup of tea (herbal=Decaf) and talk to C while he eats breakfast.
  • 8:45am Put Ollie in the bath.
  • 9:00am Get Ollie out of the bath (I played on my ipad while he was in the bath). Change tv to Kelly and Micheal.
  • 9:05am C leaves for work. Ollie and I watch the Kelly and Micheal until the trivia dancer.
  • 9:15am I normally get in the shower and get dressed for the day. {Today though I wrote a blog post and the rest of this post is going to be typical day}
  • 10am Start Cleaning and turn on The Price is Right (I have the tv on background noise)
  • 11:30am start lunch and wait for C to come home for lunch.

Ollie typical has a snack somewhere in there, and there is typical some time on the ipad/ playing with Ollie. I live on a loose schedule.


Random Crap I am thinking right now.

  • This time of year is tough for me, the time change and I do not get along. The first two weeks after the time change it was like the worst case of jet lag ever, it didn’t help that the boys were up by 5:15 at the latest.
  • In light of recent medication changes, I have given up even an occasional glass of wine. When all I really want is a stiff drink right meow.
  • Ian has no school at all next week, it is gonna be a looong week.
  • Casey has duty on Thanksgiving, he had it on Christmas last year. I have an unpopular opinion I will keep to myself.
  • I am nervous to go to my sister in law’s with just me and the boys.
  • I threw everything from the living room into mine Casey’s bedroom this morning before company came over, now I am writing this blog post instead of cleaning.
  • I am trying to get out of my blogging funk. After ten years, I am thinking of shutting it all down.
  • We had out Christmas tree up but Ian couldn’t leave it alone and knocked it over, so we took it down and it won’t go back up. We will have our little Texas A&M themed tree and that is it.
  • This is the first year we have had any issue with the boys messing with the tree and they are 3 & 5, what gives.
  • I am really loving Nick Jonas’s new album.
  • I am nervous and don’t really understand what to do with Advent this year.
  • I thought I knew who I was going to pick for my patron saint but I am feeling drawn other wise.

That is all the random junk on my mind now. Hopefully there will be more to come.


I have started doing the #100daysofhappiness on instagram

A few that didn’t make the cut.

So far I have had to catch up a few times but I am on Day 23, wonder if I can keep this up? I have trouble remembering some days. Does that mean that I am not having happy moments, maybe. I get overwhelmed most day, the boys seem to be in constant state of chaos or fighting. I need to make finding happiness more apart of my day.

Recent Favorites

I have been having a bad case of the winter blues along with an adverse reaction to a med causing me to be in extreme pain. Which at this point it has been going on two weeks. We have been getting a ton of snow and super cold temps (like in the negatives) and for this Texas girl that is a bit much. Though I have a few things that have been bring me some cheer even in the cold cold weather.

1: Casey let me have my Valentines gift a bit early, UGG Australia Womens Classic Tall Boot And I just love them.

I have wanted a pair for years, their here and their purple. I don't care if they aren't cool anymore, they are cool to me that's all that matters.  @chickenzie I got the purple ones!!

I have wanted a pair for years, their here and their purple. I don’t care if they aren’t cool anymore, they are cool to me that’s all that matters. @chickenzie I got the purple ones!!
2: My boys playing together makes me so happy; even if I have to say don’t hurt, headbutt, tackle, etc a million times a day.

3: I recently Discovered Clinque’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, it is so flattering and just so perfect.

4: Casey, who has been so supportive as this pain in the neck literally hasn’t gone away.

5: Teefury, with them having a different t-shirt everyday it is fun to discover new things and occasional get a fun new shirt.

Ch Ch Ch Changes

We are into the double digits I days left til C leaves for BCT. It is scary, I feel like time is speeding up. I can’t believe that the holidays this year mean that we will be closing in on the finish line.

I am scared, anxious, all those things when I think about it. Then I think about all the things we need to get done between now and then. Not only to make the transition easier but to make sure we have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s.

Then there is the boys, how does mommy explain this. Then there is myself, how do I handle this huge new learning curve?

I do know that I love C and everything he is doing for our family.


So I need to remember to be more present with him during our time together now. To try not to take my stress out on him and to love him as much as I can.