No Problems


Do you remember the days when a trip to the park would make all your troubles disappear? I am so glad to get to witness these moments with my boys. I needed this reminder as a mom sometimes, I let the day by day get me down.

Ch Ch Ch Changes

We are into the double digits I days left til C leaves for BCT. It is scary, I feel like time is speeding up. I can’t believe that the holidays this year mean that we will be closing in on the finish line.

I am scared, anxious, all those things when I think about it. Then I think about all the things we need to get done between now and then. Not only to make the transition easier but to make sure we have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s.

Then there is the boys, how does mommy explain this. Then there is myself, how do I handle this huge new learning curve?

I do know that I love C and everything he is doing for our family.


So I need to remember to be more present with him during our time together now. To try not to take my stress out on him and to love him as much as I can.

A weekend visit.

I went back to my hometown to watch some family get hitched this weekend. At the wedding, I ended up taking the pictures. I can’t wait to get to edit them. The wedding was nice and simple. I am so happy for her and new little family. I was them nothing but happiness as the start this new chapter of their lives.

While I was out there, I got to hang with 2 of my best friends. That helped my very worn down self. I feel so much more human again. I didn’t know how much a meal and some good conversation with people who love the real you can be. These are the kind of friends who are there for you no matter what and you can go months with out talking to, when you do it is all the same. Like go to Ashlee Simpson concert with you and ride all the way to Austin in a car with you and your ex boyfriend who bought the tickets will call for your birthday. (BTW, the ex-boyfriend in said story is now my husband, so we were broke for all of a week.) Or sleep in the trauma icu waiting room when you wrap your car around a tree. I love them, and need to make more time to be with them. This being an adult married with kids phase is hard.

I am home now and glad to be I missed Ian. Ollie went with me, he is kinda my little shadow. I like him though so I guess, I will remember this is all a temporary phase. I hope that this trip home made that revived my spirit will help me squash the last bit of the off feeling I have been battling.


Family Fun

What does one family do on a nice evening, that is to nice to stay cooped up at home?

Wagon Ride

Load up the wagon and hit the road of course, destination the neighborhood park.

OMG the Park!

He is out of the wagon like a bullet, off to play till mommy and daddy call him away much to his dismay.

Time to play

Slides, climbing, and running; to the moon and beyond. Is that what a toddler boy thinks about the park? I guess only he knows for sure.

Brown Slide Fun

Even FootFoot got into the fun. She smelled until they all blended together and she was in a doggy euphoria.

Foot Enjoys The Park

All while Mama and Daddy watched and encouraged Ian to explore, slide, and climb. All while Ian couldn’t hide his joy.


Until the boy got so tired that he stopped mid-play to sit and rest. That is when Mama and Daddy decided to load up the wagon and head home.

Tired Ian

Don’t worry little Ian, the park will be here another day. We will be back it is just a few steps to the park and imagination overload.

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