Fan Expo Dallas 2018

I went to Fan Expo Dallas in April, I finally found my memory card with the pictures and thought I would share.



It was a good time, with friends. Enjoyed the panels and cos players, Can’t wait to go next year.

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I posted a Vlog!


It has been awhile since I touched either this site or youtube. I finally posted a blog. Hopefully I will be back here soon. 

A day in the life

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I am Back

So I am vlogging again, I really missed it. So let’s see how this goes. Check out yesterday:

If you have time to Lean

Tomorrow (which is today) will have a mental health update on the last 5 months. So stay tuned.

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Master Bra’tac

As most of you know by now, River didn’t work out for us and it broke our hearts. I do know she was adopted again(that’s all I know). Well we weren’t looking to get another animal for a long time again after our failed adoption. And then a someone on our local mom’s page posted about a kitten who was 9 months old at the time. C was actually gone to an Aggie football and out of pocket, when I saw him. There was something about his picture I was drawn to him (and I had always had dogs growing up). So we went to meet him, he was sweet and loving. His name was Alex back then but that would never do. I brought him home and he spent the first two days hiding (but after talking to a few people that’s normal for cats). Now he follows C and I everywhere, he meets C at the door every evening meowing. His favorite place at the moment is under the Christmas tree. Who knew it I was a crazy cat lady who just had dogs all this time.

The picture that drew me in.

Just the other night.

Yawning caught at the right moment.

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Reading Anyone?

I love reading, I have been reading more comics and graphic novels lately then I have been actual books. It still counts I am reading. What have you been reading? Things that I have really enjoyed reading right now are:

So far I am really enjoying it more then the show. I am about half through the first compendium. The character development is way better then the show.  Abby and Gabe lent me the first the 2 to read and it is taking me a while but I am getting there. 


I really like the theory behind this book and anybody being able to get their house clean in manageable chunks of time. No marathon cleaning here and it encourages you to never give up even if you back track a bit.  

Things I want to read: 


I really enjoy her YouTube Videos, So I think having her method in which I learn the best would be awesome. I also have a stack of Graphic Novels, I want to read. It is just sitting down to read them. I will share more in the next couple week. Tell me what your reading? 

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Breaking Up

I never thought this would happen but one of my first loves and I are breaking up and I will say it is probably for the best. Napping, I will miss you but I don’t know how see you in moderation. I even set alarms and I turn them off and end up making a hour long nap 3 hours long. That doesn’t work for anyone in my house. So bye bye old friend, hopefully I can accomplish more in the hours I won’t be napping.

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How do I?


I am not talking so much about our family budget though to be honest we could be better.


I get $100 a month to spend how I please and I swear that it is gone in like a day and I have no Fucking clue how. And then I am taking money out from our family budget and all that does is hurt my family. You may say just stop spending but sometimes it isn’t that easy, I need to relearn my spending habits and I don’t know where to start? I am an impulse shopper and I know that needs to change. Also I have cancelled all beauty subscriptions even though I did that a while back to be honest.  And that saves me like $30 a month and I am not getting over whelmed with beauty crap I won’t use. I want to be able to save some of it so that when I want something a little more ridiculous that I have the money to do it. So tell me how to work on impulse spending and internet spending, I am also the queen of checking out before I have even realize it.

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Tech Fail, I guess?

Tech Fail


I bought this little camcorder of Amazon last year, and I don’t know why. Wait strike that I do know why, I wanted to make youtube videos. Well I guess I was naive thinking a camera under a $100 would work well. I didn’t make as many videos as I hopes but the last couple I have made I noticed how much the quality had gone down hill. So after talking with C and being shut down on buying another camera, I talk about how I struggle with money here. And being mad for a couple of days, and a little research. Funny how when C suggest something no that will never work.  I realized I a spoiled but alas that I have an Iphone 7 Plus with the big memory. Which means while it might not be perfect it will defiantly meet my needs. So wish me luck on this new adventure.


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Good Times

So I have let the boys stay up late a few times this summer. Well flag football starts this Saturday and has three practices a week till school starts. So tonight they asked if they could stay up as late as they could. Knowing fair well that Ian would be the one to push the envelope. And I was right come eleven, Ollie came up and hugged me and told me he was going to bed. I was surprised he made it that long, he loves sleep. I just looked back and Ian is laying on the couch so he might not make it much longer. Why did I agree to this you may ask? Well some off my fondest summer memories is staying up all night (if not all night pretty late) with my Dad playing video games or watching movies. So I want my boys to remember the good times.

Shh nobody move they are snuggling.

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