Turns out I was a cat person all along

The whole time we had FootFoot I had one friend who insists that I was a cat person with a dog (who was more cat like then dog). I was like no, no, no; I have always had dogs. I will always have dogs. And then 2 years ago we lost our beloved FootFoot and I tried to replace her too quickly with a dog that didn’t work out (long story). Then on our local mom’s page someone posted a picture of a 9 month old kitten that needed to be an only cat. Well I was why not try a cat? It was remarkable how fast I “became” a cat person. And recently thinking about it, FootFoot had a lot of cat mannerisms. While I type this no less then 3 times has he come in to “yell” at me about something. He is so full of personality; he fits in here perfectly. So I think my friend may have been right and I was a cat person all along who just had dogs and didn’t know differently. So this post is to say,” Kari, you were right.”

Favorite Scary Movies

It is Spooky Season and I love a good Scary Movie. I have loved horror movies since I was young, thanks to my Dad. It is something we would watch together. I am going to mention a few of my favorites.

Family Friendly Scary Movies (Links are affiliate)

Monster Squad

Hocus Pocus

The Goonies (Is this a Scary Movie)

Now My Favorite Scary Movies


Urban Legend

Halloween (1978)

Halloween (2018)

Silence of the Lambs

What are your favorite Scary/Horror Movies?

Time to Reflect

You might have noticed the silence the last week. The break started because one of my boys and I were sick. Then as we were feeling better, I decided to take a week long break. I have been working hard on all things, BadWolfBobbi since the beginning of the summer. I am not complaining, I love social media it makes me happy. I do all this because it brings me joy, I hope being open about my mental health and life will help others no they are not alone.

Life with invisible illness is lonely a lot of the time. A lot of friendships today are superficial, which get exhausting after a while. Those true friends that will talk to you about anything even during the dark times are gems. I am lucky that I have an amazing group of friends that I can celebrate the good and damn those people are there when I push everyone away and the darkness is winning. I have some bad ass besties that will beat down the wall and get me talking when I need too but don’t want too. This happens a lot, it is easy to shut down and not share how I am really feeling.

I am that annoying friend that can tell when you need an ear. I love when my friends need a friend back, because I feel like I am the taker in a lot of my friendships. I don’t want to be that way, I want to be a great friend. I want to be to my friends what they are too me. Anxiety is a fickle beast; it is always telling you aren’t good enough. Or at least mine is. It is amazing how you can be having a good day and then feel like you are floating in a pool of a thousand hand buzzers. It comes out of no where sometimes and it last for minutes to hours. It is hard to explain to people. I have no idea if any of this made sense it was just what was on my mind tonight. I hope you have a great week.

Non Food Ideas for Boo Baskets

It is that time a year again where some neighborhoods starting Booing each other with little treats on their neighbors porch and then the neighbor booed then boo’s two other people. And it goes on forever until Halloween is over. There is also boozing, for adults (that is not this post). I feel like there is so much candy and stuff consumed in the holiday months that having some ideas that aren’t food related would be awesome. I know that getting some stuff that would be useful for the up coming Halloween night or to entertain my boys would be Awesome.

I have rambled enough. You want to hear non bank breaking ideas for boo baskets.

Non Food Ideas for Boo Baskets

Glow Sticks (can be used for trick or treating, grab them at the green dollar store for just $1 and fill up the basket)

Play Doh (Note it is not latex free, so my SIL tells me)

A box of crayons (hit up the green dollar store yet again)

Color Book (Green Dollar Store)

A foam carve able pumpkin (green dollar store yet again)

A cute themed framed (bullseye’s playground has these for $3, aka Target Dollar Spot)

A cute sign (bullseye’s playground)

If you are wanting to keep your budget low, Green Dollar Store (Aka Dollar Tree) is the way to go. Still though Target has some cute stuff for under and around $5 a piece. Good Luck and get booing.

Memories are made in the Mundane

In poor planning fashion, I somehow failed to realize that the 30th feel on a Monday. Which means I planned for every post except this one, I sit here on a Sunday with so much on my mind and no clue where to start. So Sorry folks, you get an old school stream of consciousness post.

Lots of things are on my mind but making magical memories is there at the fore front. Are you team everything needs to be magical or team memories are made in the mundane? I don’t know if that even makes sense, like I do special things for everyone in my life. I am about making memories, though I believe memories are made in the mundane. Some of my favorite memories in life are not the extravagant experiences in life, they are those little moments in the everyday. Like laughing in the kitchen while preparing dinner as a family, discussing how we discovered chickens are related to dinosaurs, etc. I want everyone in my inner circle to know they are loved, cared about, have a friend that will listen, laugh & cry with them. Discussions about the hard things can happen here, we have open ears and open hearts. My home is the place where you can show up and know that there are open arms, a beverage of your choice, blankets, a hug, and a cat who oddly knows when people needs cuddles. Memories are made in those moments when no one is looking for them; in cups of tea, smiles and idle chit chat. I am not saying Pinterest and it’s excessive ideas are wrong, I get ideas there. Just know that making magic isn’t just excessive gestures but in the mundane.

The Friendship and Adventure of Siobhan and TootToot Part 10

If your new to this story and would like to start at the beginning.

Heads up, I will be taking a break from these post after every ten post in the story. We will be back with more Siobhan and TootToot the First Thursday in November.

These post will be written by the player who plays Siobhan, at the point that these started these characters had been playing together for 2 years. They are no longer being actively used in our campaign. They are still doing stuff behind the scenes. There has been a ten year time jump in our campaign since these have been written. Nothing TootToot does majorly is done with out discussing with me; lets be honest though most of our party knows what TootToot is going to do before he does. This series is long, be prepared. Also it will reveal a lot of TootToot’s backstory that he hasn’t shared with others before and Some of Siobhan’s. Yes; believe it or not my party had been playing with me for two years before I revealed TootToot’s backstory. Hard to believe, I know.


So I was not blessed with the cleaning genes (I don’t know if that is the right words). I was not taught by example growing up, my parents for all that was good about them home keeping was not on their radar. I grew up moved out on my own and managed okay when it was just me, barely keeping my head above water. Then I moved in with Casey and I started drowning. At that time we had 3 roommates and one bathroom. Hey man it was for the last 6 months Casey was in college. Then we got our first place of our own, and I didn’t magical become Martha Stewart. I wanted a picture perfect home. We didn’t have kids it shouldn’t be this hard, why was it so hard. Then we had kids and I was not only drowning but sitting on the bottom not coming up for air at all, and with my own mental health struggles. I couldn’t get ahead.

In June of 2017 don’t remember how I heard about UFYH. Maybe Twitter, Maybe Facebook. I ended up in the group. And after seeing a few post about 20/10’s more about those in a minute and the fact that everyone was welcome no matter their gender/ religious background. I was like I need the book. I had done research into other systems; Fly Lady (aka Zone Cleaning), and a bunch of other systems. All were made for just women, and a lot were religiously based. While if those work for you, that wasn’t what I was looking for. They also didn’t account for people who couldn’t clean for long periods of time. UFYH on the other is against marathon cleaning cause that causes burn out and in the end makes you not want to clean, the UFYH system encourages frequent breaks. It is inclusive of all everyone and does not bring up religion. On their website there are little challenges to help you and more about the system. Though my favorite is just a plain old 20/10, 20 minutes of cleaning followed by a 10 minute break; rinse and repeat. I typically do about 90 minutes total of 20/10’s. So much can get done.

So I don’t hate Zone Cleaning but it just doesn’t work for me. First off I can’t work on a firm schedule like that. Also the fact that Fly Lady is so heavily religious makes me oddly uncomfortable. It is cleaning, like shouldn’t it be available to everyone not just women and Christians. Men and children clean, everyone in my house cleans.

On another note also reading Dana K White’s How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing with Your House’s Dirty Little Secrets, with UFYH was literally the magic combo that has changed my mindset. I will be honest, I still still stumble. My house gets dirty; dishes in the sink, floors that need to be done, laundry that needs to be folded. Though my head is above water and nothing a few 20/10’s can’t fix.