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Chronic Over-sharer with Schizoaffective bipolar type. Wife, Mother, Texas Aggie, Whovian.

Fan Expo Dallas 2018

I went to Fan Expo Dallas in April, I finally found my memory card with the pictures and thought I would share. It was a good time, with friends. Enjoyed the panels and cos players, Can’t wait to go next … Continue reading

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I posted a Vlog!

It has been awhile since I touched either this site or youtube. I finally posted a blog. Hopefully I will be back here soon.  A day in the life

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I am Back

So I am vlogging again, I really missed it. So let’s see how this goes. Check out yesterday: If you have time to Lean Tomorrow (which is today) will have a mental health update on the last 5 months. So … Continue reading

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Master Bra’tac

As most of you know by now, River didn’t work out for us and it broke our hearts. I do know she was adopted again(that’s all I know). Well we weren’t looking to get another animal for a long time … Continue reading

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Reading Anyone?

I love reading, I have been reading more comics and graphic novels lately then I have been actual books. It still counts I am reading. What have you been reading? Things that I have really enjoyed reading right now are: … Continue reading

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Breaking Up

I never thought this would happen but one of my first loves and I are breaking up and I will say it is probably for the best. Napping, I will miss you but I don’t know how see you in … Continue reading

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How do I?

Budget? I am not talking so much about our family budget though to be honest we could be better.   I get $100 a month to spend how I please and I swear that it is gone in like a … Continue reading

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Tech Fail, I guess?

  I bought this little camcorder of Amazon last year, and I don’t know why. Wait strike that I do know why, I wanted to make youtube videos. Well I guess I was naive thinking a camera under a $100 … Continue reading

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Good Times

So I have let the boys stay up late a few times this summer. Well flag football starts this Saturday and has three practices a week till school starts. So tonight they asked if they could stay up as late … Continue reading

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