Reading Anyone?

I love reading, I have been reading more comics and graphic novels lately then I have been actual books. It still counts I am reading. What have you been reading? Things that I have really enjoyed reading right now are:

So far I am really enjoying it more then the show. I am about half through the first compendium. The character development is way better then the show.  Abby and Gabe lent me the first the 2 to read and it is taking me a while but I am getting there. 


I really like the theory behind this book and anybody being able to get their house clean in manageable chunks of time. No marathon cleaning here and it encourages you to never give up even if you back track a bit.  

Things I want to read: 


I really enjoy her YouTube Videos, So I think having her method in which I learn the best would be awesome. I also have a stack of Graphic Novels, I want to read. It is just sitting down to read them. I will share more in the next couple week. Tell me what your reading? 

This post contains affiliate links.  

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